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Is this Love?

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Hey guys here is a poem about love, I have had the luxury of not getting my heart broken yet. But a friend got her heart broken so I am writing based off of that! Love ya guys, thank you if you ever choose to read it!

Romance / Poetry
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Is This Love?

Love? Such a complicated word.

Meant for your family.

Meant for your friends.

Meant for your lover?

Why is it so hard for me to say “I Love You.”

Is it because I doubt.

Is it because I do not.

Or is it because you do not?

Why do I feel so insecure when I am next to you?

Maybe because of your beauty?

Maybe because of myself?

Maybe because of her.

I jump over hoops to please you.

But your head is turned the other way.

I laugh at your jokes.

But you smile at her.

I shower you with affection.

But you look at her with admiration.

Is it because I am not good enough?

Is it because I am not beautiful?

Is it because I am not funny anymore?

Or is it because you have moved on?

Break my heart into a hundred pieces, but do not leave me in this empty pit of doubt.

I need to know.

I need to know why?

For her?

Tell me your reason!

For only then will I understand then that I was not good enough to carry your heart.

Goodbye love, I may not carry your heart, but you have crushed mine.

To all the girls or boys hearts who have been crushed! Do not freaking give up! Just because those little shits that broke your heart did not see how awesome you are. Someone else is gonna see you! And I will be praying for that day to come for all of you! Have a great day guys, and do not get upset for one persons rejection for there are millions who will accept you!
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