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Chapter 06

While busy ordering our meal Mrs. Grace received a call, she went out to take it while I waited for our order to be called, after a while she came back and set next to me
*sigh*"ooh. dear, your husband decided to cut our day shot, he’s back from work So we have to go"
Ooh boy I rolled my eyes because I'm not ready for his grumpy mood.
"ooh okay” there was Nothing I could say because I have no say in anything.
"but I've got some bad news though"
here we go, can I escape this?
"He's place is being fumigated so you guys going to have to come back to our house until the end of the week"
Yeah no God doesn't love me, or maybe he's saving me from the unknown, who knows what he would do when it's just the two of us only? Maybe living with his parents won't be bad, *well only if the aunt and daughter are there too. *
"I'm sorry chika.I. I know you worried about-"
I interrupted her before she can finish
"Mrs. Grace... I don't have a problem with that, I will just have to wear my big girl pants on and keep it head strong"
"No Bella, you absolutely don't have to do that, it’s your home, we your family so you don't have to have your guard on, you did that back at your home, you don't have to do it again here"
ohkay.... looks like this woman knows a lot, does she know about dad? I wanted to ask her that but our order got called.
I went and asked they pack it and we left.
I had lost my appetite so I just drank my drink, slowly sipping it just so Grace doesn't catch on on me ...

We arrived at the De Luca house, mood down, energy drained, appetite gone. . seriously though ...I have school tomorrow, I need to catch up, I know it's winter holidays but school never closes and I need these extra marks to get a scholarship for my good work and all that.
"uuhmmm...Mrs. Grace, can I just go lie down for a bit?"
"ooh. dear, just go I'll call you when dinner is ready"
"thank you"
I made my way to the grouchy room, met Mariam on the way, she was about to say something when I walked passed her and got in Carlos's room. I found him inside and made way pass him to grab a pillow on his bed and made way to the balcony couch, I didn’t even last a minute and I was dead gone with sleep …
yet again I dreamt a woman with blue eyes and white hair ...she looked familiar but I just couldn't place it, she smiled at me, there was warmth and love in her eye when I woke up it was super dark outside and I had a blanket on me, I didn't want to think too much into it, I woke because I was super hungry. I found my bags in the room, quickly too my toiletry bag and went for a relaxing bath. After bathing I wrapped a towel around me and wore my fluffy pajamas and monkey slippers ..I went downstairs to grab something to eat ,I found my Mc D bag in the microwave, boiled water ,grabbed a cup ,and made myself a cup of coffee with lots and lots of milk ,finished then went back to the room to sleep, Tomorrow is a school day so I need all the energy I can get but when I got there I was now insomniac so I took my mc book and decided to catch up on my school work ,the time was now 23:15 so I plugged my headphones on listened to music ,I major in It and robotics since I didn't know which to choose so you can just imagine the amount of work I have to put in on my school work although I'm a straight A student I still have difficulties I try my best, my best being having Luu teach me here and there ,it's even a habit ,study together until we get tired ,although I pretty much think our routine will be forcefully changed but this one is a risk that I'm willing to change ,normally we study at my place ,now I'm not so sure we can do that anymore.
maybe we can go to his place I don't know, I’ll have to talk to Mrs. Grace about it. normally we study for six hours a day on weekdays and every Saturday we study for five then we spend the day having fun either we watching a movie, going to the park or just chilling indoors, Luu is literally the female version of me and I couldn't be happier.
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