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Chapter 18

This shouldn't be happening, this shouldn't happen I kept chanting to myself yet I couldn't bring myself to stop him, his lips on mine felt like heaven, like this is where I'm meant to be

"carl-" I tried to speak but he shut me up

"Bella please" the voice did the pleading for him. even if he hadn't said those words his voice was pleading enough. His lips left my mouth to my neck…

I am so going to have hickeys after this but I can't bring myself to stop him, this feels so good please lord

"Carl" I moaned his name again he left my neck to my mouth again, he had me pressed on the wall next thing I know my shirt and bra were being thrown on the floor, I fumbled with his shirt until he discarded it.

My hands roamed around his body with no destination, I wanted to touch him everywhere, I circled his waist to bring him closer to me, I wanted the feel of his body next to me, he shuddered a bit at the contact

I played with his belly button and a moan came out of his mouth We were both a moaning me mess, all of a sudden he took my boob in his mouth

"fuck!!!" I cursed ...Jesus I was feeling unimaginable things right now ,I was pooling down there and I needed attention ,it was like he read my mind because he fumbled with my zipper, I don't know how he got them out or how we got to the bed but we were ,he kissed my other boob while playing with the other ,I didn't know what to do with my self ,I raised my pelvic because I needed the contact ,I never understood the ecstasy of this ,I flipped so I was on top of him ,half naked ,only left with my undies ,I got on top and kissed him ,roughly so ,then I nipped at his jaw teasingly, I don't know what I was doing ,but I was doing it either way ,plus his tattooed body,

"gosh you so sexy"

he responded with a groan …

"Bella stop teasing please, I can't take it"

I obeyed, kissed my way until I reached his trousers, his bulge was huge, I couldn't bring myself to bring it out

"Bella" he begged

"Jesus Carl. You so huge" you could hear the shock in my voice

"imagine it inside you"

that was my undoing, I felt heat down there, I pushed his jeans out and his boxers 'fuck!! ' that's going to hurt.

I was more than ready to give him; God knows I've wanted this since I saw him half naked. I took his member in my hands and massaged it a bit, spreading his pre cum over the tip

"fuck if you don't stop that I'm going to cum"

I crept up to him and claimed his mouth in mine still playing with his member.

We both wanted control but he won, he pinned my hands above my head and attacked my mouth, nipples he didn't know where to touch, all too soon his hand found a destination, he pushed my panties aside and teased me

"oooh God" I whimpered, he kissed his way down until he hooked his fingers to the side of my panties and tore them off, spread my legs a bit, I felt a little unsure but he looked up, smelt me and released a moan

"you fucken smell so good, exactly how I thought you would, don’t ever shy away from me"

his words released a wave of heat from me, I wiggled a bit

"shh, stay still" he ordered

"I can’t, I-.... Ooooooh my gosh...Travis" he locked me, he didn't play, he devoured me like he hasn't eaten in a long time, I squirm a bit but he held me still, he sucked and sucked until a felt an unfamiliar wave coming, it felt so good that I pushed he's head, I don't know if it was to stop or continued he groaned when I tugged his head, and then...I had my first orgasm and it was from Carlos.

I was still recovering from my orgasm when I head fumbling and a tear of paper, I looked and saw Carl putting a condom on he came up to me and kissed me again

"I know I'm not going to last, but I had to make you ready for me first"

he inserted his finger, this feeling was different from his mouth, a bit painful at first but good also

" fuck are you a virgin? "

this is it, he’s not going to want to continue after this, I hesitantly nodded my head yes and he groaned

"aah!!! Could you be any more perfect”?

that wasn't a question but a statement, I wanted him inside me so I pushed my pelvic so he can continue with his fingers, he pumped in and out and inserted another finger then another while telling me it's going to be a bit painful but worth it, and I believed him another orgasm rip through me again, and this one was longer than the first one, he pulled my leg up and positioned himself

"this is going to hurt a little okay, tell me if you want to stop "

" don't stop, please " I pulled him to me and kissed him, I could tell him about to enter until he stood still...why because that MOTHER FUCKEN BITCH was knocking at the door

"Carl are you in there?"

He stood still and looked at me,

"Carl I'm coming in "

"fuck" he hissed

"uuhmmm...hold on I'm coming out, wait for me outside " she chuckled

"Carl what are doing in there?" She pulled the door handle .... Ooooooh God I'm naked and Carl is still on top of me. I don't know what I'm going to do and I could feel carl poking me and I so was ready for him to fuck me ...Jesus Christ ...

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