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Chapter 03

So today is thee day ,the day I'm finally free from that monster called a father, but am I really free from him ? Will this family even accept me ? Will he treat me right ? many questions with no answers no one to answer them. I never thought that I would one day get married, heck the idea never crossed my mind, not once.Lolita came in to tell me that it's time to go.wrapping her arms around me, trying not to cry"I'm sorry Bell ,one day it's all gonna be okay "I wish" yeah well I've been singing the same song for the past seven years now ,guess I just have to accept that it is what it is"
":don't say that Bella! You'll see it will"she held my face and gave me a peck on the nose" this too shall pass ,be happy that you've moved out of that hell called a house"i wish I had the same spirit of hope as she did. She's been with me throughout everything, even when my dad's behavior would get worse she stuck by me. I don't really know what I would be without her, she's the mother I never had,"but-" I tried to reason "no buts mi amor! The best is yet to come" see… ShShe's alway hopefully for the future "you think so ?" maybe if I try to be hopeful I might just come out victorious who knows… WeWell…. ThThats a big maybe "I know so love now .come and let's go and meet your future husband" Oooh no!
" I heard he's hot !" wait! Was Rose here just now? I guess maybe I'm too consumed to comprehend anything.
I rolled my eye at her
":not as hot as me I hope ?" I like their relationship, I'm jealous even. Rose and I might not be best of friends but she's good for my friend and seeing Luk happy makes me happy. ":yeah babe,you hot but he flames I tell ya" *she said that giggling and pecking his lips*
I like them both together, I wish to have a relationship like Thiers one day . *who you kidding* my subconscious mocked me ....yeah whatever a girl is allowed to dream right?
walking down the Ilse with dad holding my hand felt strange, in fact us walking side by side is trange I don't know if others can see that we both are tensed up. "you better represent me good there ,else I'll kill you myself, you shouldn't bring shame to me ,capish!" lo and behold… I Was wondering when he was gonna make an attack. When he was that I wasn't gonna answer him he held my hand tight causing me to wimp a little" do you understand me Isabella? " there's the name again" yes father" he wouldn't let my hand go so I had to answer.
Right on cue the 'husband' walked down to get my hand. He handed me to my so called future husband, and WOW!!!did I say that outloud?he didn't look not even a little bit interested ,ooh well he must just join the club because even I am not thrilled about this too. .
We said our vows and the pastor announced our marriage not even a 'you may kiss the bride' was said Lord ooh mercy. I'm in for a ride here. I'm not complaining though ,but this feels like it's gonna be a long ass day, no. Make it life.
We went to the reception room and everyone congratulated us *yeah right* said my subconscious!!! This thing is gonna get me in trouble one day I swear ,the shit it says
We were now sitting down people making speeches like WTF for ?we all know its arranged so don't go all googly guggly on us we just freakin met today and nigger barely said I word to me .
This moron was busy on his phone so what do I do now ?
It was now Luks'time to make a speech.
"I don't have much to say but I wish you all the luck you could ever need ,know that I'll forever be here for you and I love you alright" he added a wink at the end.
I was touched really ,it meant more than anyone could think. when I turned to look the grouchy man next to me I saw him rolling his eyes ...oooh so he was paying attention.
The ceremony ended ,people came to give us hugs and congratulations, some gave me nasty stares and the devil never came since he dropped me off at the alter ....maybe it is for the best that he left.

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