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A Love For Three

By FreakyPoet All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Love. The easiest and hardest to understand thing in all the worlds ever known. Who can put confines on it, to say that something is or is not love, or that it is only obtained by a certain grouping, sex, or age? For me, I will choose for myself what I know to be love, its only limit decided by my heart and no other standard. Aliya

Chapter 1

I once thought that people were nearly unbearable and their touch more so. There was no such thing as love at first sight or soul mates. It turns out that I had just not met the right people yet.


The old hall was dark and empty, dust dancing in the bit of light from the occasional window that cast long shadows across it. No one was hiding in the murky corners, the soft glow of cigarettes absent from sight. There was no soft laughter or the sounds of heavy breathing to indicate that lovers were hidden away in the rooms abandoned to storage when the new addition was built. Best of all, there were no lights shinning from someone who was supposed to be there, hunting old files or out dated equipment that would be drug out when the new broke. It was the perfect hideaway for those seeking solace from the tedious life advanced learning could offer.

Aliya made her way through the quiet corridor, her footsteps echoing off the worn tile floor. Her hand lightly trailed over the faded red surface of the lockers she passed by, her mind set on her destination. The old teacher’s lounge was her place, though not hers alone. It was now a cluttered room with a small kitchenette and bathroom complete with tiny shower that had been forgotten by the staff who now had a much larger personal space with full kitchen and bath facilities. They had not even bothered to take the furniture or appliances.

By far, her favorite thing was the old, large, hideously orange couch that completely took up the back wall of the room. Even thought she was taller than average at 5’ 8”, she could still stretch out on it in complete comfort. She had also hidden several of her favorite books among the dusty boxes and put snacks in the tiny mini fridge that was there. She had plugged it in herself the very first time she had found her way to this perfect sanctuary. It was her haven in what she considered to be one of the biggest wastes of her time.

Do to circumstances not currently under her control, a group of people looked after her well-being, though she only had one guardian. Do to majority vote, and one asinine physiatrist, she was sent to this school that focused on business education. Though she already took many college courses in her spare time and did not really need the educational value of the facility, she lacked social skills. So she was sent here to gain that normality that they so feared she lacked. After all, their future depended on her stability, she thought with a laugh.

That truly was amusing, along with the idea of socialization. The only kind she had found there was suffocating and annoying to the highest degree. Aliya had the unfortunate problem of beauty. Though she did not see herself as such, those around her could not help but notice it. With long, golden brown hair and naturally tanned skin, topped with eyes that rivaled caribbean blue seas, the effect often leaving people stunned.

They were drawn to her, even though she was very careless with her appearance, often piling the wavy mass of hair upon her head, held in place by an old, red ribbon given to her by her father long ago. She never wore make up or attempted to bring attention to herself, seeing her time there as a sentence to be borne. Despite all that, more often than not, she found herself cornered by one group or another.

At first, it had been the guys. They had all wanted to get to know the new cute girl, to find out whether or not she was claimed, and if so, how to steal her away. After Aliya had so politely turned many of them down, it became a challenge. Who would claim the ice princess, or some juvenile nonsense like that. It was not long before she found herself in several foiled attempts at trapping her, trying to force her into giving into their lust or envy.

She was constantly being grabbed or groped. Do to the sweet and well-rounded girls of Centennial, she had had to learn new and interesting ways of protecting herself. They had gotten quite creative in their protests of the attention she received from their male counterparts. Aliya had learned how to avoid them all together, especially during classes such as health or physical education that required bodily touch or nakedness at any point. It was not that she was afraid of them or their bullying, it was just a hassle that she preferred to do without. She would much rather spend her time in a dark room, on a grubby couch, reading a book about someone else’s struggles instead.

She sighed heavily as she reached the black metal door that guarded her haven. Ally opened it and stepped over the threshold in one smooth motion, closing it quietly behind her. Only then did she glance up. “Oh, damn,” slipped from her as she stood stunned by the view before her. Standing there were two of the most captivating men that she had ever beheld with her own eyes. They were easing out of a locked embrace, their lips kiss swollen.

Aliya recognized them, their pictures often being displayed down the hallways. Liam and Ian McKinny, stars of the senior classes. She unconsciously went over the things that she had heard about them. They were cousins or something like that and lived together.

Standing slightly to the right of her was Liam, the elder of the two by a few months. He was said to be a genius in academics and had broken every record that had ever been set at Centennial. He was often said to be quite cold, but gorgeous none the less. She was likened to agree with the assessment, his black hair and cool, emerald eyes that were now fixated on her making her nervous. He made games out of challenging the instructors knowledge and had even so angered one that the man had quit teaching so that he would not have to deal with him any longer.

In front of him was Ian. Only slightly shorter than Liam’s 6’ 2”, he was the athlete. Prized for his endurance, he never lost at anything physical. He was known as the hottest guy at the school, but nearly unapproachable do to his hot headed temper. His eyes were a warm amber, gold color, unlike any she had ever seen before. His hair was blonde, likely lightened from long hours outside where he had starred in and aggressively won competitions for their school. His picture was plastered up and down the junior hall for inspiration of the up and coming, urging them to try their hardest. Looking at him, she doubted that it had been his idea.

Aliya blushed deeply, feeling hot and flushed just looking at them. She stumbled back against the door, the cold metal helping to clear her mind a little. Her body felt strange to her, almost heavy as her heart slowly thudded in her chest, seeming to tick away the seconds that they stared at each other. Her eyes seemed to linger over the spots where they still held each other loosely. “Sorry,” she managed to get out, her left hand searching for the door knob without looking away from them.

