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Chapter 13

I was walking around the house with no destination at all this house was too huge for my liking especially considering my mood at this moment. I hate Carlos I really do.

I was busy walking with my books at hand forgetting that I'm wearing a short. I saw a door and I opened it ,I wanted to isolate myself a bit so I opened it ,lucky for me it did but I wasn't a room ,the were stairs leading wayyyyy down but I followed them all the way nonetheless , I was bought to a halt by what I saw sketch boards and all sorts of painting materials, I don't remember the last time I painted its been years since I last did, I put my books down and looked further before I knew it I was drawing I got consumed in it that I lost track of time at first I didn't know What exactly it is that I was drawing until I started to put color it was a very nice garden déjà vu hit me once I finished, 'I've seen this before' I said to myself but where have I seen it is the question...

When I got out I went straight to take a bath when I got in lucky for me grouchy wasn't in, I decided to take a long relaxing bath just to pass time, well… That was until someone decided to burger in without knocking and scared the shit out of me

"Jesus quicken Christ" we both said in unison

"what the hell" I shouted trying to hide myself with my hands, he turned covering his eyes with his hands 'ooh how cute' said my subconscious.

Yeah right! of course this thing would think like this in times like this, I swear this thing is so dumb sometimes.

"couldn’t you -"

"couldn't I what? You the one who should knock"

"how the hell was I suppose to know there was someone in here"

"Carlos you can be dumb sometimes you know that. Pass me that towel"

" what do you mean by that " … he asked passing me the towel.

" exactly that…" I said that wrapping myself'" thanks"

"what's that …" he was following me out now “you welcome "he responded to my thanks for the towel.

" go do your business” ‘I pointed my finger towards the bathroom door.

He looked at me and I returned the look back until he gave up and went to do whatever it is he disturbed me for.

" we got dinner reservations with dads' friend wear something nice" he said that while emerging from doing whatever shit he disturbed me for.

"aaaaaarg! …" I groaned out loud.

"yeah" Oooh wow.

"I love your enthusiasm" I commented.

He just rolled his eyes

I was about to take out a jean and sneakers when the dumbass spoke

"dress and heels"

"no shit !!"he's not being for real right now us he?

" yes" he answered as if hearing my thoughts with a stupid smile on his face.

"you finding this funny huh?"

"you should have seen your face" ...and he cracked up laughing, mom. What an arise.

We got done and dressed to the T. Mrs. Grace came to call us and say the car is ready.

When we arrived at the restaurant everything screamed class, I felt so out of place, we went to the reserved table and sat down, Carlos introduced me to them and nigger didn't even say I'm his wife !!!nigger say what? He introduced me to Mr and Mrs vault and a pretty lady next to them, I assumed she's the daughter Alexa ... Well .... everyone got engaged in their conversation and I felt so left out so I took my phone and played a game, the girl was Way too touchy with Carlos for my liking. a waitress came for our odder ...everyone ordered a plate of ribs and salad ...I said fish because I don't eat pork and almost everything here had pork and I don't eat it

"you want to stand out?" Alexa spoke,

I didn't realize that she was talking to me until she snapped her fingers in front of my face.

"huh-?" clueless me asked because I was out in my zone.

"I said 'do you want to stand out with the fish?'" Ooh. Kay??? What's happening

She was about to say something but our meal came, thank God for that…

we ate with Mrs vault asking me questions about my education and parents, thank God Mrs Grace intervened because I was starting to feel unconformable.

We finished eating so Mr victor and Mr vault got down to business while Mrs Grace and Mrs vault indulged in their conversation. The moron and the Barbie bitch were long gone so you can just imagine the sponge Bob that I was …

I was texting my friends and I told them all about it, those fools laughed the shit out of me can you believe it?

Lucky Matt said he's also around the corner since apparently he stays around the neighborhood so he said he'll come so thirty minutes into it he said he's at the door

"oooh sponge Bob" that was the first thing he said immediately when he saw me coming for a hug, he's such a hugger.

He said we go to the bar for a drink, but I was afraid of doing that because Mr victor would see me

"ooh. come on, you allowed one drink at least."

"fuck why not “after much persuasion I agreed, bad influence this one.

