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Chapter 25


Fuck!!!my mother is here ,I love her but right now I don't want anything to do with her...I had planned on spending the day with Bella and now this...Alexa kept talking and touching me but my mind was nowhere near her ,it was with Bella ,what was she doing, will she be able to understand when I tell her that I didn't intend on this happening ...I know for a fact that Alexa hates Bella, since the first day she met her at the restaurant, but I never thought that's she would get my mother involved in this ,she fucken know what Mirabelle is capable of and she does nothing for anyone for free so how pathetic and needy is she to get my mother involved in her schemes to get me?

“Carl are you listening?"

We had stopped now and she was busy filling me up.

“Carl I'm horny"

She kept feeling me up, there was a time I won't have thought otherwise taking her here but my mind was somewhere with a certain blue eyed girl 'fuck!' Isabella...that girl is something else

“Carl. Imp-"

“Jesus fucken Christ Alexander. Mother said to give you a tour not fuck your brains out behind a goddamn condor "

“well I want you to."

“Christ woman... what's wrong with you?"

“I want you is what's wrong with me "

She was shouting now

“what is it about her that you don't even want me anymore?"

“she’s not desperate, and that's damn sexy if I may tell you, and you know as well as I know that I don't do desperate, it’s a total turn off "

I turned to walk but stopped on my tracks

“and if you ever pull a stunt like that again, it’ll do you better to remember that I'm Mirabelle's offspring"

I left her there and made way back home, I know she'll go to my mother and I don't want Isabella anywhere near Mirabelle when she finds out so I quickly pulled out my phone and request a jet, when I get home, I’m packing my shit and leaving with belle, I still need this holidays with her before we go back to the real world where I'm going to deal with the likes of Barbie bitch and Blondie as belle calls them, just thinking about her gets me hard. My phone rang and I quickly attended it, after a few minutes I hang up and quickly went inside taking the stairs two at a time,

“and where the hell do you think you going?"

Okay? I am in no mood to entertain her so I passed her and made my way to my room

"bella?" Silence "Isabella" it went silent again...ohkay...maybe she went out

. I quickly pulled out my phone to call, it rang three times then it sent me to voicemail, I dilled again, this time it rang until it took me to voicemail...I tried calling her again but this time it sent me to voicemail without ring, okay...what the hell...I know she's probably pissed at me but I’m back now and I know she'll be glad to know I didn't do anything with Alexa ...

I kept trying her phone to no avail...I bumped into Angel on the way

"hey.... haven’t you seen bella?"

“, I thought you were with her, when neither one of you came down for breakfast and lunch I thought maybe you needed some TLC time you know "

“ I wasn't with her at all"

"ooh...I thought I was all heading to the beach?"

She was asking rather than telling but I wasn't about to answer anything without talking to bella first

"yeah well..."

“well nothing Travis, do you even know where your wife is or you busy being a momma's baby Carlos"

Damn!!! The venom dripping from her voice ...

“April you won't understand"

She gave me a mocking laugh

“you right, I won't ever understand"

With that said she left and went to her room, I looked at Angel and she just shrugged her shoulders and left too...fuck!!!what to do? I ran my hand on my face but I couldn't think of a place she might have been at.

I searched the entire house for her but with no luck! fuck!!! I think I'm going to lose my mind if I don't find her everyone was busy panicking asking me what is wrong ,I even called the police because I've been searching for her for almost four hours now with no's almost six o'clock in the evening but nothing, not even a fucken missed call from her And I know for a fact that she saw my voicemails and countless messages but the damn stubborn her won't even put me off ease.ive been driving around looking for her until I saw something, something in me tugged me to stop and I did, I got out of my car and made my way there ,I felt whole again when I saw her shadow, but I immediately stopped on my tracks when I heard her voice

"I feel so stupid right now, I shouldn’t have believed him when he said he'll put me first, how stupid of me"

I obviously couldn't hear the other person talking but I listened nonetheless

"When his mother said what she said I just felt worthless like dad made me, I could never be enough Luu"

She chocked on her tears, fuck!

"No ...I'm not crying I just feel so stupid, I thought after yesterday things would be good you know, and then this morning before the whole incident...I just.... fuck"

"A part of me know that I don't deserve anything but yesterday he made me believe you know; I’m even thinking that it's not true that I'm kind of making this up just to feel better or some shit you know."

