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Chapter 29

ooh God, sex with him is just bliss, heaven on earth...we were now walking by the beach hand in hand , he seemed miles away but I'm not complaining though, I too am lost in my head, something happened and I think he felt it too or maybe I'm just imagining things but why would he suddenly act so weird after sex, or unless maybe he didn't en-!!; Fuck need to stop this , stop overthinking things , so what if he didn't enjoy, you enjoyed it that's all that matters , besides it'll give you enough reason to leave him in the end, and you won't have to lift a finger, who'd want to stay with someone who doesn't give him the best sex? Hell no I known I won't, lol what am I saying? I don't think anyone would ever sex me as good as he does...

“what’s your favorite place in the whole world?"

I wasn't sure it was him talking to me because he was looking ahead.


” hey-?"

he smiled

“where your head at love"

there goes the name again, okay maybe he slipped again.

“mm... did you ask something?"

He stopped and held me close to him, with one arm on my back and the other holding my neck so I looked up at him.


I think he moaned

“if you look at me like that again I might not have control I have right now"


“what do you mean"

“ooh miBella... You don't know the things you do to me do you. I dick is just hard from just being next to you"

Ooooooh!!!my eyes traveled down but quickly went up when I saw people passing by us.

he laughs

“ooh. mi amor...I asked what country do you like best?"

“uuhm…I’ve never been anywhere well...except Japan"

He gave me a shocked look but I just shrugged my shoulders

“you mean to tell me you've never traveled before?"

You literally could hear the shock from his voice, but then again, where would I go with a father like mine? I didn't answer and he continued

“didn’t you and your parents get to go out? family holiday and all that"

I couldn’t answer him so I turned to leave

“Whooh Bella...did I say something wrong?"

Gosh the look on his face ...but then again I can't tell him why I'm sad. I know I shouldn't be hurt by what he said, infect I don't have any reason to but the mere reminder of a fakery called my family, the shit my father put me through...and my mother walking out on us on my birthday just fucks me up

“Bella what's wrong" he sounds panicked.

“did I do or say something wrong?"

I am so pathetic

He wiped my tears and I laughed a little bit because of this stupid thought that made me upset...

Me: “sorry, I’m such a cry baby"

I continued to wipe my tears. His hands cupped my face.

Carl: “no that's okay, what's wrong though?"

•oooh don't want to know

“it’s nothing, I just remembered something that made me sad...but..."

I put on a cheerful face because I didn’t want to dull the day.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Rome...and New Mexico" he smiled

"ooh miamor...and we fact tomorrow we going " I stopped walking

“Carl you can't do that" he stopped walking too.

“why not?" he asked, I honestly don't have an answer to that...

“when we get back we packing and we going to leave in the morning so we get there before midnight"

“get where?"

“I don't know, first place the pilot lands to"

“you not serious right" he can’t be.

“ooh. baby...I've never been any've given me a ton of first, it's only fair I return the favor"

“what do you mean"

“that’s for me to know *his head inching closer to mine* and for you to keep doing it"

His lips were soft and warm, I noticed he always has a different flavor everythime we kiss, hip bit my bottom lip and slipped his tongue in... we fought for dominance until I let him, I could feel him smile but let's be honest, my body always lets him get away with things or am I laying? No I'm not...I pulled out when I felt him poking me...he smiled at me and pecked my lips.

“let’s go" He took my hand and led me to a stair of cases

“where are we going "

“trust me, I’d never lead you wrong"

He wants trust; I know it's crazy to say this but I felt like he was talking about a whole lot of different things. After we got to the top of the stairs I saw a line of people waiting...

“Travis what are we doing here?"

“come on miBella"

Oooh well... clearly he isn't giving anything up. He led me pass all the line and spoke with some guy who gave us we were on the dock hahahaha...the nigger is taking me water skiing...we did a whole lot and ended with zip lining and lord was that scary, Carl laughed at me because I'm scared of heights but he made it up by planting kisses everywhere on my face and tickling the shit out of me that I swear I heard someone snap us a photo but all thoughts went down the drain the moment his lips touched mine and damn...I forgot there were people here with us ...after that we went to relax at the pool bar, like literally a bar surrounded by a pool...I didn't even know such places's crazy I know but yeah it does exist

“well...I got one more surprise for you"

“Carl please I'm tired already" I'm being pathetic I know but I really am tired. With a pout I added “you've worn me out today"

he chuckles and brushes my cheek with his knuckles “ooh. my love, I haven't worn you out as yet" then he placed a chaste kiss on my lips

I'm not supposed to like that but somehow I can't wait to see what he has in store for me, I think I'm turning into a horn dog “go on now" he added smacking my butt and giving me a wink.

I went in and took quite a relaxing bath, after that I went out only to find a black short open back dress played out on the bed with a box of Louie Vuitton black heels and a black clutch bag...there was a note attached to it with a single red on top of it

:'roses are red, violets are blue, I love your hair pulled up. Meet me in the lobby'

And he attached a wink face...he's so corny but I found myself blushing like crazy, I found myself applying a light makeup and a nude lipstick...I just like the way it looks on me especially with my hair pulled up ...I pulled the dress on it had a Neckline, I pulled the shoes on and curled my ponytail... honestly I looked good, dude got taste seriously...after I was done I locked the room and took my phone, placed it in the clutch then when downstairs...

Did I tell you how orgasmic he looks in a tux? dang!!*hit my forehead* I'm seriously turning into a sex addict, I should get counseling, in fact I need to book into sex anonymous association, I mean I've only ever had sex with him so I can't already be a sex addict right? Maybe I need to explore more dicks and see how I feel

“and I'll kill you if you do that " huh?

I turned to look and the valet was all shades red looks like he about to burst out without laughter and Carl's had a gleam in his eyes but you could see he was serious. okay what's going on? I’m seriously confused and how the hell did I get here so fast because last time I check I was just getting out of the elevator and I couldn't have been fast because this shoes are killing

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