He ordered me a Margarita and vodka for him...after a few drinks we got too lost in ourselves, we went to the rooftop and we cracked up jokes all the way...I was having fun more than I've ever had in my whole entire life, literally.

We were disturbed by laughter from the background, we turned to look and it was Mr victor, Mrs Grace, grouchy and the. Barbie bitch and her parents

"ooh Chika, I've never heard you laugh like this" Mrs Grace though.

She said that while still laughing

Matt introduced himself and the grouchy looked angry for reasons unknown, he can go to hell for all I care.

laughing Mr Viktor said "sorry to disturb all but we have to go, unless you want to stay and your friend will drop you off?" I liked the way he was asking. What I would give to have a father like him.

"yes, plea-"

"hell no! We going home now" grouchy, grouchy, grouchy! What the hell is wrong with this guy.

He came and took my hand to leave and everyone followed behind.

When we got to the entrance Barbie bitch gave my fuckin husband a peck can you believe this, I felt Matt holding my hand, it wasn't until I pieced the puzzle back together that I realized that I was lunging towards the Barbie bitch.

when it was time to go I embraced matt in a bear hug

The drive home was awkward and silent, no one said anything and you could slice it with a knife.

We got to our room, he tried talking to me but I wouldn't have it, well that was until he said something that Matt and I were laughing about and I cracked up,

I took a pillow and threw it at him "ouch" he said trying to maintain his own laughter.

"moron" I muttered under my breath,

Ooooooh...Ooooooh no! wrong move

He came and tickled the life out of me... I couldn't even form a sentence; I couldn't get him to stop…

"c-c-carl ...stop"

"say you sorry first"

And he continued to tickle me, I was even on the verge of peeing myself

"I want to pee you dummy"

"oooh no"

"ok OK OK ...sorry"

... I seriously couldn't take any more, I don't remember the last time I laughed like this.

"you way cuter when you laugh"

Ooooooh Kay?

inner me was dancing, I could even tell my intestines where doing back flips.

I didn't know what to say so I just looked at him

"Can I do something?" He asked Stepping closer to where I was.

He didn't even allow me to answer before I felt his soft lips on mine. I felt my eyes rolling to the back, he was slow and cautious and it was enough to drive me crazy.

After a few minutes he pulled out

"wow! Wow" I didn't know what to say or do so I just pulled him back and kissed him again, this time our tongues came to play, naughty me wanted to see if he'd react to my touch so I pulled his top up and played with his belly button a bit. I could see he wasn't reacting so I used both hands to feel him up. He started groaning, I wanted to stop but he wouldn't let me.

He walked us over to the bed

"you can't do this to me “he left my lips and went to my next while playing with my tits, I was a moaning mess until I remembered something.

" I thought you said nothing's ever going to happen between us "

He stopped and looked at me

" yeah? "

" then what's this?"

"nothing "

Ouch! I pushed him off and told him to get out and I went to the bathroom, motherfucker gave me a hickey. Fuck!

When I got out he wasn't there so I assumed he went to another room well.... that was until he came back in the middle of the night smelling an all too familiar perfume.

"you smell like her" I found myself saying it before I could comprehend.

"so what" he shot back.

"did you have sex with her" why won't I shut up?

"none of your business"

"you smell like sex" shoot me for my mouth has its own brain.

"what do you know what sex smells like?"

I kept quiet, what can I say after that. I felt a pain in my chest I can't quite describe.

"you left me hanging what did you suggest I do?"

I got up and left and went to sleep on the couch outside. Clearly we back to square one. I seriously I cannot stand him right now, tears flowed and I left them.

Days Passed and today I was Writing my final exam and I have work later on so I need to up my Game.

I Really Need This Internship the Company Gives Me A Variety of fields to explore and I like that. I get to deal with more than just one thing.

Anyway… We were at the café going over our notes, Rose was also here so you can just imagine the tension.

"so I heard that the big boss is coming in today?" Matt took us out of our trance.

"heard so too, rumor has it, he's a catch, plus he's single"

"whoa, LEXY and man" Rose clapped her hands together causing all of us to laugh because that's just LEXY being herself.

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