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Chapter 08

I got home late but the alcohol was still in my system. I spent the entire time talking to Lolita and her advising me about everything that is anything...
She told me to be patient when I told her about Carlos's behavior and his Aunts, she says its just a phase it will pass but I don't believe her ,I mean those people think I'm a gold digger ,okay… my dad may be cruel but he sends me money every month I'm technically set for life, I’m pretty sure I'm a billionaire now ,he started giving it to me when I was 12 ,maybe it was his way of filling the gap my mom left or what I don't know ,all I know is that I got plenty fuckin money in my account that I don't have plan for so why would I be after their money? thoughts were interrupted by the driver opening my door
"we home mam"
"call me Bella please "
I said to him "yes mam"
I gave him my scary look, Well I mean I tried so he just laughed at me and said sorry, I checked the time and it was eleven pm,"holy fuckin cow" I whisper yelled, if I'm not dead I don't know then.
Well what I knew was that I wasn't going to sneak in or anything like a thief at night, I am going to go right in, Mrs. Grace knows where I was so what's the biggy?
"is this the time to come back?"
guess I spoke too soon, the devil surely had different plans for me.
"uuhmmm" I was too startled to form a sentence
"our...what? Cat caught your tongue?"
"uuhmmm no actually this girl and her mother are seriously out to get me.
I was about to make my way upstairs when she roughly pushed me, I almost tripped and fell because I had already claimed the stairs
"get back here you hood rat, who do you think is going to wash all those dishes huh?"
"don't you guys have maids or something? " I know I probably sound like a snob or something, but I'm drunk, and tired and well…
Releasing a sinister laugh, she said " and you think they here to serve you?"
I was about to roll my eyes at her when an unexpected hot slap landed on my face, I was too shocked to comprehend anything three more landed on each side of my face, I felt a sting in my eyes, before I knew it tears were rolling down my eyes
"oooh wipe those crocodile tears of yours, they won't help you, now go wash those dishes " she pulled me by my hair and pushed me to the sink, I almost hit the counter flat faced.
"when I come back I want everything spotless you hear me" she clicked her tongue and left me there and angry and fuming as I was there is nothing I could do but cry. So I cried.
The river of Jordan was flowing through my eyes, I had told myself that imp never going to cry ever again, but clearly I was wrong, I’m a weakling I can never defend myself from anyone even if I tried, my dad ruined me and he ruined me for the worst, there’s absolutely nothing left of me, maybe this is why they married me off, so I could be their slave, treat me however they want.
With tears still streaming I washed the dishes with a heavy heart, a torn one for that matter, she came back while I was still busy finishing the pots
"and mop the floor …"
I was about to say a smart remark but I kept quiet, I mopped the floor and basically did everything that she asked of me its was now around 2am in the morning when I finished everything she had asked of me
I went to sleep but sleep would not succumb, I kept tossing and turning, everyone looked to be asleep while I suffered, I looked up above and finally asked God what I've always wanted to ask him
"What do you really want from me? Is this the life you want for me, to be treated like a slave all my life, I go to church every Sunday, pray every day yet I still get punished, for whose sins am I paying for? the spineless swine called my father or the she devil called my mother? They don't love me or need me so why am I the one to be punished huh? if you really are God of miracles show yourself to me”.
I was painfully woken by a thunder
"oooh God I'm scared of this things " I said to myself, before I can even stand a very harsh rain fell on me and I was drenched within seconds,
"Jesus Christ "
I tried to scream but nothing, I just sat there, I looked up and closed my eyes, heavy tears, heavy rain and a heavy heart was all I could feel, rain in winter? What a wow I said to my self
"Jesus quicken Christ *sneeze* get*sneeze* inside, can’t you hear this rain?"
I looked at the door and Saw Carlos standing there, his words fell to deaths ears, I didn't have it in me to say anything so I sat, didn’t move an inch
"Isabella I swear to God, if you don't get inside right now… "
I didn't wait for him to finish, I stood up and went straight to the shower, I sat there, hot water pouring down on me but I felt nothing ... I got out for what felt like decades later, I stood in front of the mirror, a tear escaped my eye I let it,
"I give up now, clearly this is meant to be my life " I said to myself.
I went out and found Carlos sleeping, I went to my suitcase and took out my grey Adidas tracksuits, comfy socks and my running shoes ...I wore a hoodie and I went out the time was five in the morning and when I passed the kitchen the two devils were awake, when they saw that I had a swollen face they busted out laughing
"now THIS is how we deal with hood rats, damn gold diggers " said the mother, it seemed like I forgot my phone here because they were busy with it
"is that my phone?" I tried to take it but this evil woman Mariam let it fall inside her coffee
"loops(laughs) looks like it fell " I grabbed it out before it damages even worse
"I wonder whose gold you had to dig to afford such a phone "
I tried to see if it were working but I guess the damage had been done because it wasn't lighting, I just took my bag and left
One of the drivers offered to drive me to school but I refused, it was still drizzling outside but what damage could it do that hasn't been done, the workers that were awake gave me pity looks because of my face, yeah, I was fuckin black n blue alright, that’s just how sensitive my skin is, the distance from here to school was major but I intended to walk it.

