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Chapter 27


phew!! Now this I could get used to it, when I begged her to come with me and the look that she gave me bored into my soul I thought, this is, I'm never going to redeem myself, it's selfish I know but we just started whatever this is and I'm not ready to let go just yet.

I know she plans to leave me, but before she does I want to have as much fun with her as possible...right now we were nestled on a couch with her between my legs we were covered in a fleece and watching some series on the tv that she found playing, I don't even know what it is but I don't care because she was right here in my arm...I was busy brushing her hair and lord I have never felt this whole...

“is she really your mother? Mirabelle I mean"

my whole body froze, I knew that she'll want to ask, but still. I’m not ready to talk about do I even begin to explain what happened back there

"yeah she is"


she responded but I knew better, she’s not done asking about her, I can feel from the posture of her body, I've learnt her, she doesn't know it and I don't know how but I just did...

“does she have something against you or something"

“why you asking?"

“the way she spoke to you, it's like she was warning you not to dare her, what exactly is it"

She's digging too much now, I can't let her

“leave it alone Isabella"

My words were harsh and I felt her body tense, fuck!! . this right there is why I never speak about my mother, that woman is just pure venom, she’s a fucken bloodsucking woman. someone I want far away from miBella ...she kept quiet and never said anything, now the silence wasn't a comfortable one, I’m a dick I know that, but I just want her to not ask about my mother, is that too much to ask?

At least she still let me hold her, I was busy playing with her cute fingers when something came to mind "well I don't see a ring on her finger" those were my mother's words, and she's right, she's not wearing her damn ring...the words left my mouth without second thought

“where’s your ring?"

I don't know what my aim was, but damn her ...

“ is that you or your mother asking?"

Yeah no, fuck her...she's really pissed because she snatched her arm from mine and kept her gaze on the tv...this woman will be the death of me, I've never let a woman speak however they wish to me but somehow I let her, maybe because I deserve it*sigh*

“miBella I'm sorry"

“I know you are; I mean aren't you always"

Ouch!!she stood up and left for the bedroom...fuck no way am I letting her go away from me and dare I not let my mother be the reason, I stood up and found her brushing her teeth...I got in and she just pretended like I'm not here...

“Bella I'm sorry okay, I'm sorry I snapped and am fucken sorry about what happened back there, lord knows I'll never stop saying that because it's the truth, but please, let’s enjoy ourselves here and forget about everyone else"

I hope she hears how sincere I am about this, I don't want anything to disturb our time here...she continued brushing her teeth like I didn't say anything

“miBella please, talk to me"

She sighed and rinsed her mouth then dried her hands with the shirt she's wearing, normaly I would think that that’s growse, but her doing it was just the cutest thing ever, I even felt a small smile creep.

“look Travis...I get that you don't want to talk about it okay, I mean I'm nothing to-"

“hold it right there, don't say you nothing to me, you my goddamn wife and I should share everything with you, but please...not this one okay"

She looked at me for a sec then nodded her head.

“okay I understand, but what I'm saying is that you really didn't have to snap at me, I talk to you calmly and I expect the same from you please" she added the last part with some attitude.

Damn...that's!!!focus Carlos, focus.

"yeah I understand that... totally, again I'm sorry"

She looked up at me and gave me a small smile, I'll take that... FOR NOW though...she passed me and went to get inside the covers, I found my self following her and taking off the many pillows that were here

“so...uuhmmm...your ring"

“yes, what about it?"

“why you not wearing it?"

She finished taking off the pillows and got inside the covers

“you never gave me reason enough to wear it"

Ouch!!!it's the truth but why does it hurt this much, she laid her hed and looked the other way... Bella...what is it that you do to me though? But I made this myself, had I been the best husband from the start none of this would be happening...I lay awake throughout the night thinking how exactly to get Bella to wear her ring and win her, I won't say again because this is just the start but I will win her before new year’s...come next year she will be mine forever

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