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Chapter 07

Morning came and I was still busy on my laptop, you’d think I'd be tired but I am used to this, not sleeping that is. I used to have nightmares until the day China came, sometimes when he's not sleeping with me they come back but now I just avoid them by sleeping less hours and investing that time in my school work or I'd sometimes read books just to pass time.
I was startled by the lamp light going on,'fuck!!' I hissed putting my hands on my chest, I’m sure you all are aware that I like talking to myself and swearing, misusing the F word, to be honest I don't know how or where I adopted this trait from, sometimes I really feel like I'm losing my mind, the type of things says and think are really not help at all, I need medical help anyway. I heard the balcony door opening...I looked at him and he looked at me., seriously I'm was in the don't fuck with me mood right now, I feel like I'm suffering from some multiple personality disorder sometimes I'm like this sometimes like that, you can never know with me, I think this thing started when I was twelve, I was on my own so I started creating some imaginary people with different characters so I had to fit in all roles ...
Back to the thing at hand I could feel that my moods were playing with me, so I stared right back at him, after what felt like a decade he decided to break eye contact
"how long have you been up?"
I just looked at him with the are your crazy look, rolled my eyes and went back to my work.
"Jesus it's freezing here; can’t you feel shit"
If he's trying to start a conversation he seriously needs to do more than,
“, you mute now?" is this guy for real?
"is there something you want?" *sigh*
Nigger went inside ,came with a pillow and a blanket and slept on the other couch ,now if he was expecting me to say something then he hit rock bottom, he can freeze to hell for all I care, before I knew it he was fast asleep ,I decided it's best I sleep too, I hate Mondays so I'm going to need all the energy I can get ,for the first time in a long time sleeping felt nice ,well....that was until I heard a weird voice ,a broken voice Peirce my ears ,fuck no!!the cries pierced my heart ,I thought I was dreaming but no ...I knew I wasn't, I was having a beautiful dream so it couldn't have been ...the voice got louder and louder, it sounded like Carlos's voice, I quickly woke up and what I saw broke me ,I don't know why I felt a strange pain in the pit of my stomach ,I quickly made way to him he was busy screaming "no"" no” “no" I tried shaking him awake because now his voice was screeching as though he was going to cry ...I shook him harder ,by now I was starting to get scared, I shook him and this time he woke up ,I was eye to eye with him ,he had grey eyes with a touch of blue ,his eyes were really pretty, but the site before me scared me ,he looked scared and vulnerable, like he lost something precious
"are you okay? you scared me" I was scared to even ask.
He just looked me like I was crazy
" you want to talk about it?"
"pretend like this never happened "he said in a harsh tone.
Ooh. Lord what's this? is he embarrassed because he had a nightmare or what? I know what he's asking is impossible and I know myself well enough to know I never do what I'm told instead I do the opposite, tell me NOT to do anything then I'm most likely to do it.
After walking out he went straight to the bathroom, I checked the time and it was now six in the morning, I got classes in two hours ,I went to my bag to take out my clothes ,I took out my grey pants ,white knitted sweater ,long sleeved vest and grey winter boots ,I packed my books in my bag and folded the blankets ,when I finished he was also done ,gave me the dirtiest look ever ,I figured he's Moody too so I'm not about to succumb to them ,I got mine to deal with ,if he isn't about to talk about what happened then I’m not too ,it's not like I asked him to come sleep outside.
Forty minutes later I was done ,I went downstairs with my bag ,I called a number and it was 10minutes away ,when I got downstairs I found everyone on the table, Grouchy was sneezing *gosh* I greeted then sat down ,they were having a full English breakfast's still early for me for this kind of breakfast ,I won't be able to stomach it so I just took two sips of my coffee , I literally cannot eat nor drink this early morning ,the only thing I can eat is an instant porridge with lots and lots of milk and only after seven that it
Marian-"you not eating because?"
sneezing "aunt please...not now"
"Carlos …"
I didn't wait for her to finish talking, his nephew ruined my mood, plus the Meer fact that its Monday just ruins my mood so I just took my bag and went outside and the umber had just arrived.
