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Chapter 10

After running I went back home, I was dead tired, when I got inside no one was home, after taking a bath I took out my books and got engrossed in my studies, I didn't even go for toilet break.

after I covered enough topics I sat outside on the balcony contemplating with myself about what I'm going do to cover my studies, clearly I can't do anything about my credit cards, where am I even going to get money from?

I was busy in my thoughts when Mrs. Grace entered the room I stared at her until she reached the seat besides me

*sighs*you know when we asked your dad for your hand in marriage we knew what we were doing.

Okay? she has my attention now.

"you are a very beautiful girl, who has manners, but this right here is a whole different Bella, what happened to you?"

I stood up and went over the railing and all I could do was sigh.

"you know you can always talk to me, I’m always going to be here for you, I’m sorry about what happened, I was going through the most, Viktor and Carl not being here, the drama with Maria and her daughter with you, it was just too much chika.I. I, I’m sorry I didn't believe you "

Finally, I asked:" are you?"

" huh-?"

" are you really sorry that you didn't believe me or?"

" it's not that I didn't believe, I know how they are --"her eyes were glistening showing that she's about to cry, but that didn't stop me.

" yet you still didn't believe me, it’s okay you not my mother you not entitled to always believe me anyway "

I know what I said was wrong but I just didn't care, you could see I hurt her by saying that but I just didn't have it in me to apologize for telling the truth …

She left and later came back with a plate full of cookies and milk

" you haven't eaten anything, here eat this and I'll stop harassing you" she was hurt, I could tell by her voice.


I was sitting in bed, my legs crossed, laptop on my thighs with my pencil in my mouth, I had a plan, a plan that was going to help me get money fast that is.
I was busy googling and searching, I picked my phone to make a call.

"I'll give you whatever money you want, as long as you get it to me before Monday, and you better not get caught" he said as soon as I told him what I wanted.


I'm scared I won't lie but Jonathan left me no choice, I know I'm going to fuckin die once he finds out but if he wants to play dirty then I can play dirty as well ...I'm his child after all.

After planning my strategy very well all I had to do was get Luus help in as much as I don't want to involve him in this he's the only choice I have.

I went downstairs and asked Thomas to drive me, I got to Luus house and knocked and Rose opened the door

She rolled her eyes as soon as she saw it was me. "what do you want?"

With a bored look I passed her and went to the lounge where I knew Luu will be at.

As soon as he saw me he got shocked “Bella!!what are you doing here? "

" I can't come check on you now, anyway can we talk"

Le looked at me and at Rose then led me to the kitchen and I told him my plan.

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