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Chapter 30

He opened the car door for me and went to the other side and we drove in silence, he kept clenching his jaw. We got to the supposed place, the varlet opened my door and Carl came and placed his arm on my back

“thank you" he said to the varlet in quite a harsh tone

“what’s wrong" I asked immediately when we got to our table.

“nothing" He snapped at me too, okay...dude is for real upset but about what? I was about to ask him again when a waiter came and asked to take our orders ...

“what can I get you lovely people tonight?” asked the waiter.

Ooooooh God his smile was so cute and super infectious that I found myself grinning like a crazy idiot

“Ooooooh well hello! I’ll have the-"

Guess what? motherfucker interrupted me and showed no fucken remorse for it

“we’ll have the grilled salmon with citrus salsa and a bottle of your best wine thank you"

The guy looked between Carl and me and stood for a second

“is there something else?"

Okay...he for real being rude for nothing, and who the hell gave him the right to order for me? I'm a fucken independent woman and not under anyone's control -

“I’m not controlling you"

“ooh yeah? what was that?

No fuck, I knew my subconscious would get me in trouble one day but this isn’t trouble, by now I was getting worked up and I think it was evident to him because he puffed out a sigh.

“okay I'm sorry"

"fuck you" He gave me a smirked, well because I'm fucken weak I smiled and then guess what happened next, yeah you know, we laughed, it was pretty stupid of us, next thing I know we indulging in our food with our fingers laced together.... we had half the bottle of red wine, we had a nice chat and all seemed to be forgotten, when we walked out we were walking hand in hand,

“let’s take a walk down to the beach?"

“let’s " I said with a giggle.

He laughed at me...he led me to the beach and it looked like there was a bonfire happening. Gosh I've never been to one before I was even beginning to get Giggly “ooh my god Carlos...look at that "

“you like it?"

“yes...can we go? Please" It was like I was a kid, with pouty lips and all that gosh I looked pathetic.

“well off we go miBella"

when we got near red cups were shoved to our chest, I looked at the insides of it, brown liquid, smelt it and it smelt like vodka ...I looked up at Carl and he just smirked and downed it in one go...okay...I took the first sip and it was so awful I spit it out.

“gosh what is that?"

He just laughed at me, took my cup and downed it took .... yikes ...hours later we were messed up and busy laughing like teenagers, Look at me ,what am I saying ,I am a teenager...this booze is making me talk trash , a few times Carl had to stop me because things were escalating too quick....we were kissing and then the next thing I was grinding him second time I gave him a hand job and lord am I never drinking again...he decided that enough was enough and said he wanted us to talk today and as drunk as we were he didn't care but guess what yours truly said...

"Here I was thinking you'd want to rip this dress off of me, plus I'm wearing no panties "

Well I guess he didn't have too much control because we had a quickie at the toilets and then, round two on the boats kitchen counter with my hands on the counter and him shoving from behind and singing and praising my pussy to the goddesses for creating something as blissful as this, not my words those are his words. drunken sloppy sex is amazing I tell you, especially the next day when you know you had amazing sex but can't remember a thing the only proof is a burning clit.... lord my God Carl's sex so good.

The next morning, I was woken by him slowly thrusting deep inside me and whispering good morning in my ear when I came. we had breakfast on the boat but what caught my eye was the change of scenery

“where are we?" he smiled at me and brushed my thigh

“look around miBella" my eyes slowly traveled and 'Kuna will-'

“Ooooooh my god Travis....are we in Fiji?"

The cheeky smile on his face was proof enough, I jumped off my chair onto him...I've never been here before. Once on Luu sixteenth birthday and he and his parents had insisted that I come with him. obviously Jonathan being Jonathan had bluntly denied, Luu said one day he'll come with me but-

"Lucas said you'd love it" I just found myself tearing up...isn't he just amazing?

“thank you" I placed a kiss on his lips and he brushed my tears off, kissed my forehead and wrapped me in his arms .... we stood like that for minutes with my eyes locked on the 'Kula wild adventure park' Luu told me so much about this place that I wanted a Kula wild adventure of my own...

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