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Chapter 26

He begged, he begged and begged me that he even knelt down on his knees, he wanted us to leave this place immediately. Get the hell out of this place and go somewhere, as much as I knew it is a bad idea I agreed, why? I can’t begin to explain because I have no explanation.

I agreed to leave and here are we, we just landed on an island by the looks of it, it’s just after seven in the evening and the lights are doing wonders to this place, he carried our luggage to the room or rather the condo we would be using, the room had an up-close view of the ocean so I just went by the balcony railings to enjoy the stimulating view of the ocean, and watch the waves crashing.

“it’s beautiful isn’t it?”

I felt him move behind me coming next to me, I could feel his eyes on me.

“gosh Bella you don’t know how sorry I am”

He sighed before putting his hands on my shoulders and kissing my head, making my eyes close involuntary. Damn this, if I want to leave him I need some sort of self-control and not allow everything that he do affect me. How do I do that though when I’m fal-. No Bella, you need to stop saying such, if you don’t speak it out loud it won’t happen, keep that in mind.

“let’s get inside, it’s getting chilly out here”

Before his hands could leave my shoulders, I quickly grabbed them, making the wrap around me, *sigh* they should not feel this comfortable, he! Should not be comfortable. A lone tear fell out of my eye and I let it. Soon tears were streaming down my eyes, uninvited with no sound whatsoever, until I choked on them.

Carl turned me around and just hugged me, it was the first time being hugged by him and the sad part, his arms felt like home, like this is where I belong. I always heard people on novels talk about a person’s arms feeling like home and I though they crazy, but now I see that they are not, they telling the truth, a person’s arms can be your whole world. So instead of pushing him off, I wrapped my arms around him waist and reeled in the feeling of me in his arms, him so near to me.

“ I know I hurt you, god I’m a mess myself miBella , but…gosh! It hurt me leaving you there Isabella, especially after the night we had, I’m really sorry”

I kept shaking my head no, I knew what my heart wanted to say, it wants to say, it’s fine I understand but I head won’t let me, and I need my head more than ever now, so I said the best thing to say.

“Travis, this is the first and last time I will cry for you “

and I am serious, I will not make him my main priority.

“I know miamor, and I promise to only bring tears of joy, I swear it” he said kissing my forehead.

“I need to freshen up”

He felt him nodding his head, kissed my forehead, and reluctantly walked out of his arms. When I got to the bathroom, I stripped down naked, adjusted the water and stepped in, allowing the water to run all over me, from head to toe, thinking back about the events that happened yesterday or rather today? I don’t know because this place is seven hours behind.

“Jesus woman, do you want to burn yourself?”

That’s carls’ voice, but it sounded so far away, I don’t know if I am imagining or what so I didn’t bother responding

“god damn it Isabella”

The shower turned off and he shook me. I heard him sigh and pick me up, putting me down on what I suppose is the bed. He went to the bathroom and came back with two towels, he put one on my head and made me stand up, because he wanted to dry me. He took his precious time drying me and I let him.

“are you going to talk to me?”

Again…I kept quiet, since he was drying my legs, he looked up at me hoping for a response probably but still…I said nothing. His hand went to my butt, making my leg twitch, damn leg. With all the trouble I have battling with my heat the damn body decides to betray me like that. He caressed the inside of my thighs making my legs part involuntary.

“still not talking to me?”

You can’t even miss the smile laced in his voice, his finger touched me there, right where I’m aching. He parted my lips with his fingers, and rubbed my clitoris, making my breath hitch and my head fall back.

“if you won’t talk to me, I’ll definitely talk with a part of you, that so desperately wants my attention, this very, very, very nice part of yours” his voice was getting smaller and haroes by the second. I still didn’t want to speak but when he pushed his fingers inside me, my head fell back and I cried out in pleasure.

“still denying me the beauty of you voice” he inserted another finger, and made the ‘come’ motion with his fingers driving me insane with pleasure.


He was mocking me but he sounded aroused, truth is, I wanted to, no! I needed to deny him my voice but when he licked and started sucking, feasting on me, everything came crashing down and I cried out in pleasure. I grabbed his hair, and pulled on it “mmmm” he moaned out, turning me on even more. He grabbed my leg, putting it over his shoulders so that his face is buried deep within my thighs.

“ooh God Travis” my voice betrayed me but why not not when this man is obviously giving me so much bliss with just his tongue. I came all over his face.roughly pulling at his face “ooh God Bella” he cried out.

I slumped on the bed while he sat on the floor, both of us catching our breath.a minute later he stood up , crawled on top of me and kissed my forehead, with a snearky pleasant look on his face.

“no one has ever made me cum in my pants before miBella”

a small smile wanted to come out but istopped it, he gave me his side smirk and stood up to go to the bathroom but not before leaving a kiss on my lips. He went to the bathroom and came back with a wet towel and wiped me with it then went to my suitcase, after ruffling it he gave up and went to his suitcase, he looked hesitant at first but he quickly shook his head and walked over to me.

“hands up baby”

He pulled the shirt over me, his shirt to be precise and made me wear his boxer briefs. I was surprised that they fit me, not that perfectly but they were not saggy at all. He made me stand up to look at me.

“no one has ever won my clothes before”

Fuck this guy, he should not be saying things like this, If his plan is to make me stay then it’s definetley working. He took off his trouser and briefs and wore grey sweatpants with nothing underneath. Yeah fuck this nigger, he’s on a mission and I might just play right into it.

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