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Chapter 20

A lot was going on in my mind, my body was sleeping but my mind was up running a mile a minute, I kept asking myself if yesterday was a dream or not. I had a good mind of getting the hell out of here and boarding the next flight back home but all my thoughts came to a halt when I felt something warm touch my cookie, my eyes shot open, I was about to run off the bed when it licked my cookie

"stand still" he said and I felt the vibration and man ...that felt good

He kept sucking and licking and tongue flicking me ,I grabbed his hair "Carl" I don't know if it's to stop or encourage him but I don't care ...I was on the brick of organs when he entered his finger and sucked still...I reach my peak and climaxed ,he licked me clean and continued With his finger ..he came up to kiss me making me taste myself on his mouth while his fingers kept moving in me...he rubbed and fingered ,he then spread my legs and kissed my boobies while he settled on top of me ,without warning he entered me making me cum with that action

"fuck it Bella you so good"

he kept cursing and praising my pussy, it was all foreign and good at the same time after that we both came and he laid on top of me...after some time I got the strength to talk

"I sure as hell could get to waking up like this "

He trailed small kisses on my neck and all I could do was moan in appreciation, in a wired way this feels okay like I'm so content with him and I like this.

,"I could get used to it too" I managed to say

"Ooh you will " and that's how we started our morning

I just finished taking a shower when Carl came in looking all fresh and dapper in just a jean and shirt, I swear this guy could wear garbage and he would still look hot.

"Come on hurry, breakfast is here and we have to leave in 30"

okay, seriously. I was having a nice time up until now

"what do you mean we got to leave "

I stopped drying my hair and looked at him, guess what? he just shrugged and said

"exactly that "

Lord I'm going to kill him not even 24 hours later and he's back to being an ass. I kept quiet for peace sake and continued drying my hair, I didn't even bother changing now because one step into the kitchen my stomach growled. He made pancakes, coffee and had a bowl of fruit salad next to it.

"I hope this is okay." he was a bit unsure and that was cute really

"Yeah its great " I dished three pancakes and poured chocolate syrup on top and when I went for the first bite...I literally chocked on it.

"Oooh shit I'm sorry are they bad? "

he said offering me a glass of Juice to be honest no they not bad, his question that caught me off guard honestly ...

After I've managed to calm down I managed to answer him

" they are good, totally great "

and that wasn't a lie the food was awesome, it was his other question that caught me off balance, I guess he must gave guessed it because he said

"ooh...I get it, but seriously I really need to know. how was it, was it how you thought it would be or what?"

And I saw it in his eyes, worry and uneasiness was laced there

"well.... I mean it wasn't - "

but he didn't let me finish "yeah I get it, anyway hurry before we be late "

he was hurt but why though? he wouldn't let me finish he just up and left calling Roy in the process....

"here goes my day"*sigh* I stood up and attempted to leave for the bedroom when that other guy came and informed me that Carl left with Roy to attend an urgent meeting and don't know when he’ll be back, I shouldn't wait up.

Seriously? Don’t wait up its fucken nine in the morning is he for real?

"fucken Travis " I said to the guy and he just nodded his head and turned to leave

"wait...where exactly did he say he's going to meet up with?"

He gave me a skeptical look and I returned it

"he went to miss Alexa mam " aah yeah right

"what's your name?" And he responded without a beat

"I'm Tylor mam"

"yeah ...Tylor ...tell Travis that ‘Travis fuck you and your Barbie bitch' alright?" I was getting pissed now

"yes mam"

"What are you going to say to him?"

He looked like he could believe me

"I'm waiting "

I was beyond pissed right now

"I will say ..."

He didn't want to repeat my words but I need the words to get to Carlos as they are

"say exactly what I said, what will you say to him "

I think he must have seen how serious I was because he said "Travis ...fuck you and your Barbie bi." He stuttered

"bitch say it, say bitch " I was fuming now

"Barbie bitch " he finally said it.

