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Chapter 28


I feel like a dick but I'm not going to quit trying to make sure she doesn't leave, last night I stayed up thinking about what to do, this is all new to me but I'll try my best *sigh* I woke up to make breakfast for her*chuckles* I have never done shit like this before anyway, I've just finished making breakfast, I want her to eat full because I have a fun day planned out for us, so hopefully I don't screw things up.

I’ve just finished plating the bacon's in each plate, two toested slice of bread, scrambled eggs, cheese with a cup of coffee and a glass of java juice, I don't know which she would prepared but I'll take whatever she won't have. I placed everything on a tray with a single white rose on it, don't ask where I got it, I'm a man with connections

I get to the bedroom and she's still sleeping, she looks so beautiful Gosh!!!it's amazing, I remember when she used to sleep on the couch, I was a total dick I'll give myself that

“it’s rude to stare"

I smiled

“not when you look at what I'm looking at"

She rolled her eyes but there was a hint of a smile...she does like to roll her eyes; I remember days back when she used to do that when I spoke to her to I point that I too almost adopted the habit ... I took slow steps to her and placed the tray next to her then grabbed the single one rose and inspected it while I spoke

“I come in peace...this white rose is for you miBella and it goes along with the breakfast"

She smiled, an actual fucken smile and took the flower, smelt it and played with it a bit until a frown latched her pretty face

“what’s wrong miBella"

I tugged her stranded hair behind her ear and the frown deepened, I'll be damned is she tells me I'm the cause of the frown. She sighs before talking

“it’s nothing, I'm sorry about yesterday"

That's not what she wanted to say, I can see that because she has a frown line on her forehead but nonetheless she put on a smile and continued.

“this looks lovely, who prepared it"

I frowned, will she believed that it's me? The one who prepared it?

“I did miBella, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy this view"

That didn't mean to come out but I'm glad it did. The way she looks in my clothes, I swear I’ll buy more like this just so she can continue wearing them everyday


She was clueless, of course why won't she ... But truth was, I do enjoy this view, she took a bite of the toast and drank the coffee, while I guess the juice is mine then. I was caught up in playing with the strands of her hair that I nearly forgot that she asked a question

“you in my clothes Bella, I can't seem to decide which I like best, having you in my clothes or naked under Me screaming my name and scratching my back while you come on my cock"

She chocked on her drink, she turned all shades of red... oops I didn't mean to say the last part... She spoke under her breath

"yeah... Me too"

I'll be damned, now I'm the one that chocked on my drink...the fuck Bella? Ooooooh miBella...she stood up and went to the bathroom, her plate was empty except for the untouched bacon. Mm mm! why is that? I finished eating and went to put the tray back and rinse the dishes, when I got back I found her making the beds, she was putting those many irritating pillows, I passed her the remaining one and stared out the balcony...

“the sun is out"

she chuckled

“of course it's's summer after all"

ooh miBella, I know it's summer...but I'm not talking in respect to that though.

“I have a full day planned out for us, I'd like for you to join me"

I'm testing the waters here, I don't know as to where I stand with her yet, but I'll never know until I try.

“you just said you planned it out for us now you asking me to come with you, so I'm thinking when you planned it you were already convinced that I'm coming with you so asking is quite irrelevant don't you thing "

I'd have been hurt by her words had I not heard the smile on her tone and turned to see the very pleasant teasing smile on her, she had her arms folded and one leg in front of the other, I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms from behind her so we both staring at the waves

"yeah no, I'd have dragged you if you disagreed"

She chuckles

“really now, I'd like to see you try"

She winked at me before she turned and smacked my butt...she stood frozen for a bit but when she turned she gave me a cheeky fake smile of which I returned...she wants to let go but you can see that she's afraid, probably afraid of getting hurt like that day, she had let go and let her hair down only to be crushed by the waves ...not this time and I'll show you just how serious I am this time.

I turned and made my way to the bathroom also, I heard the shower running, I stripped down naked and got in too, she didn't turn when I got inside but I could see her body tensed a bit, I know some might say sex is not the solution but to Bella it's the only way I can get to her, the only time she lets her guard down is when I'm thrusting deep inside her and giving her pleasure...

we stood for a few minutes feelling each other's presence, I took the shower gel and poured in on my hands, I placed my hands on her shoulders and she tensed more

“relax miBella, I got you"

I want her to feel comfortable first so I started by massaging her and slowly washing her back, making sure that I stay on safe places only, I've seen a couple of scars on her but I'll ask in due time, now it's all about gaining trust, when I felt like she's becoming comfortable I poured more gel and bent down to was her legs...her breath hitched a bit.

