My Beautiful Target

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The Red Demon. A beautiful assasin it's hired to kill The Devil. She's can be compared with a snow leopard . She's living alone,hunting alone,killing alone. Love it's an unknown feeling for her. That feeling was killed since she was a helpless little girl. But now she's not helpless anymore. Now she's heartless and nobody can hurt her anymore. She's been building walls so big around her heart that now she's not sure that she even owns one. But are those walls big and strong enough to keep The Devil away?

Romance / Adventure
Francesca Write
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Chapter 1


" Good evening,what can I get you?" The waitress asks me with a smile on her face.

"I would like a bottle of Moet and two glasses please." I tell her my order and she nods politely.

I am sitting in the V.I.P. area of my new Night Club “LUX”. I opened it two weeks ago,and so far it’s going better than I expected.

Not allot of people know that I’m the owner,I don’t like the spotlights,and that’s because of my real “Job”. But I don’t have a problem with that. I love my privacy.

I have only two friends. Hope,who lives in France,so we don’t meet so often. Maybe once or twice a year. But all she knows about me is that I am a successful business woman who owns two Clubs,and I am involved in real estates. She came home for the week,so tonight we decided to go out.

My second friend,is Christian. He is my right hand,best friend and he is like a brother to me. I trust him with my life. He knows everything about me. Well,except one thing. One thing that nobody except me knows. Me and...but I'm planning to take that secret with me in the grave.

I also have a twin sister,Anabella. But she is in a coma since 7 years,because of a drunk driver,who had another two accidents before,but he wasn’t charged,so I had to take the matter in my own hands,and punish him by myself. I'm not really complaining,it was very satisfying,but it didn't woke my sister up.

"Hi cherrie,how are you? Did you miss me?" Hope brings me back to Earth with her cheerful voice and her contagious smile.

"I picked you up yesterday from the airport and we spent the whole day together." She looks at me and throws her blonde hair over her shoulder as if my comment it's false.

"Yes Anastasia,but it seems like forever…" She sighs hard as if she's suffering and remember. I start laughing and she chuckles.

"You are insane." Hope it’s like a teenager,she tries to see the best in people,she believes in love at first sight. She is an incurable romantic. That’s why she moved to France,the country of love. I,on the other hand…well,let’s say that I’m the exact opposite. There is no such thing as love,there is no way that a stranger can love every flaw you have. And God knows that I have more than I can count.

"Hey,look over there!" She points with her finger behind me and I look briefly.

"Yes,a group of people having fun. Very interesting…" My voice comes out as I wanted. Sarcastic. One of my many talents.

"Noooo! Look at that hot guy,he doesn’t take his eyes off of you. And damnnnn he’s hot." I don't even bother looking again,because I'm not interested in having any kind of relationship. Not even friends. I'm not very social. One of my flaws. I do see it as an asset,but most people would contradict me.

"Of course…now let’s dance." The sarcasm in my voice is still there and Hope rolls her eyes playfully.

I stand up and start to dance. My favorite song is playing,a song that it awakens all my fantasies and desires “Beyonce-Crazy in love Fifty shades Of Grey Remix).

I turn around and see the guy,his eyes are still on me. I can’t see his eyes,but I can see his body. And what a body…Perfect jawline,thick black hair combed back,broad shoulders,and I can see his muscles moving through his shirt as he's pouring himself a glass of whiskey. Damn. His visible tanned skin is covered in tattoos. His entire body is screaming “ FUCK ME” . I start to get wet only by looking at him. I must admit that my experience in the *fucking* area is not so vast. But him,his demeanor,it's like he's pulling me into some kind of trance.

Without taking my eyes off him I start moving my body,in slow sensual motions. I put my hands in the air and let them down slowly,gently brushing my fingers,starting from my neck,going down to my ribs,slightly touching the side of my breasts,and onto my hips. We are looking at each other with a desire out of this world,it's like we are the only ones in the building. He is devouring me and stripping me with his eyes.

A girl starts to dance,rubbing herself on him,but he pushes her away without taking his eyes off me. She is clearly irritated by his reaction,and she tried to pull him next to her,but he is like a statue. The song ended and my panties are soaking wet. He licks his lips as if he's hungry and I'm his meal. God damn it…I was never so wet,and I was definitely never wet because someone looked at me.

"Oh my God!!! That was the most intense eye fucking I ever saw. It even turned me on. Thanks to you and gorgeous over there,I have to fuck tonight!" The enthusiasm in Hope's voice can he heard from Heaven.

Breaking eye contact with him,I turn around to face Hope. We talk a little longer,but don't dance. My whole being screams to look at him again,take a small peak,but I'm stronger than that.

" I think I’ll call it a night,I’ll go to the restroom and then head home. You can stay if you want,It’s all on me. And have fun with the guy who you’re eye fucking." I decided to go after I saw that she's not paying me any attention anymore. I wink at her and she laughs.

"Are you sure you don’t want to stay? Maybe have some fun with Mr. Gorgeous over there?" That's damn tempting. Very tempting. But I'm not the kind of woman to have sex with a guy just because he's hot. And if a man gets to touch my body,he must be someone very special. Someone who won his right. Not a one night stand. But that doesn't mean that I can't play a little. Just a tiny bit.

"See you !" I smile at her and blow her a kiss as I take my purse.


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