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Chapter 02

Today Was My Dress Fitting Day ,Two Days Before The Big Day ..I went To The Bridal Store With My Best friend Lucas And His Girlfriend Rose To Fit my wedding dress,Rose Was To Be My Maid Of Honor.
Mrs Grace, who is my supposed to be Mother in law Was The One In Charge Of Cratering So I Had No Problem With That ,Its Not Like I Cared About It anyway.
I Was Busy Fitting Dresses ,I Felt Bored ,Like Really ?I Could Be Busy Skating Or Doing Whatever I Do But No!!I'm Busy Doing God Damn Dress Fitting, Like What The Fuck ?kids my age are busy drinking and having the time of their lives and I'm here shopping for wedding gows, how nice.
I Was On My Third Dress Now ,It Was A Mermaid Dress ,Off Shoulder Dress ,With Golf Diamonds And Sparkles All Over The Dress It Was Tight Fitting And Had A Long Tail With A Long Vail ..It Look…. RaRather nice On Me .
I Went Out To Show Everyone,There Were Grasps And 'Wows ' All Around Me ,I Felt Blush Creeping Up On My Cheeks, Lucas Came And Twirled Me Around
":You Look Splendid Bell"
"Yes Babe...You Look Amazing !This Is Definitely The One" that's Rose, Lucas' girlfriend
I just Rolled My Eyes At Them..
"yeah Right" was all I could say because well… I
I don't know.
We decide that it was 'the one' *note my sarcasm*
Before heading home we took a slight detour to Mc donals to grab something for the road.
Around Seven We Went Home ,I Got In And No One Was Home ,I Got In ,Went To My Room ,Took A Long Relaxing Bath ,Got Done ,Wore My PJs And Got Under Covers And Off To dream Land I Went

Next Day I Was Woken By lolita telling me that breakfast was ready.
Rubbing My Eyes I wished her a goid morning too and asked if He was up yet
"Not Yet Honey, But Soon He Will ,You Know How He's Gonna React If He Finds You still Sleeping At This Time"
You don't even want to know what time it is yet I have to wake up early, it's freaking school holidays for heaven sake.
I went Downstairs At The Same Time As This Monster Of A Father
He was busy Buttoning His Suit when he said"Learn To Wake Up Early ,I Don't Want You Embarrassing Me At Your Inlwas House"Life!!
"don't Roll Yours Eyes at Me Young Girl,Don't Forget what I'm Capable of,just Because You Getting Married Doesn't Mean You Old Enough To Talk Back At Me ,You Still Young" Well If I'm Young Why The Hell Are You Marrying Me Off For ?Am I Really Annoying You That Much -?"
Before I could finish Talking I Felt A Sting On My Cheek
":I Still Haven't Lost My Touch Don't forget it ,And Yes I Wonder Why That Useless Mother Of Yours Didn't Take You With ,You Both Useless "
I Ran Upstairs To My Room And Cried Till I Had No Tears Left.

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