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Chapter 19

Oooh God!!!what to do? What to do? Alexa wanted to open the door so badly and Carl's bulge was so prominent you couldn't hide it, he tossed me A gown and he wore one, I don't even want to know where he got them from, I wore it but before I could tie it, I heard

"what the fuck is she doing here Carlos?"

I looked up and the damn bastard had opened the door, I couldn't even get a chance to hide, I was literally frozen on my spot

"I fucken asked you a question damn it"

she was making noise

"don't raise your voice at me "

he sounded serious now and she gulped, a little bit scared

"now let's go out and Bella you stay here"

like hell, of course I'm going to run from here, probably get another room.

it's like he read my mind because he peeked his head inside the room and said

" don't even think about it, I will hunt you down and I will get you either way"

now I'm screwed because a part of me wished it becomes true, because hell I'm in need of some relief and he sure as hell could use some more than me because that hard isn't going down anytime soon.

He's been gone for about three hours, he came back to wear clothes and went out with Alexa again, to say I'm not hurt will be a big fat lie. I was about to take a shower and get ready for the dinner we were having tonight but before I could Roy came to call me, when I got there I found Barbie bitch at the door

"When did it start?"

Ohkay I wasn't expecting her here, I thought she would be with Carl reconciling, him telling her that it was a mistake and that he’s doesn't want me and then they'll reconcile, what I didn't not expect though is what came out of her mouth next

"careful what you say, there’s a lot at stake for you " doesn't take a genius to guess what she internship is what's at stake

"look!!!Alecia, I’m sorry okay, it won't happen again, we were argue-"

she stepped closer to me now. I’m scared I could pee myself right one

"listen ...Carl only ever gets hard for me okay" knife." and I'm the only one who helps him out alright " hammer "now I've solved it and you'll stay far away from him, he just wanted a quick release and unlucky for you were his target for the night, I’m here and you step back because whatever little thing you think you'll have with him, keep dreaming, you not his type, but if you don't step back, you can kiss the Internship bye bye. And its Alexa"

just kill me already, is it crazy that I'm more concerned with what she said about me not being Carl's type than me losing my internship?

"I'd think wisely if I were you but!! To make sure you make the right decision ...I've booked you into another hotel, far away from this place, I’ll send someone to come and collect you tomorrow morning and take you back, but immediately after the seminar you heading back home"

then she up and left ...I'm broken, shattered and I don't know what to do, I turned to check of Roy heard that but he was on his post. I turned and went to the liqueur cabinet, I don’t even check What I took, I just drank it from the bottle, I stayed and waited for Carl to be back but he wasn’t, I said fuck it, and fuck him, I don't need him, I’ve never been loved why would I want to start now?

I'm going to fucken do what I what, I’m still interning at his company and he probably going to cancel my contract with him since I'm not going to give him what he wants but I'll deal with all that later on, now I'll go and sleep.

It wants later that night that I felt the bed dipping next to me and felt warmth that I thought he arrived but I was too waited to remember if it were true or not because when I woke up I was spread out on the bed with no one besides me.

At ten we have a seminar and later at six it's a meet and greet with all tech companies.

I was nursing a mother of all headaches when I woke up that I even threw up. I got ready and headed out with bloodshot eyes and a hangover ...I was sure I looked like a ghost, I went to lexys'room and we grabbed breakfast with everyone, they were all antsy but I was troubled that even when they said we must go to the hall, I headed to the bar and ordered a shot

"you sure going to need more than just one with what I have in store for you. Already made your mind yet? clock is ticking "

I got there and already everyone was seated, I went to stand next to Cavin and as expected he mocked me and my hangover. it was quite refreshing to laugh despite everything, the presentation went great and even Luu was there.

it ended around five so we went to prepare for the meet n greet I got ready in my room, well… Carlos, I wore a blood red off shoulder knee length tunic with black straps heels, decided to put make up for a change. when I got there the first person that I saw was the Barbie bitch next to some beautiful looking Blondie who wore a dress similar to mine Barbie bitch gave me a smirk and said something to the Blondie because she turned and sized me up with her eyes. I was disturbed by a tap on my shoulder.

all my friends were here Lucas too. We held eye contact for long I didn't even see when he stepped closer and embraced me in a hug. I felt more than just alive in his embrace, I felt at peace that neither one of us wanted to let go. we got around with cavin telling us who's who and making jokes, we had eaten and were now having drinks when.