I texted Luu and Rose telling them I'm on my way then called Lolita just to check how she's doing and everything...
Lolita is a mother I never had, she’s fifty-four going to fifty-five... I checked my school work and read some few books just to pass time, the De Luca mansion is in a secluded are, distance away from the city so you can imagine the long ride I was going to have, seven thirty the uber dropped me at the school cafe, I paid and went to the school Cafe.
I found them with a few other people I didn't know, some I remember from our math class, Luu got up and gave me a cheek kiss and so did Rose...I greeted everyone, took of my jacket and grabbed a chair from the next table and sat on it.
Lindsey one of the cafe waitress came and gave me my usual, hot chocolate and muffins. I had my food and off to class we went, well I'm a bit anti-social so I kept quite most of the time. they were cool people so it was nice change of scenery.
This coming Saturday is Rose's birthday and knowing her pretty well she going wild and once they find out I plan on coming crazy will be an understatement,
thing is I've never been able to attend anything after 6 so now that I'm out of the hellhole I plan on using this opportunity at its best ...
First period was math’s so We went in, I sat in between Luu and the other guy we were with. Matt. our teacher came and lessons proceeded... Mrs. Brown told us that since we only left with three months before finals we got a big project coming up, we are to find a company to intern at that specialize in engineering basically anything engineered but to be sure that whatever company it is corresponds with what we doing ...WTF!!!what shit is this, I mean I'm not ready for such big tasks …
"good news...if you do well on the task, there’s a big chance the company might look into hiring you from next year February "
shit!!I've always wanted to work for amazon but with the courses I'm doing I want to develop on only software systems but create a product maybe of high tech... Guess I better start my research for possible companies like that because dad's companies are way far from my line of study....
"so which company do you have in mind?"
We were now heading to the engineering block. Luu is a software engineering major so robotics lab and engineering lab are on the same block.
Luu and I always wished for Amazon but now!!! I'm not so sure anymore
" uuhmmm. Well I want something that's going to cover all my modules on just one you know"
"so more Amazon"? "
" yeah*sad sigh*I guess so...I'm sorry."
" *laughing*what are you sorry for woman? It's your dream so go for it "
We continued talking, shared laughs here and there ...we only had 3 classes today taking two and a half hours each ...tired was not the word for what I was feeling, what’s worse I still have at least three hours of study, I’m seriously going to end up crazy with all these studying, Matt came while we were walking to the library
"hey guys"
He fists bumped Luu and, gave Rose a hug, he was about to come to me but he just smiled at me, I returned the smile and we continued walking ...
"whoa!!guys don't tell me you going to study after such long tiring lectures we had today"
"yeah guys, I’m tired. let’s give it a rest" Rose agreed with him. Of course she would.
"The devil is a lair I tell you “I laughed at Luus’' response" you guys want to change us off our routine "
" all work and no play made Jack a dull boy "this guy Matt…
" well lucky you we do play "I managed to say when no one was saying anything.
Rose laughed because she knew I was lying I'm all work, work, work.
" Mary mother of Jesus, look who’s talking "
" hey.”. I said that punching her shoulder but still laughing. “I’m not tar-" the damn yawn had to come out, Jesus, this thing doesn’t have timing
"see you tired, come on ...I know a bar down town" Matt looked at all of us for approval
After a lot of convincing which didn't go well for him until he promised me a burger and fries the whole week we decided to go. I’m sorry but food is my weakness.
When we got there the place was filled with students, so this is what collage students get up to when they not reading? do they even read?
Matt found us a booth at the far end of the bar.
We ordered our food ,I opted for a milkshake but they dared me to try it with a beer, I found myself drinking one after the other ,after five beers it was dark outside so I decided to call it a night ..Matt offered me a ride home but I declined ,I called an uber to Lolita's house ,I told her I was coming and she was happy ,on my way there I received a call from Mrs. Grace asking about my whereabouts, I told her and she said it's okay but don't come home late ,"I'll have an uber drop me off" I said to her "ooh no Chika,I'll send you a driver there that way I'll know that you safe"," okay" I couldn't argue with her ,well...I never could even if I wanted to.

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