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Chapter 05

I slept with a heavy heart ,Luk didn't even call to check how I was doing ,I guess I'm all alone
When Morning Came I was the first one to wake up. I neatly Folded The Blankets And Put Them On The Couch Inside The grounchys Room ...It was Around 6 In The Morning ,I Went To Have A Shower ,I Needed One And I Knew That Disaster Was Waiting For Me When I Go Downstairs...After What Felt So two minutes ,I went Out , Lotioned And Wore The same Clothes ,Same Frekin Underwear, Can You Believe It…
When I Came Out Of The Shower grouchy Was Standing Next To The Door
"About Damn Time You Came Out"
"mxm" he pushed me off the way and went In.
I just rolled my eyes at him ,said a little prayer in my heart ..took my phone to call Lucas.
"hey...hey.. Sorry I'm on my way but can you send me the location ?"
Hearing his voice immediately bought a smile to my face "hello Lucas,I'm good too."
*laughing too* "I'm sorry Bell,how are you ?sorry I didn't call yesterday, how are they treating you there ?"
"ooh don't wanna know ...this is a hell hole bruh...the damn guy is rude ,don't get me started on the aunt -"
Suddenly a voice boomed behind me "talking shit about my family won't get you nowhere"
"Fuck" I cursed at my self, you won't believe who walked in on my ,the Damn Aunt and her child… I'm literally dead.
"uuuh.... Uhm..Luu… I'll call you back"
I quickly sent him my location, as I was about to send send my phone got snatched from me. The fuck!
"we are talking and you being disrespectful" this woman is going to make me flip really.
"I'm not ...I was…" I got interrupted by who I think was Maria's daughter
"nyay was ,nyay was my left foot is talking to you and you being busy on the phone"
"but you found" I couldn't even get a sentence out without being interrupted
"I will slap the living shit out of you ...we what huh?"
By now I was on the verge of tears
"what the hell is going on here ?Aunt ,Mariaam ?what are y'all doing in my room this early morning ?" I have never been happy to have him intervene.
Quite...they freaking kept quite can you believe it ...Grace and victor came rushing in the room
"what the hell is going on here ?" Mr Viktor asked, looking between Maria, Mr grouchy and the devils daughter who I now know is Marriam.
No one said anything, I didn't realise I was crying until Grace came to comfort me and wipe my tears
"I asked you a question" both Mr Viktor and grouchy asked at the same time
**fuck** I literally got scared ,almost peed my pants.
"what the hell are you all doing in my room?" you could see fire burning in his eyes. And I'm married to such a man?
"and why is Bella crying" this time it Was Mrs Grace asking
I wiped my tears off
"uuuhmm....Mrs Grace.. I'm fine ,I'll just go downstairs"
I attempt to walk but grouchy held my hand "no you not ,what are they doing in my room and why does Aunt have your phone on her?"
Mariaam-"she was talking shit about mother ,you and I on her phone with God knows who that's why" she said so with attitude in her voice.
"that doesn't explain what you all are doing in my room?"
"we thought you had left already"
"and if I did ?" he raised his eyebrow waiting for her response.
"so you wanted to attack the poor child ,I'm my DAMN HOUSE ?"
Mr Viktor was fuming with anger
"honey ...I told you it was a bad idea bringing them here ,I knew your sister was gonna behave like this"
"Grace ...I'm not your mate"
I was scared like crazy. seriously, Mr De Luca is a really nice and soft man ,this side was very scary.
"both of y'all get out ..Now" Carl turned to open the door for them to leave.
They didn't even hesitate ...they both rushed out..
Viktor turned to me with a sympathetic look "ooh dear ...I'm really sorry you had to see that side of mine ,I try to avoid it all the time"
"its okay sir" well I am scared but to be honest I should be used to people raisin g their voice but I just can't seem to.
"Carl ,come back early so you can go to your house ,I don't want a repeat of this ...God forbid last nights events to happen okay?"
"okay mom…"
She left also ...I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face ...
I came back and set on the couch ,with my face looking up and I let out a loud and heavy sigh .
"thank you"
"just now."
"don't sweat it …"
"thank you still"
He stopped buttoning his shirt to look at me ,we maintained eye contact till he broke it ...
"don't sweat it .."
I gave him a sweet short smile ..he can not make a big deal out of it but it means a lot to me, I never had anyone to stand up for me before and I'm great full of it.
"uuuhm.." *he rolled his eyes **" don't roll your eyes at me" .I said with a chuckle. ..
He wanted to smile but quickly covered it ..
"get ready ,I'll ask my driver to drop you off your place to get your clothes …"
" thank you"
He looked at me and released a sigh. He probably wanted to comment about my many thank yous but I really am grateful, he won't understand.

We drove in separate cars ...when I got home I found Lolita at the door ...she gave me the biggest warmest hug ever
"I missed you" I know it's only been a day but I do.
"I missed you too mi amor"
"what are you doing here"
Lolita and I quickly broke the hug.
"I came to fetch my clothes father"
"make it quick then" he turned to leave but before that I asked him something Im pretty sure he would say no to.
"uuhmm...can I stay a bit ,I missed Lolita and China"
China was my dog ,it was the last thing I got from my mom ,she bought it day before she left I still remember her words when she gave it to me
"My baby ...let this dog be a reminder of how much I love you ohkay? "
Dad has a soft spot for China ,I think it reminds him of mom too.
"but you not sleeping here"
Well that went well…
"yes father ,thank you"
Lolita and I hugged again
"how are they treating you my child"
"ooh have no idea ,things are not good there" *sigh*I'm not lying though right?
China came barking in the room...
"ooh boy ...come to momma" came rushing ,pushed me on the floor and licked my face,aside from lolita ,Luu and Rose China was my friend and he managed to make me happy always.

I went to the kitchen to help Lolita cook...I was in the mood for cake so I asked Lolita to help me make it ..we were busy making chocolate cake ,playing with flour and everything.. It felt good to laugh with no Hassel was around 10 when I got a call from Grace asking to meet for lunch .. I told her I was at my home town and she said she'll be here at around one.
I decided to nap since I didn't have a proper sleep..
I had a weird dream..I dreamt of a woman ,with super white hair ,teeth and blue grey eyes telling me to hold on ,everything will be fine ,saying patience Is a virtue.. When I woke up it was half past twelve ...I went to have a shower and wore a white dungaree ,long sleeved ,and black old school vans ..I guess by now you'd have noticed that I wear long sleeves a lot ..I tied my hair up,my bags were packed already and everything... I had called Luu the moment I came home to tell him not to worry about my bags I'll get them ...12:45 Mrs Grace came to fetch me and we went to our local pastry shop ...ohkey Downey guess mother in-law and I got something in common then ..
We went to place our oder ...she ask what I wanted and I ordered a vanilla cake with blueberry milkshake .I don't know why but I always combine the two ,and you can never go wrong with them.
Grace had a chocolate cake and strawberry milkshake .. We were talking and having mindless discussion, after eating we decided to go to the mall and do a little shopping ....I must tell you guys this woman knows how to shop ,she forced me to buy things but I refused ,I have enough clothes to last me a lifetime and I'm not a jewelry person so no I couldn't .. I had my bags in her boot so she were to take me to Carlos's house once we were don't ...she literally painted the mall red, I wonder where she gets the energy from.
We finished at around 4 we decided to go to mc Donalds for a quick meal this right here I won't mind waisting money on.

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