"I mean obviously...if my own parents don't want me why would another person do...I just wish he could tell me what exactly he wants from me you know, before things happen and I find myself all the way in when he knows that he's just playing me"

If I thought nothing could hurt me, that did she thinks I'm playing her, if only she knows how scared I’m am because she's tugging at something in me that I never thought anyone else would ever do. I attempted to take a step forward but what she said next hurt the shit out of me

"Obviously Luu...I'm just going to spend this last days with him and once we go back I'll apply to finish my classes at crosstown I'm sure uncle Jason won't mind it's not like I have anything left there anyway, you moving too and it's only about six months left before our year in this marriage and I'm going to file for divorce, clearly I'm holding the guy hostage so I'm going to set him free so he does whatever girl he want to do and I go live my own life ,I'm even sure the contract he gave me was just out of pity so he won't have a problem terminating it..."

She stopped and took a breath then continued

"You should have seen how he didn't even hesitate to take her and tour the house ,he didn't even turn to look back at me Luu it was just...gosh...I don't know, anyway I didn't call to burden you with my problems, I just wanted to let you know of my plans and this will probably be the last call from me until I don't know when, so I called to say please not tell anyone where I'm going ,I'm only trusting you with this because you my best friend and I love you, goodnight then ,merry Christmas"

I didn't even hear anything that she said, one word kept screaming in my head 'divorce, divorce' so she wants to leave me? I felt my stomach knotting and an unfamiliar feeling creeping up in my stomach.

. she stood up and when she did...our eyes locked. she stood frozen for a bit but quickly composed herself.... I took a step towards her and she stood there waiting for me ...


“it’s okay Carlos, she’s your mother I understand"

And she flashed me a genuine smile and left, I was about to ask her how she will to get home when I say Ty stepping out of the black SUV and opening her the fucker knew where she was all along and watch me make a fool of myself the whole day.... I’m going to fire his arse I swear...

I turned and made way to my car and followed them back home. I swear I'm going to fire Tylor’s fucked arse when we get home I'm his boss, he fucken reports to me not the other way around... immediately when we got home she climbed out and didn't even wait for me, I climbed out and locked the car

“Tylor follow me"

"yes sir"

When I got inside everyone was sited around the couch and mom Grace had Bella wrapped up in her embrace and the look April was sending my way made me think that maybe ,just maybe she knows what went down here earlier, I looked around and to my luck mother and Alexa were nowhere around .good at least I can get Bella and I out of here before they make an appearance, I don't know how I'll handle this but Bella will not leave me I can not allow it, never...I stepped forward to wrap my hand around her waist and I felt her whole body tensing fuck!!

“Bella can we-"

“Carlos I'm tired I'd like to rest please"

She didn't even wait to let me finish or say something else ,she just dismissed me and walked upstairs.*sigh* I'm screwed this time ,the conversation she had came to mind and that was the only thing that stopped me from going upstairs and demanding her to pack her bags, drag her to the jet and force her to listen to me...if I need to make her see reason...I'm going to have to come up with something strategic, a solid plan but first...I'm firing Tylor’s fucken arise...I motioned for him to follow me and he did, with the way he had his shoulders up I swear he knows what I'm going to do but nonetheless I am going to fire him .

“you fired "

He stood still and didn't say anything and that pissed me off

“you didn't hear what I said?"

Roy: “we both know you can't fire him*he puffed some smoke* he did something good and I know you'd have screwed his head if he didn't allow her to go, as much as you won't admit it, she's got you wrapped around her little fingers you know "

Fuck much as I want him to be wrong, his fucken right ...but damn Tylor’s' not off the hook

“fuck! he’s not off the hook"

” yes know, I’ll talk to him*he attempted to leave but paused and finished his cigarettes* you sort your shit out fast Travis, or she'll leave you and we both know she's too much stubborn to back out of her word, this got everything to loose"

Fuck him for always being right...he patted my back and stomped his cigarettes bud. I've been through shit to let my guard down now, whatever it is about Bella and I is just infatuation it will pass Soon. But for now...I want her under me until I can't no more ...

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