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Is this Love?

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Because of you...

I stare at my wall.

Feeling nothing at all.

My heart is still beating.

Even though it is broken.

My life is still here.

I am not dead.

So why do I feel like this?

Why is getting up such a task for me?

Why does the thought of food make me want to puke?

You wanna know why?

Because of you...

I feel empty inside.

Because of you...

My life feels like a dull memory.

Because of you...

I do not feel alive.

And that's never gonna change.

Because of you...

Even though I am just a ghost to you.

I wish you the best.

I hope she holds you like I did.

I hope she comforts you like I did.

I hope she makes you laugh like I did.

I even hope that you love her back.

Because I want you to love.

I am hurting but I want you to live your life happy with her.

Because if you don’t then I will know you never really fell in love with either of us.

That is when I will be broken.

Hey guys hope y’all are doing great! I found some time to update! And I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for all the support byeee!!
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