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Chapter 04

So we reached home, the in-laws house ,it was nice and big but way small compared to the hell hole I grew up in ,Jonathan is flippin' rich, I don't even know what he's gonna benefit from this arranged marriage shit ...they showed us our supposed room *rolling eyes *the room was huge and nice ,it had a combination of grey and white ,a flat screen ,ensuit and a walk in closet "feel free chika, get settled in and I'll come get you when dinner is ready" well at least for one I know that Mrs Grace is a nice lady, I think. You can never be too sure about anyone."you not much of a talker are you?" I smiled and shook my head no...if only she knew ,in my head I've said thousands of shit over and over again."God I'm gonna enjoy having you here" okay… MaMaybe she isn't such a bad person, you can see the genuineness in her eyes and the way they sparkle"PSH" guess who said that. Both Mrs Grace and I turned to look at him"Carl be nice please"He just rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom ,a few seconds we heard the shower running, Mrs Grace just shook her head at that. "be patient with him ,I know he looks rude and everything but its all just a façade, he's a total sweetheart at heart" *yea right.**mocked my subconscious" my bag here ,this things are uncomfortable"... "ooh...I'll call and find out ,in the mean time grab something from Carl'scloset" I literally chocked on my saliva, she's tripping right? Like legit legit is kidding on me? "I'm sorry miss Grace but no I can't"--"ooh chika... It's no biggy" this woman."uuhm...ohkay then"_" :ohkay then ,I'll let you get settled then "... A smile was all I could offer her.
After she left I took my phone and called Lolita to ask where my things are at
"Ooh mi amor ...Luca is on his way with them love"
"yes love"
"ohkay then ,goodnight"
Mr grouchy came out of the shower ,looked at me with a disgusted face and went into his closet ,I just rolled my eyes and went to take a shower, I needed a really hot one because its one hell I'm about to walk through and I need all the strength I can get.
After 10 minutes of showering I took a towel and wrapped my self with it ,and wrapped the other on my hair
I went out and thank God the grouchy wasn't here
I went to his closet and found a grey trackpan and sweater then wore them ,since it was a bit early I threw myself on the bed then dozed off
I was woken by someone roughly shaking me
"wake up hood rat" excuse me?
"what did you just call me ?"
"hood rat and why the hell are you wearing my clothes for?"
"your mom said …"
He cut me shot not even wanting to hear my explanation
"save it ,let it be the first and last time do you hear me ?and so is sleeping in my bed ,just because we married doesn't mean we got to share a bed capish !!!"
If I hear the word'capish' one more time today!
All my hopes of being treated good vanished with his words ,so this is what my life is gonna be like ?being treated like trash ?and the damn mother had the guts to say he's a sweetheart? Bullshit.
" Get your ass of my bed now"
I did as told and went downstairs following him behind
I kept my head low all the time till we reached the dining hall ,there were about ten people on the table and all eyes were on me
"here comes the newly wed" ....she said with attitude the woman looked around the same age as Mr Viktor, Mrs Grace's husband.
"sister behave "that's Mr Viktor, he had an authoritative voice
" what !?she's just sent to rob my dear nephews money nothing more "well I guess the woman is as stubborn as they come.
" gold digging whore "this time it was a girl, I don't know how old but old, she had blond hair and brown eyes. Well it's clear I'm not needed here.
I haven't even taken a seat yet and already they saying things about me
Mr Viktor turned to me gesturing that I sit down" don't mind them my dear ,we both know its not the truth " all I could do was nod my head yes
" Aunt why are you so rude to her ,she was just as much forced into this as my brother"well at least someone is on my side.
"April keep quite ...I wasn't talking to you"
"do not talk to my wife like that" damn… Well I guess this is April's husband, the girl who just stood up for me?
"its okay Jeff …"
She stood up and so did Jeff
The maids came and dished up for us
They cooked rice ,pork and fried potato's .... I don't eat pork but I didn't want to tell them ,I slowly ate the rice with the potatoes and they had guava juice... If I didn't know better I'd say they cooked all this just to get a reaction from me,I mean I don't eat none of this things
" oooh look ,we cooked for her and look how ungrateful this piece if shit is ,she's not even touching her food"
"Maria!!..." - Mrs Grace
"no Grace!! This girl better eat her food ,there are people who sleep with empty stomach everyday and she's waisting food ,she's lucky to me eating such meal ,I'm pretty sure she's never ate them before …"
I didn't want to be insulted more so I just ate them ,I was hesitant at first but I managed to eat them ,thing is I don't eat pork ,it gives me tonsils, I don't eat ,mint ,guava ,watermelon and I'm allergic to peanut butter.... So you can just imagine the tragedy I'm gonna have to suffer.
With a resigned sigh Mr Viktor said "maria will not insult my daughter in law in my own house okay ,do that to your own sons wife ....not mine now you should apologize to Isabella"
The old granny who's name is Maria banged the table with her hands angry said "I will do no such thing Victor!!!you hear me ,this rubbish over hear better ...."
I didn't wait for her to finish and stood up from the table and ran to my supposed room ...I heard Grace calling for my name but I didn't stop ...I got in the room and locked myself in the bathroom and cried my lungs out ...I heard a knock on the door
" chika open up please"
"Miss Grace I'm fine"
"no you not ...this isn't how things were supposed to go like"
I stood up to open the door ,stood in front of her and said
"how were they supposed to turn out ?it was either I got beaten up to a pulp or maybe death or I have to endure my in-laws harsh words ,words that aren't true about me ,endure to be called names right". .. By now it was a river of Jordan flowing from my eyes ...
"ooh chika .." .she just gave me a hug to let everything out felt nice to be in the arms of a woman who wasn't Lolita ...the hug felt good and right ...she was warm, she had the motherly hug if there is such.
"it was a long day today ...please get some rest tomorrow I'm taking you out"
I was about to say no but she interrupted
"a.a.aah...I'm not taking no for an answer "
I smiled at her ...she looked me in the eye and said: "you much prettier than the last time I saw you "
I wanted to ask what she meant but Mr grouchy pants entered the room ...*more drama* said my subconscious...
"I'll leave you to your sleep... Goodnight"
"night …"
"some performance you put there huh "
I didn't have the energy to say anything to him ,I went out to his balcony... There were two couches so I took the long one and laid on it ,looking up at the stars ....I said a little prayer in my heard and before I knew it tears streamed down ,silent tears ...I found myself thinking about mother ,is this how my father and his family treated her? ,is that why she left me .. I had so many question with no answers to them ...Lolita had taught me to pray ,she said I must pray every day before I go to sleep, or anytime I felt like praying any time of day ,I got off the couch, knelt before down and closed my eye
"Heavenly father ,I come before your throne as nothing ,seeking your guidance and protection ,you know why such things happen ,you said we should not ask " why me" but rather say "why not " I have tried everything in my power to end my life but you didn't not allow it to happen ,you said you have plans for us ,plans not to destroy but prosper us ...I surrender to you my lord ,let your will be done with my life dear Lord ,prepare my mind and heart for whatever comes I be ready ...give me the courage and strength to face all this challenge in the name on Jesus Christ Amen"...
When I stood up I met up with sympathetic eyes of that devil ...
"Here ",he gave me a pillow and a blanket
" thanks " I said avoiding eye contact. I don't need his pity, he can go to hell for all I care.

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