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Chapter 01

Life used to be nice, I would wake up and go to the basement and find dad working on one of his project, I barely remember half the things we used to do because all the bad outweighs the good. Now he's a man I barely recognize.
He started raising his hands to a point that mom had enough, she left just like that and I never saw her again. Once she left he channeled his anger towards me, his child. Why I don't know. Since then nothing was ever the same.
To Be Honest I Was Hurt And A Tad Bit Relieved When Father Mentioned I Was To Get Married Because It Meant I Was To Get Out Of This Unhappy Family ...

.Sometimes I Ask My Self If Father Truly Is My Father With The Way He Is Treating me ,I Understand His Need For A Male Child But That Doesn't Mean He Should Abuse me.

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