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Chapter 24

later during the night, I felt someone crawling into bed


I wasn’t sure if it was him so I had to ask

“shh. miBella, sleep it's me"

He held me close to him so that he was spooning me and kissed my shoulder

“thank you for today, I know I'm crazy to say this but...phew...thank you"

In a strange way I understood what he was trying to say so I turned and put my hand on his cheek

“I get you...thank you too. It meant so much thank you"

He gave me a small smile then he kissed my forehead, then my nose ...then we went at it again...I swear this guy is always horny ...after that steamy session we fell asleep....

I felt like someone was looking at me, you know that feeling like you being watch? That's exactly how I felt, but it somehow felt good, I fluttered my eyes open and I saw him looking at me and I smiled remembering yesterday's events.

“you look pretty"

“hahahaha Mr DeLuka, I ... good morning"

I stood up and made my way to the bathroom when I turned to look at Carl he had his arms behind his head and the sheets were only covering his genitals only. the stupid smile he had on his face.... priceless, I took a look at myself and realized that I had nothing on

” ooh you so stupid you know "

I went and snatched the cover off him so he was naked also and the laughter that bubbled out of his chest...I laughed too and he stood and chased me, I ran to the bathroom but before I could close the door he blocked it with his foot

“ooh no Mrs DeLuka, running from me"

He opened the door and tickled me, I’m ticklish so I couldn't help but laugh that I almost peed myself, he carried me to the shower and swat my butt before he put me down...after a couple of minutes of innocent and not so innocent shower we walked out, he towels dried me and put lotion on me.

funny how we just flow with conversation nothing needed to be forced and it was like we've been at this for a very long time. We talked and laughed while dressing up, he had on beach shorts and a sweater and flops and he looked really good...his back tattoo was more visible with the way he was dressed...ohkay!!!let me tell you about his tattoos see the tattoo Theo James had on the divergent series?? Yeah...that one that appear on the neck. Yes!! That's the one he has and he has a full arm tattoo on his left hand that ends on his wrist and there's and animal like thingies on his pelvic and that has got to be me most exotic thing ever

“you ready?"


He held his hand out to me and I looked at it and at him took but he was looking at his phone and I smiled and took his hand in my, he squeezes it a little and kissed the side of my head, I was in my pink sweatpants and grey baggy shirt and I let my hair loose

“you pretty"

“Hey!if you keep saying those things I'll end up with a big head "

“a!!why do you say that?"

“Carlos you feeding me lies and I'm taking them to head Jesus"

I pushed him a little with my hip and he laughed and wrapped his arms around my shoulder

“well...I'd like to see you miBella with a big head "

"ooh no Mr "

“I mean-"

??:"that was quite a show you put there yesterday don't you think "

I felt him tense besides me and I looked at him, his eyes were stone hard but he didn't dare turn to look...I know why though. I knew the voice all too well, if he wants going to say anything I wasn't either


Ouch!!now this !!is the type of tone I've never heard before

“so no more Alexa? I'm hurt Carl..."

“what do you want Alexa...I'm busy and you disturbing me"

A tall brunet appeared from behind Alexa and Carl tensed even more, it was like his worse nightmare came to life ...

“now Travis that's no way to talk to a woman is it?" said the brunet

Carl kept quiet and Alexa had this big smile on her face like she's just won a lottery or something big

“I asked a question Travis"

He now had a firm grip on my back

“no mother"

“ why don't you do both of us a favor and take Alexa on the beach for a tour a little "

“I’m busy "

He said that looking at me and I smiled up at him, he was serious when he said he's putting me first now but my smile vanishes with the next words that came out of her mouth next and I felt like I've been thrown by a bucket full of ice

“well I'm sure your little mistress can find herself some little toy to play with while you busy with this lady over here "

“mom Bella is not-"

“ooh Carlos when will you learn that I always have the last say? I’m sure Nathan's 'son' can keep herself busy wont you Isabella?"

That cut me deep, her calling me Nathan's wanted a male child to a point I had to act and turn into a boy so as to appease him but I was never enough and to think that this strange woman over here knows that too made me hate myself and my dad even more and-

“Bella is my wife mother"

she let out a bitter laugh

“nonsense...I don't see any ring on her finger "

and she became serious

"besides you'd never dare get married without my approval"

Ohkay!!!this woman is crazy

“now do as your momma tells you okay"

She pushed me off of Carlos and passed between us and left, when she got to the bottom stairs she turned and looked at Carl

“don’t dare me DeLuka"

and she walked away ...I turned to look at Travis he had his eyes locked where his supposed “mother" went

“let’s go"


“Alexander come"

And as if what his mother stabbed me enough he twisted the last knife in my heart, and the babies bitched pushed me out of her way and locked her arm around Travis arm and shot me a look ...

“Travis why-"

“not now Isabella"

And he didn't dare look at me when he said that more miBella's back to Isabella now?

I knew all this was too good to be true, damn you DeLuka. I should have never let you in in the first place, I lone tear slipped and I quickly wiped it, instead of going out the balcony where everyone was at, I asked Ty to drive me around ...we passed the spot we were at yesterday and I asked him to stop there

“uuhmmm... You can go now; I’ll call you when to get me "

He shot me a worried look, he opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it

"yes mam"

“call me Bella please"


He turned to walk away but I stopped him

"Roy...if anyone asks about my whereabouts please don't-"

"I've never seen you today mam I don't know what you talking about"

He called me mam again but I let that slide because of what he said, I was thankful for him today ...

I went further in until I saw the gazebo we were at yesterday, everything was neat with no trace of yesterday's events, the only thing was my memory of it of which I was slowly starting to doubt happened because I don't ever remember ever having a happy day ever so maybe I was making yesterdays events in my mind

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