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Chapter 15

I don't even know why I'm crying to be honest, the person was not looking at us but rather focusing on the files in front of them

"well I am not your boss or anything, we will only be working on a project that apparently you guys will be doing and I hope you will do great on it."

Just as she was talking the door opened spreading an all too familiar perfume to my nostrils, this day just keeps getting better n better, I sighed and buried my face in my hands, now this time the devil is testing me.

" every year here at Luca creations we choose top five intern's, give them a project from our past records to make something great out of it, we all about creativity and testing our limits, we chose you because you are by far our top interns and we do hope to work with you in future, although there's one amongst you I'd personally like to work with on a separate project so Jenkins you with me, follow me "

All this time he was busy on his phone doing God knows what.

" 3the rest of all can knock off early and discuss which amongst the five projects you got would be best suitable to reinvent.

With that Alexa left.

I couldn't even begin to go sane right now. Two of the people I never wanted to meet up with just happen to be my bosses? . kill me now.

"ah...rude much?" lexy commented rolling her eyes in the process.

"tell me about it "

I stood up to leave, Matt offered to walk me to the big boss’s office, when we got there he stopped me.

"will you be okay?" He asked holding my hands in his.

With tears threatening to come out, I shook my head no.

"put your feelings aside, this is work, one that you need, don’t let them get to you okay?"

And he gave me a hug, I felt like crying but he pinched me.

"ouch!!fuck that hurts" at least I managed to laugh.

"I know, no crying okay"

He gave me one last hug and kissed my cheek. I got to the door and knocked before I was called in, I found Barbie bitch on top of the table while Carl was on the chair facing each other, they looked becausey but I didn't want to think too much *these people fucked, of course they going to do it again*someone please tell my subconscious to shut the fuck up before I go crazy.

"you called for me" I said as soon as I entered.

They both looked up at the same time.

"awash...Bella?" Carl asked, clearly shocked.

"yes sir, Bella Jenkins" I said, putting my brave face on.


"yes miss vault"

Alexa tried to say something to be but I zoomed out, Carl and were still eye locked.

"our...uuhmmm*coughs* okay, as I said you'll personally be working win. With me on something" he shook his head as if to clear something off.

"no! that can't happen"

"not now Alex"

She just rolled her eyes and gave me a death glare, Carl went to his shelve and brought a file and gave it to me.

"uuhmmm...this is the project I want you in on"

"but Carl…"

"sir's sir to your young miss" Barbie bitch

" yes mam ...uuhmmm...sir*eye roll* what about the other projects?"

"you'll be in on that one also, but once you done with that I'd like you to do this one"

"but I'm only doing a semester internship, meaning that by February I'll be back at school."

"I know which is why my… colleagues and I thought of giving you this"

He passed a file to me. I looked at it and I couldn't believe my eyes.

"is… Is this a contract?" shock is an understatement

"yes it is miss Jenkins" he had small smirk on his face.

Fuckin hell… oooh I know he didn't just call me miss Jenkins! imp fuckin married to him asshole. he stood up, came to my side and sat on the table facing me while unbuttoning his jacket,'fuck that's sexy' *focus idiot*I started to feel a bit I shifted in my sit.

"why you giving me this?" I was squirming in my seat.

"I think your academic records speak for themselves and I wouldn't want to lose such a big opportunity, I’ll give you the weekend to think about it"

He stood up and went back to his sit, when I looked Barbie bitch looked mad as hell*bitch*

"Carlos !!; you not going to work with this kid"

"and why is that Alexandra"

"because I say so" she folded her arms and pouted her lips.

"yeah right ...Bella I hope you make the right choice"

Alexa tried to say something but he cut her off, rude that much? I could see that she too was getting pissed because she started to argue but Carl would ignore her, I took that as my cue to leave.

"ooh and Carl...your mom says you should answer your phone"

And I left, when I was outside I let out a heavy sigh, I saw Matt and Lexy leaning against the elevator, I made my way up to them and Matt just embraced me in a hug after then Lexy too.

"Matt told me, you okay?" she asked as soon as we broke free from the hug.

"I will be"

Then matt gave me another hug, lord knows I need them, when we looked up Carl was staring at us and Barbie bitch was behind him, I just rolled my eyes and called the elevator

All five of us stood there waiting for it with Matt holding my hand, I looked at our arms then at Matt then just smiled.

"jeez you always becausey, so I'm going to be the fifth wheel ...yikes" Lexy, LEXY, Lexy.

I looked at her didn't understand what she was saying so I just let her be.

The door opened and we all got in, lexy and I made small talks, until we reached the parking lot.

"I'm calling dibs this time" lexy said as soon as we stepped out.

"no need, she’s with me" grouchy said turning to look at me.


"I got it Matthew, Isabella let's go"

He didn't even give me a chance to response, he just opened the passenger door to his range rover. I was hesitant to get in

" come on ...I won't bite" but his smirk said otherwise.

Awkward silence filled the car until he decided to break it

"Look I don't want you feeling awkward at work okay" he said looking at me and then back at the road.

"why would I?"

"what happened last time…"

"Carl look… I'm old enough to understand things okay, what happened imp over that, and finding out that I'll be working with you and Barbie bitch doesn't really fascinate me, having her as your mistress is fine but my boss...that's crazy but I'm willing to put that behind me and do What I came to do so yeah whatever, you do you and I'll do me, as long as we don't get into each other’s way. ooh ...and you don't bring her at your place too"

Something told me to let it all out and I did, and I'm glad I did because I won't let him think of me as a weakling, he can get mad all he wants I don't care I don't need him or anyone.

"so you saying we could date other people" he finally asked after a beat.

"interpret it however you want, you made it clear that nothing's ever going to happen between us and I'm cool with that I don't need you"

" I don't need you too"

"exactly my point, do you and I'll do me"

"why did you kiss me?"

"huh?" is this guy for real.

"that day… you kissed me back"

"yeah I did"

"why did you if you don't want me"

Okay!!! That seriously caught me off guard, but I'm a smart girl, I’ll get a lie.

"well maybe I was caught in a moment, but I got back to my senses. why did YOU kiss me" I countered back?

"because I could" sigh. If I could rip his head off, I'd gladly do that. Lucky for me we were home so I got out, slammed the car door and stormed off to the elevator, I saw him coming out of the car pissed, hell I can be pissed too, I pressed the elevator to our floor and left him at the parking, when I got in I was fuming mad. I got in my room, took a shower and slept the night off. How dare he say that …

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