Two and a half hours walking and I'm still the same as when I woke up this morning, drained I was nearing campus I saw the bar we were at yesterday so I decided to go there, a couple of shots later I felt a little bit better my lectures don't start until two so I decided to chase time by staying here, the bar lady came and gave me cold water
"I didn't order this"
"I know, but you look like you could use it, look how about you detox a bit because I know you not one to miss class"
I was about to ask her what she meant but decided against it, I drank the water and ordered a burger and chips with some hot source ...later on the same girl came to me again
"I'm lexy by the way " she said offering her hand, I was about to introduce my self when she cut me short
"Isabella Jenkins, who doesn't know you"
"ouch "I said laughing
" I'm sorry, just your kind of hard not to know, anyway I'm no stalker or anything, we got engineering together "
" I'm about to knock off, how’s about we go to class together but I got to pass by my place to change first" today I wanted to do something wild, well by wild I mean something I'm not used to so I agreed to go with her.
She turned out to be a nice girl, I don't really make friends that much but she looks nice enough, she lives off campus and shares an apartment with two other girls, it’s a four-bedroom apartment, it looked nice I guess. I met only one girl Samantha she was moody though, turns out her boyfriend just dumped her, lexy quickly changed and all three of us walked to school, I’m just glad they not nosy to ask me about me blue eyed face until some girls had to start things, they bumped into Sam
"watch it Faggot " the other girl just laughed
"what did you call me " Sam asked.
"I said -"
"I heard what you said ass face" Sam interrupted her.
:" come on Sam, let’s go they not worth it "she grabbed Sam's arm.
"yeah, listen to your hooker friend Sam" this time it was girl number two.
Things got heated really quick because the next thing I know people were fighting and campus security was trying to break the fight, they took all five of us to the dean’s office
"what is happening here " Dean Marcus asked that looking at me, I just shrugged my shoulders because to be honest, I really don’t know what was happening.
Sam-"I'll tell you what's happening alright " but the Dean would not have it "no you not" Sam tried to talk anyway and so did lexy and those other girls, chaos was what was happening, I just found myself laughing at it all
"you find all this funny?" Dean Marcus was looking at me with a scary look. So I kept quite.
She looked me dead in the eye until I busted out laughing, okay!! Maybe the alcohol isn't completely out of my system yet.
She kept us in her office until six at night
When it was time to leave I dragged it all, I went back to the club with lexy and Sam to grab something to eat, I didn't want to be late home so I decided to call it a night, I walked AGAIN!!! But this time I went back home to Luus place since it was just thirty minutes away. when I arrived it was late around eight, the first thing he said what
"who the fuck did this to you "see why I decided to come here.
" it's nothing " I pushed pass to and claimed the stars to his room.
"don't give me that bullshit, I’ve been trying to call you, your phones off, you didn't come to class and that dickhead of a father came here threatening me saying I fuckin know where you went "
"yeah well, nothing happened " I said that looking through his drawer for his PJs so I could wear them
"Bella don't give me that okay, what the hell is wrong with you, you smell like a brewery for Christ sakes"

I'm starting to get pissed with all those thousand questions his asking.
"don't sweat it " I said that with a nonchalant tone, like it wasn't a big deal, he pulled me to him and made me look at him
" what's wrong? you know you can always talk to me right "The softness of his tone tugged at me so I just let everything out, I cried, I sneezed I did all those shit, I told him what happened and he hugged me, and I felt safe in his arms, and that's how we woke up, the next morning, I slept like a baby for the first time and it felt good.

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