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Childs play

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Some people are born into the wrong household but that doesn't make you a bad person or determine what you become and what you want to be. Read through Jessicas youth years.

Romance / Fantasy
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Childs play

People say that criminals grew up with criminal minded people which is not always true but looking at myself I have to agree. My life never had a dull moment, but this is my life I wouldn’t expect anything else from it. Maybe you are wondering how my life is, what I’m talking about. I grew up in Wichita Kansas which is known for its crime area so sound like a great place to start this beginning. My parents had started many illegal things before I came along. I wouldn’t say they were bad parents they tried the best they could, and we were not poor for $40 a bag. My parents got me to help them harvest the bushes from a young age. Playing in the garden and pulling leaves of things is what most 5 years old do so to look at it nothing was really bad. I didn’t even know what it is I just knew people wanted to buy this plant and you can smoke it which I had seen my parents do casually. At the age of 6 the curiosity got the best of me and I put a lit joint that my father had begun to my lips and tried to copy what I had seen for years. It wasn’t that great but looking back for my first time I was pretty good. Some nights mum had guys around at the house again didn’t know and everyone was ok with these people even dad, so they must have been mum’s friends. This was pretty much my childhood weed and random guys along with normal kid things like school. At the age of 10 I would say I got more involved with these activitys. My parents didn’t force me to do anything, but they didn’t stop it and encourage it like a normal mum would with good grades. After my parents seeing try many failed attempts of taking a puff my dad taught me this was like any other daughter – father activity, it was a good bonding moment that I still stand by. Around the age of 13 I understood what mum did upstairs with the men. It was odd cause she had dad, but I also learnt that it wasn’t about a connection like she had with dad but for money. I knew what sex was, it sounded a bit scary, but it also seemed funny both these feeling came from what I saw and heard. 14 and I was with this guy a year older than me. He was keen and so was I so that was that. i became more interested in mums work even though older random men still seemed off putting. At 15 I sat in on a session to see how it was and if it was something I was still in to. Months later I stared to join in on the acts not fully just as a side doll thing. 16 I was comfortable to do this myself. Mum was happy that I was making money not that she took it, my money was my money but now I could buy more things for myself. The idea of a minor brought people in and I had just as much as my mother. It had its lows like any job, but it was quite comfortable seeing I worked from home and had my parents for protection. I wanted to explore the industry more, striping sounded fun. I got to dance that I liked even though I hadnt had much experience, but I did not have an environment that I knew my whole life like home. I went in to have a tour of the club, it looked welcoming some girls on stage smiled at me. I was a bit younger then they liked but they accepted me because they needed more dancers and told her a little about my experience. There were different types of guys the ones that loved the fresh meat, but others gave a smile of respect and walked away. I was doing my last year of school, most people that grew up in these circumstances failed in school and left as soon as they could, but I wasn’t like that I was a straight C student which I was happy with if I had an excuse or not. I had to put some clients on hold to work on my end of year exams. I finished with a good score, but I didn’t know what I wanted. I had 2 good paying jobs, but both looked down upon. I stayed with my jobs but thought about other jobs if something happened. I looked at jobs that would take me after my work so far. I didn’t find anything that payed about the same, accepted my background and that I wanted to do. I continued for another 3 years before moving to home nurse insteed of prostitution cause it payed less than my other jobs. Nurse by day stripper by night, I was happy that I could have both of what I wanted. The fun and attachment to the club the normality of being a nurse. Most people would agree that being loving and caring for the patients was an almost certain quality to have. That is something I could proudly say made me qualify for the job I had been acting friendly for 5 years at this point. I stated looking at it as opportunity to get me into a “real” industry but I started to like it. The bond that just happened when they first smiled at you or when their old lap dog would greet you at the door. It was a different type of love one I felt deeply. Listening to their full lives made the world look different. The idea of being fake to the people in the club started to seem strange and odd. I am now 23 and doing the same thing, paying off a unit that I bought a couple streets back from my parents. Which are really proud of me I mean come to look at it I found a job that was what I wanted and will have a home payed off by 25.

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