“relax, I won't do anything"

She didn't look convinced, hell...even I wasn't convinced that I'm not going to do anything...I slowly brushed her thighs but never dared to touch where I want to touch...after I was done with her legs I stood up to brush now restricted parts.... lord give me strength...I don't know what game is being played here but Lord Jesus your child is just pure temptations, even as it is I'm stone hard and remembering yesterday's events it’s just too much.

I stayed massaging her neck, then I travel down to her breast, I massage under them then move way south but stop at her navel, go back up and this time I pinch nipples, she bits her tongue and her head fall on my chest. I’ll be damned if let this opportunity slip by, I've never had sex in the shower, infect I am not never shared a bath with a girl before, some damn loads of first I'm doing with her, but what I love most is that all my first times are also her first times also, I swear God wanted this to happen...

I keep pinching her nipples and she keeps biting her lip, I turn and bite her exposed neck

“let it all out major, let it all out, hold nothing, I want to hear you scream and squirm under me"

“ooh Carl."

“yes baby it's me, it's me my love, "

My hands have now traveled south to her mound and men is she wet

“yes Bella baby. Tell me all this wetness is mine and mine alone"

I say that taking my fingers into my mouth tasting her sweetness

“ever so sweet my buttercup"

"ooh fuck Travis please"

She was opening her legs wider now...aren't we eager now

“Carlos please don't tease me; I want you please "

“say that again my love"

“please Travis I want you so bad now, I can't take it"

My fingers were busy massaging her mound and her legs were quivering, she's close I can feel it ...I quickly removed my fingers and she demanded I put them back

“Carl please don't do this; I need you please...oooh God please "

“will you give me all your pleasure?"

“Travis please"

“say you give me all your pleasure and I'll continue"

"fuck!!you already have it"

“that not the answer I was looking for but I'll take it"


And the fucken woman took my fingers and touched her self using them, now this bossy thing is amazing, but I give her pleasure, not the other way around. I plunged my fingers inside her and she came immediately, I removed them and sucked my fingers, parted her legs a bit, lifted her leg a little and rubbed my cock around her mound, her cum was glistering around my cock and that alone had to be the most amazing picture ever, I continue to rub her mound while she quivers

“Travis please"

“please what Bella"

"fuck me"

I nearly fucken came with that...

“Jesus woman, if you say that again I'm going to shove you on the tile and fuck your brains out "

“ooh God, yes do that"

Unbelievable, so innocent Mrs DeLuka is not so innocent after all. Well fellas, let me give my wife what she wants ...

“touch the railing"

Do you know what this woman did, she obliged, turning and exposing her ass to me, lord of Israel I think I found myself a vixen, I took my cock and teased her a bit


“on one condition"

“yes I'll do it"

Oooh wow...what a vixen, I laughed at her

“baby you don't even know what it is"


“okay fine, you don't hold out and after this you don't go all mute on me okay"

She nodded her head yes

“words love"

But before she can utter them I shoved deep inside her that she cried out

"Oooh fuck!! Jesus Christ, yes please "



"Bella...aah.fuck yes, ooh yeah"

We were a moaning mess, I grabbed her hair and shoved my tongue down her throat so I swallow all her cries, I thing I hit her spot because she kept cursing and praising me all at once...I rubbed her clit because I knew I was close

"Come for me baby"

"Fuck yeah I'm close, God I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm .... Ooooooh lord"

Her eyes rolled back and I shot inside her, she was sucking and squeezing me...after that we stayed and the water splayed over us, I plugged out of her and she winced a bit

“sorry. does it hurt?"

"yeah but it was worth it"

"ooh yeah, who knew you were a sex freak?"

"yeah well you do that to me"

and she gave me a wink, I kissed her forehead and the switch the shower off...but she stopped me and kissed me, I was shocked but return the kiss, it was getting heated again that I backed her on the wall...


She bit her lip and nodded yes...fuck I love this side of Bella, she didn't need to say again before I shoved inside her, but this time we took it slowly, her mouth was open a bit and we kept eyes contact, this time we weren't fucking, we were making love, something shifted inside me, I don't know what but the moment I felt her squeezing me and we came together at the same time, something moved in me and I doubt I'll ever be the same again...

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