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Chapter 09

It's Been Two Months Since That Last Incident, Father Found Me The Next Morning and Forced Me to Go Back There, Nigger Didn't Even Care About the Bruises On My Face …

Mrs. Grace Was Upset with Me for Not Coming Home "Running Away" Is What She Said I Did, I Tried Explaining to Them My Reasons but They Wouldn't Have It Hence We Haven't Spoken in Months, If They Don't Believe Me They Can Go to Hell for All I Care

I Found an Internship at Luca Creations, I Lexy Matt and Some Other People from My Class Intern Here I'm Two Weeks Away from Writing My Two Last Final Papers Then We On Holidays ...Until Next Year.

. Not That I'm Really Excited, I’ve Been Living at The De Luca Mansion for The Past Months with Carlos Away On Business, I've Been Thinking of Renting with Lexy and Her Roommates.

Lexy Sam and Phoebe Have Become My Friends Now, and so Is Matt from Class, Lately I've Been Socializing a Bit ...They Know That I'm Married but Don't Know to Whom, Rose and I Almost Had a Fall Out Since That Day I Slept at Luus, She Didn't Speak to Neither One of Us for Almost a Month Which Led to Luu Not Wanting to Talk to Me, I Tried to Find Out Why but He Won't Budge ...I Finally Let Them Off Because Even I Had a Lot On My Plate, To Try to Nurse Them.

Why The Hell Would Rose Be Jealous If That's Even the Case, I Mean If She Wanted to Break Up with Luu She Should Have Done That but That Shouldn't Be On My Account Now Should It? Having Not to Have to Talk to Luu Is Taking a Toll On Me and It's Not Good, Plus Having to go Home to Grace Not Talking to Me, Father Even Forbade Me from Going to Lolita's So Everything in My Life's A Mess …

I'm in Class Now Battling with My Thoughts, We Writing Mechanics and I Haven't Read Anything, Nothing Is Going the Way I Want Now, Feels Like Even God Has Turned His Back On Me, I Haven't Done Anything Yet I'm Being Punished for What really? Maybe Life Would Be Better Off If I Wasn't On Earth, Maybe If I Take My Life Everything Will Be Fine because Quite Frankly I'm Just a Burden to Everyone Else-

"Jenkins "

"Jenkins" That Was Our Invigilator Calling Me

"yes sir " I said raising my head to look at him

"are you Isabella Jenkins "
"yes sir"
"come forward with your paper please"
*okay*said my subconscious*what did I do? *
" I'm sorry you not registered to write this paper because your exam fees Haven't been paid up yet and sorry to say this but all the previous ones you've wrote will not be counted if mark so you’ll get a zero on your finally exams "

Stunt, shocked all the other emotions relating to such feelings I felt them all ...I didn't even know what to do or how to feel, so father meant what he said, He’ll make me suffer?

"c-c-can I.I... I p-pay for them myself " I was even stuttering, feeling cold, tears burning my eyes

"well you can try "

"okay, I will...but can I at least finish this test before times up?"


Turning back all eyes were on me, I even saw Luu looking at me with sympathy, a single tear escaped my eyes, I quickly wiped it off, I went back to my sit and wrote whatever nonsense that came to my mind.

After writing I went with Mr Pots to the Deans Office, We Explained Why I'm Here and I Went to The ATM to Try and Pay

,'Declined’ My Card said When I Tried to Pay, I Tried Three More Times 'Declined' it Said Time After Time, I Know I Have More Than Enough Money in My Account, He Blocked My Account, He Wants Me to Suffer Its True.

I Went Back to The Dean and I Tried to Tell Him What Happened, he just looked at Me Like I Was Crazy until I Left His Office. I Found All My Friends Waiting for Me, I Was Touched but I Wanted to Be All On My Own, I Asked Matt to Give Me A Ride to Fathers Office

"Bells I Don't Think-"

"Luu Please, Not Now"

"But Bell"

"Don't Please " I didn't want him or anyone changing my mind, I know it's a bad idea but what other do I have?

The Ride to Jenkins Inc. Was Long and draining, We Finally arrived and I Told Him to Leave Since His Clock Time at Luca Creation Was Around, He Asked About Me and I Said I'll Be Fine.

Getting into the building nothing has changed, everything is just the way it used to be, the last time I was here was when I was eight years old and still nothing has changed ...

"Hi" I said to the reception lady.

"yes can I help you " she said that not looking at me
"uuhmmm...yes, is Mr Jenkins here "

"do you have an appointment " here we go…

" but"

"I'm sorry you can't go in. "

"look, I know you just doing your work I get that, just call him and tell him Isabella is here, I’m pretty sure he won't have a problem with you passing me through please " I gave her my pleading look trying as hard as I could possibly can not to let my guard down and cry but she still wouldn't have it.

" I am sorry but I can't"

"look" I checked her batch "Sarah, just call him and tell him that his daughter is here ohkay" she looked at me like I was crazy.

"look miss, as far as I know Nathan doesn't have a daughter " okay the fact that people don't know that he has a daughter should hurt and shock me but it didn't as much as hear her call him Nathan.

"so all are on first name basis now?"

"what's that got to do with you?"
She said that with so much attitude while standing up, what I saw, nothing could have prepared me for this moment, she was pregnant.

"your pregnant? " I was shocked beyond measure

"Clearly "she rolled her eyes at me.

"it's his isn't it?"

"none of your business "

"well better pray that it's a boy or else I fear for you, nineteen years from now your child will be standing in front of this very same company in front of a pregnant receptionist with an attitude trying to get her to call her father just so she could know why he didn't pay her exam fees, careful "

She opened and closed it when we heard an all too familiar voice, but you could see my words hit her somehow

" what are you doing here? “my ever pleasant father asked.

"I came here to talk"

"I don't have time for this " he turned to leave.

"Why didn't you pay for my exams?"

*chuckling * "its my money Isabella, I can do with it as I want, now leave my building before I call security" then out of the building he left.

I had no energy in me to do anything but walk away, I walked to Luca Creation by foot, got there and everyone was halfway through with everything and I was yet to start, lucky for me Matt and Lexy cover a few things so all I did was take notes for the day, my mind was miles away six o'clock was knockoff time, I wanted to be alone so I walked and walked, I was tired, hungry and crying I was a mess, I nearly got hit by a car but I didn't care, if anything it would have done me a huge favor.

After what a few hours, I arrived and Found Grace about to go out.

"five hours since knockout time " I ignored her and went in, she later came barging in my room

"Bella, I’m talking to you, what’s gotten into you?" I was not in the mood to talk or do anything, let alone cry, so I just looked at her and said nothing.

"chika what's happened to you?"

Releasing a deep breath, I looked away from her and mutated. "nothing, I’m okay "
with that I went to shower, didn’t even eat dinner my next test is next week Wednesday so I need to get my head straight before then.

When Morning came I decided to go for a jog, I wasn't going in to work today so I have the whole day to get my head straight, I was running now, I kept running and running, to let some steam off. Walking or running seemed to work in my favor because then I could actually think clearly.

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