I felt like something was pulling me to look behind me and when I did .... air left my lungs. There on the door stood Carlos with a toiler made suite that fit him perfectly, I know all his suites look nice on him, bit nigger knows how to rock black tie events like crazy, before he could go anywhere Barbie bitch and Blondie approached him, I could see a shocked expression from his face but he recovered it rather too quickly, he gave Blondie a hug but with too much details into it.

when he moved she gave him a peck on the cheek, I grabbed my bag and attempted to leave when all of a sudden he was in front of me he looked me dead in the eye and I felt like the room went silent and it was just the two of us, at this moment I can not just ignore my connection with him because I can see that he feels it too because he was leaning in for a kiss, well… maybe because he paused midway and said

"audience. not that I mind but I think you do"

He's telling not asking but I can't argue because he was telling the truth I did mind that we had audience. he took my Hand and led me out, we got to the elevator to head straight to his room.

I was about to retreat to my room when he stopped me, led me upstairs to the master bedroom. The first thing that caught my eye was the view from the glass window ...the city looked so wonderful from up here.

I guess I said that out loud because he said - "yeah it is "

I turned to look at him and he was already looking at me, somehow I felt like he wasn't referring to the view that I'm looking at. he came behind me and we stood like that for a few minutes before he broke the silence

"I didn't do anything with her last night "

I didn't realize how badly I wanted to hear him say that

" I've never once thought of anyone ever since I walked in on you having a wet dream about me "

Holy cow! , I was shocked but he just laughed at me and turned me around again

"you all that I think about lately and seeing you with cavin got me crazy "

he was breathing on my neck while my breathing became fast, slowly he started kissing my neck and massaging my shoulders

"you want this don't you?"

I couldn’t speak ...all I could do was nod my head

"words mea moor...words "

he was being rough on my neck but I enjoyed it nonetheless his hand went to my dressed and inside my panties and started massaging me down there


was all I manage to say

"do you want it Isabella?"

His tone was commanding

"yes" I said

"yes what " he commanded yet again

"I want you Carlos "

he waited no time in turning me and devouring my mouth and his hand fucking me, next our clothes are all over and his kissing my tights, this time I knew what to expect when he muffed me, is it crazy to say it was better than last time?

he used his mouth and fingers to get me to reach my high, after I came two times he came to suck my boobs and I felt like coming for the third time …

"this is going to hurt okay? Tell me when to stop and I will okay"

he was positioning himself on me, like hell I'm going to-, my thoughts were interrupted when felt a stinging pain down there

"ooh fuck you so tight "

he started moving, he wasn’t fully in but once I adjusted we all got lost in the moment, it felt so good that he couldn't stop complimenting me until we came. that was so good.

We were now in the shower with him washing my body

"Roy told me what happened, and she can't do that, you already have a contract and that's my company, what she doesn't know though is that you my wife "

I like how he said it

"I like how it sounds too"

oops...I guess I said it out loud well maybe again because he chuckled, I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him

"you very beautiful " he said to me and lifted me up so my legs wrapped around him

I could feel him growing hard but I was caught up in the kiss to even realize that he was walking me to the shower wall. he left my mouth to my neck

"you mine "

he went to my boob and kissed them

"they fit perfectly "

that elucidated a moan from me, he rubbed my clit and in no time I came apart

"you look beautiful when you come "

"oooh Carl I love kissing you "

he rubbed his cock on my entrance and I was a moaning mess. He pushed in and Lord that felt so good

"fuck you so good "

he moved into me so hard and fast that I couldn't even hear what I was saying.

I'm going to love sex with the way Carl's making me feel, I felt him feeling me up and that felt wonderful ...we went to bed naked and in our own haven then he cuddled me to sleep.

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