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Chapter 21

I lost all sense of everything the moment I decided to step out of the club with River. I told him to please take me home and he didn't protest, he left me off at the hotel elevator and I made my way up. I got there all drained and tired as fuck. I saw Tylor standing by the door, slowly but surely tears were threatening to come out but I managed to keep them at Bay until I got inside, I shut the door behind me and walked to my room, I stripped naked, got in the shower and scolded myself for wanting to cry 'for what Bella? orgasms that barely meant a thing to him? What a clown' I got out, wrapped myself in a towel and went out to get something to eat at the fridge, there was only an orange juice so I poured it and sat on the chair and drank it, I ordered some decent food and went to change to my pajamas, gown and sleepers.

Twenty minutes later the food arrived and I went to get them. I dished on a plate and went outside and offered it to Tylor

"here...I thought maybe you haven't had anything to eat and I’m also sorry about earlier on"

I meant each and every word of it

"thank your mam"

I was busy rubbing my neck where I had a hickey from last night, the memory of it threatened to crumble me down

"are you okay?"

No I wasn't okay I shook my head no and a lone tear slipped out, his hand reached out to touch my arm, I was about to answer him when the elevator dinged and Roy came out with a furious looking Carlos, I quickly shook Tylor’s hand off of me and quickly wiped my tear

"yeah...uuhmmm fine thank you "

without waiting for a response I went inside, I took out my laptop, blasted music through my headsets and laid my head on the table.

I don't know how but when I woke up I was in bed and tugged in nicely, I turned to look on my side and the space was free, *knife in the chest* I squeezed my eyes shut, did a few breaths in then rose up...

Today was the day we went back home and I was more than thrilled to.

It's been two weeks, two days sixteen hours ,thirty minutes and two seconds since the *incident* happen, that’s what I call it ,I'm not counting though ...Mrs grace called me to tell me about the Christmas party she's hosting and I have to make an appearance, I honestly am not feeling the DeLucas right now but Lolita said I should go, make my mark there and claim my prize ,I laugh at her attempt to cheer me up ,I have no mark there and I certainly have no price to claim ,I literally have nothing but their name, well.. not really, Roy came to pick me up a few hours ago and now I'm stuck in a room with the devil himself, we hardly said a word to each other and I'm fine with that, it’s not like he's tormenting my soul or anything

*he is though* said my subconscious...

Quick question: can you kill a subconscious? Asking for a friend.

"You talking to yourself again”

I looked up to see Carlos looking at me through the mirror, he was wearing casual clothes, it was sunny outside so he was in grey track pants, flops and a white vest, all he's tattoos were on display and to say my hormones were not working on me would be a major joke.


I tried to sound as unaffected as possible but damn...Lord this is torture. He opened his mouth to say something but the door opened and Mrs grace came in with a bubbly little girl on her tail

"uncle Carl" she ran to him and he caught her in his arm

"hey beautiful, how you doing?"

He had one massive smile on his face, one I've never seen before

" I'm fine" she said in between laughs because Carl was tickling her ...the both of them walked out but not before he shot me a look I couldn't decipher.

"Ooh dear, those two" she said with an adoring look on her, I just smiled because that’s all I could offer her

"anyway the jet is set to take off in forty minutes are you ready?" what the hell... Aren't I suppose to just come here?

I didn't want to question too much so I nodded my head in agreement, I just want to be left alone so I just let her drag my suitcase downstairs, we all rode in the limo, his sister and her husband plus their two adorable kids whom I learnt their name were Leo the boy who is quite just like his dad and is seven years old and Abbi the girl, bubbly and super talkative is five years’ old

I could see the love and adoration in Carl's eyes, it was something I've never seen before but sure was a sight to sore eyes

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