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Chapter 23

When we got to his car he opened the door and helped me in then he went to his side, I was curious as to where we were going but I decided to keep quiet and let him be, he pulled out of the driveway and off we went, since I've never been here before I didn't know where we were or headed. A few minutes later he pulled on up in the woods, *okay ...this is it, he’s going to kill me and no one is ever going to find me, Lord I'm so scared *

"calm down Bella, I’m not going to kill you, I just wanted to show you something but first you have to trust me and let me put this on you " he took off his tie and went around me to blindfold me, my heart was racing a mile a minute but he continued laughing at me.

“calm down amoremio, I want this night to go down as good as you could ever think, just trust me miBella”

he placed a kiss on my shoulder, and went to grab my hand and direct me towards wherever it is he was taking me, it wasn't long until he had me climbing up a few steps that we came to a halt.

“ I'm going to blind fold you, but promise you won't open your eyes until I tell you to"

his lips were brushing my ear while he spoke sending shivers down my spine

"promise me"

I gulped and nodded my head

“Words love"

His voice was husky and laced with something, something strong and exotic, before I could say anything he brushed his thumbs on my nipples that were already purked up, and trailed kissed down my neck I just don't know how he does this, how he can just get me all high and about without even trying. he found my spot and sucked hard on it, I felt my knees giving up and buckled up a bit, he held my waits so I don't fall

"You can open you eyes now "

His thumbs were still on my nipples, pinching and rubbing and that alone set me on high but what drove me insane was what I saw when I opened my eyes there was a picnic set on the floor with a look out to the bridge where fireflies loomed around, I’ve always loved to watch fireflies, mom used to take me to the lake and watch them, I remember when I first saw them, it was right after dad hit her for the first time. I-

"You look beautiful"

Okay this nigger wants to kill me now "even More beautiful when you come without me even trying"

I turned all shades of red, he wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed my neck

"I've always wanted to come here but never had a reason to, but ever since after Japan, you and this place were always on my mind, so when dad mentioned the ball I just thought...heck!!! I'm going to get her here even if it's by force "

I couldn't help but laugh, the view was just perfect

“I love it, it’s really pretty. Thank you "

“Now don’t go making me blush, let’s eat now ...I uuhmmm...I didn't know what to get so I basically had everything made"

Now isn't that sweet...I reprimanded myself before I sunk deeper. he took my hand and led me to sit down, he pushed the pillows so I set comfortable and set behind me so my back was on his chest and we were both looking at the fireflies.

He fed me strawberries dunked into chocolate, while busy kissing my shoulder... almost all the food was halfway done and we were sipping on some champagne is then in that moment that I realized something, something I should do but I had done it...but my thoughts came to a halt when he spoke, softly that I almost didn't catch it if he were so close to me

"What are you doing to me Bella"

My heart sped fast because my brain and my heart didn't want to get along and decipher what he was saying, could it be what I think it is? he turned me so I looked at him and he kissed me like his life depended on it. I wanted to be in control so I sat on him and began trailing kisses down he necks, took off his jacked and unbutton his shirt, I felt him growing even more under me, he helped me undress him and he began pulling my dress straps down, he was a man in control so he took over, sucked my nipples and biting while I was rubbing him, we were both a moaning mess, his phone buzzed from somewhere and I stopped, he stood there with bloodshot eyes and looked at it, Alexa. The name popped on his screen and he sent it straight to voicemail mail

“You come first " was all he said before he attacked my mouth and his hand went down on me, this man would be my undoing, he pushed my panties to the side and entered his fingers my head fell back with a moan, I came on his fingers and he took them out and sucked them for that I moaned again.

He lifted me up a little and tore my panties off, I quickly undid his zipper and he kicked his trousers off, his cock spun free, with all the veins popping and precut dripping

"I want you to ride me "

I didn't wait for him to say more before I lowered my self on to him

"uuuuh fuck Bella" I bit my lower lip to stop myself from screaming I was about to move when he stopped me

"Give me a minute because if you move I'm going to come undone"

He took a sharp breath before I started to move in circles and this new position was good, I could feel all of him, I grabbed his shoulders while he grabbed my ass and made me pump into him, it was all aah, oohs and fucks that we're coming out of our mouths

"fuck I'm going to come "

he rubbed me so my climax reach fast but what made me come fast was him screaming my name and we both came at the same time. We stood there with my head on his shoulder while we were catching our breaths.

We stood for minutes before his phone rang again, he looked at it and kissed my forehead

"We should go back "

I was at a loss of words so I just nodded and he chuckled, stood up and helped me up and dressed me before he dressed himself up, after we were done and dressed he took my hand and led me to the car, before he could close my door I stopped him, leaned close and kissed him, he broke the kiss and smiled at me

“Thank you for today, it was perfect"

With that said he went to his side and drove off. when we got back everyone was going out he parked on his spot and came down quickly to open my door, He led me to the back of the house, we were running and giggles like little kids, I've never seen him like this, he led me to a far room and there was a staircase we climbed them running and giggling like we were running from something, it was crazy but cherish able at the same time.

I've never seen him like this before, he opened the door , turned out the stairs led to his room ,when we got there we pumped into Mrs Grace who was busy looking for Carl and almost scolded us until he saw our combined hands ,she apologized and said she'll bring him back ,I smiled at her and said it was okay ,Carl kissed me on the lips and said he'll be back ,I was embarrassed that he did that in front of his mom but I guess seeing my embarrassment trigger him more because he let go of my hand to wrap his around my neck and gave me a breath taking kiss

“Stop being embarrassed or I'll do this everythime "

"ooh why but why stop if this is my payment"

I bit my lip and I chuckled and winked at him then went to his room, I heard Mrs grace laughing.

I went to my case and pulled out my pajamas then went to take a hot relaxing bath while going through today's even and an unfamiliar smile was plastered on my face. Carlos Travis motherfucken DeLuka.

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