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Chapter 11

"ISABELLA ARE FUCKIN OUT OF YOUR MIND? That dude is going to fuckin blow your brains out this time"

"yeah whatever, I don't care, so you going to help me or not?"

"yeah sorry I can’t, you didn't talk to me for months and the next time you do is to ask me for a favor…" He said that with an attitude, this guy is not serious.

"all you had to do is say yes or not, the other part was irrelevant"

"IRRELEVANT? Irrelevant huh-?"

He was getting worked up now but I still didn't care. He's the one who went all ghost me, not the other way around.

"yes irrelevant Jesus why you getting worked up for?"

"Because… you my fuckin best friend Bella okay, you didn't talk to me for months and you just expect everything to be okay now all of a sudden"

"Yes!! ...IM YOUR FUCKIN BEST FRIEND and I won't do anything to jeopardize it, US before anyone remember that? No!!! Of course you don’t, so please let's not even go there" un-quicken-believable.

I left because I was starting to get pissed, I even ended up going go that devils house.

, I found him in his study busy on his work

"t's lonely here."

He looked up and we held eye contact for some time

"what do you want Bella “with a sigh he asked.

" do I really annoy you that much?"

" you have no idea "

Wow. And he was serious

" okay then. unfreeze my accounts and I'll leave you alone for good "

" yeah right, lock the door on your way out"

"is that how you want to play?"

He immediately looked up at me.

"what do you mean?"

I stood up and walked out, I could still feel his eyes piercing my back
I closed the door and made a beeline to his bedroom, well...I thought I was going to do this tomorrow but I guess I have to seize the opportunity…

What I was looking for was not that hard to find he kept it safe but easy to find, I quickly hid it in my pocket and walked out like I did not do something big.

When I got to the gate a delivery truck pulled up immediately when I got out.

"Is this the Jenkins residence?" the delivery guy asked the guard

" yes" he answers

"we got a delivery for Mr Jenkins"

"I'll get that" I found myself walking to the truck guy, why? I don't know

The guy gave me a weird look clearly wanting to know who I am.

"I'm his daughter" I said to get him calm

He gave me a paper to sign and I forged his signature, if I sign mine he'll notice not that I care anyway, after signing a big thing that looked like a portrait was taken out.

"ooh, uuhmmm… put it in that car over there" what the hell are you going to do with it Bella? You so stupid sometimes.
I called Thomas to help them load the jig thing into the car

Jason our or rather his guard looked at me with shocked but I didn't pay him no attention, after that Thomas drove us home, well you know what I mean.

Once inside I took the house phone and called the guy to tell him that I got that thing, he said to meet him tomorrow but I said today and I want the money in cash …

"look, I don't have that kind of money here on me, we’ll meet tomorrow." then he dropped the call,

Well… Since that didn't work I called the exhibition I told them I wanted to return the portrait... The time was six so I found them still open.

I asked if I could return in today and they said tomorrow morning. I was busy caught up in my world that I didn't even realize that there was someone in the room …

"C-Carl-? W-what are you doing here?" he had a towel wrapped around his waist another drying his wet hair, wait how long has he been here for u mea-

"well you should show some enthusiasm for your husband, I’ve been gone for two months and the first thing you say is "what are you doing here?" Come on Isabella"huh?

"Bella please" I said after a moment of pausing, he looked at me and raised his eyebrow and said "huh?"

"call me Bella"

He looked at me like I grew some horns then slowly nodded his head.
Once he disappeared to his closet I went to the bathroom to take a shower too. I got busy caught up in my mind, realign the events of today, did I do the right thing? Luu is right, HE WILL KILL ME this time. *sigh* I am his daughter after all, he can't just cut me off like that, I mean unless I'm no-... No Bella, don't even think that.

When I got out I found him on bed laughing, I didn't understand why he found papers funny until I realized that he had my papers and my laptop

With speed and power, I don't know to have I snatched them and he busted out laughing very hard, if it was under normal circumstances I would laugh too because his laugh is contagious but no! these are not normal circumstances so I will not laugh, I pissed if anything.

"where you planning to rob someone" he asked still laughing
I swallowed really hard, and just packed my papers neatly


He kept on laughing and clutching his stomach

"anyway mom called, dinners ready"

"you can go I'm not hungry"

He gave me a looks and I rolled my eyes
He's very happy for my liking and being all nice, he pulled my hand and made me walk with him downstairs...
When we got there Mrs. Grace and Mr Victor were kissing ....

"eel you guys" said their son fake gaging

They turned to look at us and laughed all this while I was feverous thinking about Nathan, what if he realized what I've done, this time I'm dead honestly, but I did what I had to do, I kept playing with my food while everyone engaged in a conversation I offered to clean the table and Carl joined me

"are you okay" he asked once we disappeared into the kitchen,

"yeah I am" I said turning to leave, he followed behind me
When I got to the room I was about to take a pillow when he said

"we can share the bed" what-? What's up with him today, maybe the time away did him some good. Since Well I was used to it by now I didn't argue.

I went to brush my teeth and so did he while brushing my teeth I took a deep sigh and I chocked on the toothpaste

"damn it ...are you okay" he said that rubbing my back

"ye*cough* yes."

"what was that all about, you look stressed, and mom told me what happened-?"

12345678910111213141516171819 that was heart pumping fast, *could Mrs. Grace know about today *

"relax, your heart's beating fast sure you ohkay"

Shaking my head vigorously I finally managed to get the words out.

"ye.yea. yeah I'm sure"

"mmm-he shook his head-anyway I'm sorry about the way I've been"

"it's cool"

Well truth be told my heart was still pumping fast, I kept my head down the whole time with different scenarios playing in my heard
He lifted my head up, he was talking, yes he was talking, but what is he saying, I tried to read his lips but for some strange reason they distracted me, they looked good, I wonder how they taste like …

"Fuck!!" I shook my head because I was losing focus

"you sure you ohkay?" his concern was genuine. It scared me a little

"yes" .... I answered looking at his mouth, I nipped my bottom lip I saw him looking at me too, he looked me in my eyes and then my lips, he licked them a bit making the lower one wet "fuck!" That should be a sin
Our faces inched closer to one another, he still had his hands cupping my cheeks ...our nose touch ...gosh I felt weird things in my stomach ...I heart was beating fast, I turned my head a little to the left to give him access ...we were an inch close to touching, he smelt so nice, I looked at him and he looked consumed ...just when our mouths were about to touch the phone rang ...I quickly snapped out of it, I pushed him off and quickly went to pick it up

"hello" I answered breathing fast

"tomorrow eight sharp at the cafeteria at your school, I got your money" Then he dropped …

I was still out of breath with what just happened. Jesus what was I thinking. I threw the many pillows on the floor and got under covers, after 30 minutes Carl came back with wet hair, looks like he took a shower, I turned to look at him and he was angry ...oooh God ...he got inside the covers and looked the other way.

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