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Chapter 17

I woke up with a mother of all headaches. Took my phone from the nightstand and checked the time, I was a little early so decided to sleep a little until my phone buzzed with a read

: morning beautiful-cavin

I found myself smile and returned the text, it wasn't until I checked the time and saw that it was close to ten and my stomach growling I realized that I was hungry and I need to get the hell up, I made my way to the kitchen to try and make breakfast, I was going to settle for just cereal when I saw the note on the fridge from Lolita saying my breakfast is in the microwave and to have a safe trip that I realized

"shit I haven't even started packing anything yet",

I quickly went to pack as formal and presentable clothes as I can.

After all the running around I was doing I was only left with two hours to get to the airport since the drive there was almost an hour away I decided to leave right now, I got the shock of my life when I went downstairs and saw an all too familiar range rover park outside…

I tried to pretend that I didn't notice and call a cab but Roy got out quickly and took my bag without a word and put it the car trunk and another guy I don't know grabbed me by my arm and led me to the back of the car, my heart was racing a mile a minute I didn't anticipate this especially not today when I looked to my side Carl wasn't even paying attention to me he was busy on his phone doing God knows what and ignoring me.

I stood there looking at him, so many emotions were running through me and many questions running through my head was running a mile a minute, do I say something to him or just keep quite? I decided to speak

"Uuhmmm. Car-"

he interrupted me, held his hand up and said “Bella um busy, pretend as if I'm not here and I will”.

what in the actually fuck is this? Who does he think he is exactly? Telling me what to do?

What do I do, a part of me is happy that he's here and another is seriously pissed, how can he just show up at my place, without telling me, force me into his car and then pretend as if he isn't here? His presence alone from afar affects me like crazy, and now he's next to me and wants me to what? nigger bats hit crazy

"don't call me crazy Bella" ouch!!!did I say that out loud?

"Yeah you did" he answered still looking at his phone

"fuck you Carlos" I was beginning to get pissed now, I saw a faint smile creep out but quickly stopped when he saw that I was looking at him, so that's his plan huh? get me all worked up? fuckin takes two to fucken tango mom.

A faint and yet audible scoff came out of him, fuck him, if that's what he wants then that's what he'll get.

After what felt like a decade long we pulled up at the airport, I didn't even wait for them to pull up I was already out of the car and walking my way inside, I didn't care about my clothes I had my purse on me with my passport and everything I could need, when I got inside everyone was at the terminal

"bitch you late" that was lexy, from the look of things they were here for long

"yeah whatever" I dissed her off, I seriously was not in the mood, from my peripheral I saw Roy looking for me, he spotted me he came forward to give me my luggage, apparently so did the Barbie bitch because she asked him

"Roy?" She looked behind him "where's Carl? Is he here with you?" That pissed me off even

"No mam...I just came to give Mrs Bella her stuff" he responded immobile

"boohoo?" She said in a questioning tone

"thank you Roy " I quickly said so I could dismiss him

"uuhmmm. Why are you giving her the luggage? Is she your girlfriend or something?"

Curiosity was latched on her face; you could see that. I knew exactly where this was going and I was in no mood so I intervened AGAIN before he could answer her

"thank you again Roy!!you may leave now" he shot me a great full look and off he went. I didn't want to get into anything so I turned and went to the line.

After a long laughing plane ride, of which gave me neck pains we finally landed in Japan. Barbie bitch hired a seven seater so we all went in, I had almost forgot that cavin was joining us that he nearly gave me a heart attack when we were at the reception, it looked like he was in a heated argument with the person at the reception,

when we got close I could pretty much figure out what it was about, something about someone not having a room and the hotels mistakes not availing the room.

"Sir we guarantee you, the call specifically asked for four en-suits "

you could see the Lady was trying to keep her composure but cavin wasn't having any of that.

"Cavin what's going on?" Barbie bitch asked, of course!! I should have known that she knows him

"ooh thank God you here Alexa. I was trying to get everyone's room key but apparently someone forgot to mention that Bella will be here too so she doesn’t have a room to sleep in" okay!! Now I'm shocked but why would someone do that?

"sir that is not what I said I said we do not have anyone by the name of Isabella Jenkins " she hissed

"yeah? That's basically the same shit " he was hell pissed you could see

"cavin come on, it’s cool I'll just get another room yeah" I said that taking my card out but out of my peripheral I saw something, or rather someone...the nerve

"Uuhmmm...all can go you your room I'll catch you there, if it doesn't work I'll just crash with Matt right?" I looked at Matt for approval

"yeah totally" he agreed.

. The Barbie bitch was the first to leave but cavin wanted to stay behind but I wouldn't have it because what I'm about to do he doesn't need to know it...I actually tired of this, all this game if that's what you could call it.

they all left and after watching them get in elevator I turned to the receptionist who seemed to have calmed and had a little smile on her

"he put you up to it didn't he?" I asked her.

"who mam? I don't know what you talking about " of course She'll have to act dumb, I sighed and looked at her

"so you don't have any Isabella Jenkins on your records?" I asked but of course I knew the answer

"no we do not" she was rather calm now and typing on her computer

"Isabella de Luca then?" Of course I knew the answer to that,

"why of course Mrs de Luca, here’s your key card and the elevator pin" she handed me two card...the nerve of this nigger.

I turned for my language but it wasn't there, dumb me, he took it, why would I put it passed him?

I went to the elevator and pressed the pin in, when the door dinged open on the 15th floor I was amazed, it was rather spectacular and quite, I walked a little and I saw that guy that pulled me to Carl's car, that just confirmed my suspicions, Carl really wants to piss me off, I walked up straight to him but before I could say anything the door opened to reveal Roy who smiled happily to see me

"he's waiting for you Bella" he smiled an all knowing smile

"aah!! But of course he is " note the sarcasm. when I got it I first looked for my luggage, I went door to door until I found it, the bedroom where Carl was sitting and typing away on his computer. immediately when I saw him I lost control

"you know you a real piss of shit!?" I shouted

"aah hello to you to Isabella" for some reason him calling me Isabella sounded hell sexy...snap out of it Bella

"don't piss me off Travis " I saw his body tense aah!!

"What Bella?" He sounded cool but I knew better, I hit a nerve by calling him Travis

"I want you to tell me exactly what you want from me? first you come to my home and now you messing with my room?" I accused

"point of correction Isabella... That is not your home, you left your home to go there " he said that standing up

"yeah because I lived with ass of a father " I shouted raising my hands now

"no!!!not that home, you know what I mean" he was equally shouting that I shuddered a bit

"then what do you mean?"

Our voices were high now

"I mean you left OUR home, I come back one day and I don't find you anywhere "


"yeah? You want to guess why I left?" I couldn't take it anymore now

"yes please do enlighten me woman!"

Fuck him

"you call that a home, fuck nigger if that was your home you'd sleep home everyday not walk around with that Barbie bitch of your so yes I left because why? I’m nothing but a burden to you, a fucken cock block that's what I am, gosh you fucken frustrate me Carlos " he was quite now but I still continued

"so please, you with Alexa so please stop ruining shit for me, I want this internship solo bad so please Carlos I don't want anything to ruin it for me "

I don't know how this took a turn but it did

"Bella." he slowly walked towards me

"no fuck Carlos, we set a rule, you do you and I do me, you said it yourself... This is" I moved my fourth finger between us "that this is not going to happen so why mess with we? Do you really hate me that much? "

tears were perking at my eyes now

"no Carlos fuck you " I turned to leave but before I could get anywhere I

quickly turned me before I could process what was happening he pinned me to the wall and started kissing me...oooh God

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