Later on six hours to be exact and he still was not back and no word from him, when I ask Tylor he says he did call bit only to check how I was doing, and he didn't even bother to ask me how I'm doing but you know what, I can't expect him to care after what just happened yesterday, girls loose their Virginity everyday what's so special about me, he said it himself that nothing is going to happen between us so why am I being like this?

I wiped my tears and went to wear something nice, Lexi texted saying they going to hit the club so I guess I'm going to join them. I hate this because it looks like now I'm starting to resolve my problems with alcohol and that's not good.

I sneaked pass Tylor, why should I even sneak I'm a grown ass woman and I can do whatever the hell I please. I went to Lexi’s’ room and found almost everyone there

"No way on hell you going with us dressed like that " said Vanessa

"Girl please, hurry up there's a dress on top of the bed use it "

I was so out of It. I couldn't even argue. I took it and went to go change into it, it was too short for my liking, it was gold on color with an open back and a sweetheart was pretty I have to admit, when I got out they all gasped

"wo!!!Bella, Mr grumpy is sure going to get crazy "well…that drained my mood

"Lexy can we not" I took the strappy sandals and wore then,

Nessa did my hair, she just did a tight pony tail and did me the smoky eye thing.

I have to give it to her, she topped it with nude lipstick .... man not to blow my whistle but I was smoking hot! ...but before we left we had a few shots to get us in the hype, they rented a seven sitter, it was me, lexy, Josh, matt, mesa, cavin and Luu, just seeing him got me in the mood for real ...I went to hug him

"we finally going to do it" we've always wanted to go club together

"yeah we are " he was grinning from ear to ear ...

We got in the rental with music blasting the speakers, I was sitting between matt and Luu, to say I'm excited would be an understatement, we got there and we didn't even wait in the line we just went in they just saw cavin and they just nodded head and allowed us in. when we got in the lights were amazing and the music was on point. Cavin led us to what I think was the VIP section on the top floor and the place was amazing.

when we got to our section there were some guys and girls already there ,but they moved once we arrived to the section near us, the way the club was designed was really nice ,I can't even described it even ...while sitting we received glasses of champagne and a platter and we indulged in small talks ..Matt telling me about his boyfriend Connor and how they got in a fight before we came here ,yeah guys...Mathew is gay shocker I know .I now realize that I've been a shitty friend and didn't know my friend has relationship problems ,so we decided to drown our sorrows with shots of tequila and then we hit the dance floor, and I lost my self-there lexy and the rest came to join us and fun we were.

Matt got a call and went out, I needed the bathroom and lexy and Luu went AWOL. Cavin was busy with another girl and I didn't want to be a cock blocker so I decided to go look for it myself

"hi" said I sexy voice behind me.

I looked up and there stood a demigod in front of me, I was feeling a bit tipsy so I responded with a smile

"you look lost?"

"Yeah, bathroom?" he pointed and I rushed there.

To my surprise he was still there when I got out

"I'm River by the way "

"nice name " I responded, someone called him and I left for the booth and no one was there, the night is still young apparently.

And I didn't have my phone on me so I decided to hit the bar, but before I could order they gave me a drink, I look shocked and he pointed behind me, River smiled and walked over to me I smiled and he sat down. we talked and flirted

“I still didn't get your name " he said next to me ear

" you never asked " I responded with a flirty tone and bit my lip he chuckled and caressed my chin

"well...what is your name?" I smiled.

something about this guys were a total turn on hey...

."and what’s in it for me "

we were flirting and for some time I forgot about Carl

" name it, and I'll provide " his hands slowly went up my tight and caressed me

“ooh yeah?" I was leaning in now and so was he

"want to get out of here?" He asked already standing up.

"Yeah let's "

I giggled, he took my hand and pulled me up, we giggled all the way to the door but not before some magnetic field pulled me, felt like the hair on my body stood and I stopped and stood still.

My breath hitched, I know that pull, I've felt it before. I looked up and indeed he was there, eyes fixed on me all the way up there, I could tell he was clenching his jaw, eyes blazing on me and something told me I should go up and find out what's his reason for leaving me alone and coming clubbing here and another said I must leave with River, explore my options because that's what he's doing too ...we were now doing a staring contest.

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