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Broken but together

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It's a story about two broken people falling in love with each other. They both had pasts n been through ton of shit. They don't realize that they are in love with each other until they lose each other.

Romance / Mystery
Miss Mysterious Z
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Characters intro

>Aaron Horizon is 21 years old boy working as a cyber security officer at a company. He has emerald eyes, black hair, sharp nose, thin lips n sharp jaw. He's 6 feet tall. He seems to be a rude n cold-hearted person to others n that's only because he doesn't like to talk much.
He is a nerd n like reading novels but nobody else know about this.

>Emma Williams is 20 years old girl working as a medical student n has a part time job in nearby cafe. She has dark brown eyes, sharp nose, full lips. She has a skinny body is only 5'7 feet tall. She's kind-hearted but emotional. She likes to read novels. She is shy person not talking much to others.

This is how they both seems like to look like to others. But truth is there's more to that. They both are slowly going to explore everything about each other.

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