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Chapter 16

He quickly caught up with me at the elevator, we rode down with him as cocky as he could possibly be and truth be told I actually enjoyed his company.

We got to the first floor and he led me out the front door, a lot of people were watching us but he told me not to pay attention to them. We went to the restaurant right across the street

"Mr Brown! ...table for two?" Asked the lady at the front

"yes "

"I thought we were getting drinks and not food?" I asked him

"of course we are" he was a bit confused until I spoke again

"well in that case why not the bar? I’ll feel a little better getting sloshed in a bar" he laughed

"ooh wow...I didn't realize we were planning on getting sloshed "

"Yeah well maybe not you but I am, got some shit the get off"

I quickly covered my hand on my mouth

, I’ve just cursed out in front of a stranger

"ooh no dear*wink*cursing is like second nature to me, don't ever feel shy doing it in front of me, if anything I feel suffocated if I don't curse" we both laughed at that, he was a breath of fresh air.

he headed to the bar and ordered both a glass of be honest I'm not a wine girl so I hardly ever touched it. I was just busy twirling the glass around and taking small tips here and there

"you ohkay-?" He asked

"uuhmmm. yeah I am" I smiled at him. "actually no I'm not, sorry if I'll sound rude but wine is not my thing"

he looked at me for a second to see if I was joking or not but I was serious as fuck, I won't drink it to make an impression on someone

"finally" he puffed out a sigh "I was trying be a gentleman and drink this shit but heck no... I am not never being a fan of this" I let out a laugh and he called the waiter to take the drink away and ordered a beer for him and a mojito for me

"now you talking" we both said at the same time, drinks kept coming and coming and we lost our selves in the moment busy cracking up jokes that we even forgot what time it was when I looked up it was after seven and I had anything to eat.

we settled for burgers and I asked for a glass of water, I had a plane to catch tomorrow so I should be alert a bit, after we finished eating I took out my phone planning on calling a cab

"thanks for the drinks cav... But I got to go, I got a plane to catch tomorrow"

"ooh yeah?" He said getting up too " funny I too got a plane to catch tomorrow too"

"ooh yeah-?" I mocked him "well we're you going?"...

" Japan" he replied, I let out a laugh

"tell me you not stalking me please because I too am going to Japan "

"that fucker Carlos" he laughed also "fucker flew me over from the states for some project he wanted, I can't believe he's even married, you know I never thought I'd see the day he gets tied down, arranged marriage or not " I let out bitter chuckle

"oooh yeah?" I didn't want to talk about Carl, it wounded me thinking about him, especially the last image I had of him attempting to kiss the Barbie I tried my best to brush it off and talk about our trip to Japan.

I was about to call a cab when he offered to drop me off, I was about to comment on his drunk status when he told me his driver was going to drop us off then I said okay. He took me to Lolita's and bid me goodbye and said well meet each other tomorrow at the airport.

I got inside and went straight to bed with thoughts of Carl consuming my head

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