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Chapter 12

First Thing in The Morning I Woke Up and Got Ready for The Day ...I Got to The School Cafe and Waited and Waited ...Thirty Minutes Passed and I Was Still Waiting Plus I Still Had to Go to The Exhibition and Exchange the Portrait Too ...I Was About Leave When I Saw an All Too Familiar Figure Approaching Me

"Amah... Mi Amor" he had a big smile plastered on his face.

"Is" I don't know much about Italian so this was all I could master and besides the fact that I'm shit scared right now.

"How Have You Been?" he grabbed the chair next to me to sit down while at the same time signaling for the waiter.

"okay as You Can See" I'm not in the mood for small talks.

"Amah. You Indeed Are Your Fathers Daughter" the grin on his face deepened.

"Can We Get to The Business at Hand Please" I should be happy to see him but I'm in no mood for formalities.

He let off a soft chuckle

"Here... All Your Money in Full"

He handed me a gym bag, I opened it and took a peak inside

"I hope it's all of it, else I'll send him your way"

"No we don't want that now do we"

I just looked at him and stood up

"you know I never knew you had it in you to betray him" those words halted me from going

"well...I am his daughter after all"

With that I stood up and bumped into the gang on my way out ...'Fuck!' I cursed inside I know I asked Luu for his help but I never told him to whom I'm going sell it to, if he sees him...I don't know what I'm going to do.

"Yellow pretty lady"

"hi Matt ...hey guys"

"well you awfully happy today, what’s up?"

Ooh. lexy if only you knew

" decided to ease down on me"

"I wonder who you got money from" Rose said that with attitude

"well Rosie see...blood is thicker than water honey"

I said that tucking her hair behind her ear.

Ever since that incident Rose has been nasty towards me, but I'll handle her I can get bitch if I want so she doesn't scare me, I’m actually scared of what I might do to her

I went to the bank and deposited all the money I owed to the school and the one to cover my next exams. I bought a new phone and decided to open a new account and deposited the rest there after I was done I went to the exhibition... They gave me a few hustles but I managed to get it at the end of the day ...they gave me a cheese and I cashed it, opened a separate account for it too.

After I was done I went home to finish with my work ...


"Mam are you okay?" Thomas the driver asked me.

"our...uuhmmm...yeah I'm okay"

He looked at me on the review mirror... Well I can't really blame him for not believing me, I did a lot of crazy things under his watch this past week

"uuhmmm. Thomas you know if Carlos is home?"

"uuhmmm.mam. I. I don't know" he looked at me via the review mirror then back at the road.

Fuck me ...I forgot that he left with me in the morning ...'what exactly was I thinking yesterday huh?'*watch mean what were you thinking, you knew exactly what you were thinking and you wanted to kiss him* I was in a serious conversation with my subconscious that I Even forgot that I was in the car with someone else, I was too caught up in my things that I didn't even hear Thomas talking to me

"huh?" I asked after hearing him call my name

"I was asking what you were saying."

I eyed him skeptical, what's he talking about

"was I saying something?"

"yes." he responded.

Lord he must have heard me talking to myself, damn subconscious for not having timing, I assured him that it's nothing, lucky for me he didn't read too much into it, I wasn't about to tell him what I was thinking now was I?

We just arrived home and there seems to be no one inside.

'Phew!!' At least I won't have to see Carlos ..I went to my room and took a long relaxing bath was needed after the day I had ...after I was done I got out ,drained the water was very hot outside so I decided to wear my boy shorts and a baggy shirt ,the moment I threw myself on top on the bed I was gone ...sleep immediately consumed me ...I saw that woman again ,the familiar blue grey-eyes ..she was smiling at me ,she kept on smiling until she disappeared...I woke up confused ,what's this dream. In fact, who's this woman …

Since I couldn't answer those questions I decided to just finish my studies a few days I'll officially be done with my exams, I can't wait ...I'll be doing my last year next year then I'll find work and be a working woman ...I really can't wait for that day I become independent and all that shit …

I was still studying when Carlos entered the room, he didn't even look at me not one bit, he sat on the bed, took off his shoes, unbuttoned his shirt and went straight to the shower

'Okay, dude had a rough day'*me thinks *'or maybe he didn't see me'*he saw your ass head* mocked my subconscious...

Ohkay Fuck!! My sub can you eliminate your subconscious because mine will either piss me off when I'm pissed already or get me in some real shit and it defiantly won't get me out of it ..I was still stuck in my thoughts when Carlos came out of the shower all wet and all the tattoos out on display Ooh God if he trying to get me back for what I did yesterday he's definitely winning because God he's looking good ,why am I only seeing now after three months of marriage that my husband is fuckin covered in tattoos

*fuck me!!what's gotten into me? I can't be day dreaming about this douche*

" you mind"

"huh?" I was confused, did he hear me talking, my heart beat started to skyrocket

"can you turn I want to change"

"Oooh? . yeah sure"

I turned so I can give him some privacy, at least he didn't hear me talking, I know I have. a tendency of speaking out loud


With a bored sigh he responded "yes Isabella"

"uuhmmm. About last night"

"what about it"

"what happened"

"nothing happened"

"well I mean-"

"Don't get your panties in a twist nothing will ever happen" ouch!

"yeah well-"

He was about to say something but I cut him short

"will your fuckin stop interrupting me"

I was pissed now, “fine if you are pissed but Do Not I repeat ...Do Not Fuckin Interrupt Me When I'm Talking. yes!!nothing happened I get that, I just wanted to clear things so please don't rub it in my face that nothing ever will happen okay, it’s not like I'm rooting for shit to ever go down between us because I'm not, so don't get your balls in a twist "

I furious stood up, took my things and went up, I almost bumped into Mr Victor on my way out but I was too hurt and pissed to care. he was about to say something when I cut him short, “please " I said raising my hand indicating that now I'm not in the mood. How dare he? how dare he think that I want him, I don't ...I don’t want anyone, I grew up alone so I don't want no one, I'm fine like this.

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