Liam and Ian both were nearly just as stunned by her sudden appearance. Liam’s hand tightened down on his arm, just as Ian did the same. Something like that had never happened to them before, to be so suddenly drawn to another. They had been together for so long, it was if there was not one without the other, often sharing thoughts and feelings with merely a glance in the others direction. And they were both very much in agreement, they did not want this enchanting girl to leave.

Ian was surprised that they had had such an instant and strong reaction to her. They had played around with women before, often sharing lovers between them, but never had this bone deep want for another person besides each other. He did not even know her name yet, but wanted to have her for them. Unreasonably and possessively wanted her for them alone. He could not help but grin at the way her eyes never left them, wondering if perhaps she had felt the same kind of connection that they had for her.

Ally finally found the door knob, opening it slightly. They reacted at the same time, rushing to her. The door slammed behind her, both men with a hand on either side of her shoulders. Completely boxed in by them, she placed her hands behind her back, unsure if was for comfort or to fight the urge to touch them. This was not the first time she had found herself pinned thusly, but instead of the anger that she usually felt, she found herself to be almost shy.

Ian reached down and twisted the lock into place, his arm brushing hers, causing slight tremor to run through her. “Why are you here, pretty girl?” he asked, his voice reminding her of cinnamon hard candy, hot and sweet, heating your tongue as it melted.

Her bones felt the same as his eyes followed the lines of her body, flaring bright with intensity. It was almost as if he possessed phantom hands that followed steadily behind that honeyed observation. She shivered at the thought. “I was skipping PE,” she managed to say quietly. Her gaze went to Liam as he pulled the student ID from the pocket of her white uniform shirt. Unlike Ian, his eyes retained their chill as he studied the card in his hand. She felt a strange need to warm them, wondering to herself if it were even possible. Aliya felt very confused a slightly fearful of her own thoughts.

“Aliya Thompson, class A, junior hall.” His tone was low and deep, definitely a dark chocolate that coated your mouth in rich sweetness, another favorite of hers. She had no idea why she thought of candy when they spoke, but the images remained despite herself.

Liam watched her, carefully taking in everything. Inside, he was thrilled. This was actually the girl he had just done research on only days before. It seemed she had broken his records on the junior test scores, all of them. That alone made her worthy of his attention. The strength of his stare made her tense up, warmth rushing through her body as her heart sped.

“The Aliya you have been obsessing over?” Ian asked, his fingers beginning to play with the ribbon in her hair.

“The same,” he replied, his hand gently trailing down her face until her tipped her chin up, her wide eyes meeting theirs. A light blush colored her cheeks at the way that they were looking at her. Ian slowly pulled the ribbon from her hair until it fell in golden waves to her waist. Ally fidgeted anxiously and started to push it back. He stopped her, catching her hand. Gently, he rubbed the inside of her wrist, feeling the speeding of her pulse under his fingertips. “Leave it, please,” he said as softly as his touch had been. Letting her go, he turned to Liam. “I will make the call.” Their eyes flashed in silent agreement.

Ally rubbed her wrist where his touch lingered, trying to stop the tingling sensation left there. She felt warm, very warm. It was as if she had just stepped into the comfort of home after being in the snow for hours. She looked down, away from them and the disturbing thoughts that they brought with them. It was not that she had never felt such things before, she knew lust, attraction, and even longing, but never combined with this frightening sort of need added to a strange feeling of comfort. All from just being near them. It was dizzying.

Never before had Aliya allowed herself to be so completely trapped by others. Not without protesting, fighting, and escaping quickly. She was not sure this time whether to give in or push them away. If it was even physically possible to push them away. Most stunning was that thought did not even scare her, but rather the lack of fear that made her worry about her own mind at this point. “Look, guys. I won’t tell anyone you were here,” she told them quietly, “I could just get out of your way if you wanted…”

“That is the last thing we want, little Aliya.” Liam said, his low voice making her face heat worse than it already had.

“You caught our attention, pretty, now you must take responsibility for it.” Ian brushed her red cheek, a smile softening his face before he backed away, cell phone in hand.

Liam took his place, completely blocking her in. He leaned close to her, his breath hot on her neck. “You smell like cherries, beautiful Aliya.” He burned to touch her, her scent was so sweet and subtle. Even her soft voice lit him up inside. He did not know how much longer he could maintain the cold composer that he was so famous for. A feeling like this had only occurred once before and just as he had then, he would lay claim on the one who had caused it.

“I…” Ally pressed herself back into the door. With him that close, she was having even more trouble thinking clearly. “I am not beautiful,” she uttered, having no idea why.

“You are,” Ian commented from behind Liam. She took his breath away. She fit them perfectly, he knew it with certainty. If she hadn’t realized it herself just yet, it would be a great pleasure to prove it to her. Smiling, his hands went to the buttons on Liam’s shirt. He watched her face carefully, loving the way her eyes immediately followed his movement as he undid each one. “We are happy to show you just how much we think so, sweet cherry girl.”

Liam just grinned as his shirt was pulled away. As always, Ian and he were of the same mind. They never did without what they wanted these days, and they wanted her very much.

She watched silently as Liam also stripped the shirt from Ian. Ally was completely spell bound. The sight of well-toned muscles and the way Liam’s lighter skin only seemed to compliment Ian’s darker tan where they touched each other was fascinating to her. Curiosity stole more of her fear away, wondering with near excitement where those hands would travel next. She pushed away from the door, half way wondering what they would do.

Liam caught her instantly, pulling her back against him. She gasped lightly at the heat coming through her clothing from his bare chest. Ally’s knees felt weak as Ian led them deeper into the room. Completely giving in, she relaxed in his arms. Being honest with herself, if she were going to protest or try to fight, she would have begun long before now. It was far too late for that.

“Good girl,” Liam whispered to her, strong arms tightening around her.

Stopping by the old couch, Liam continued to hold her as Ian faced her. He gave into the desire he had from the moment he had released its ribbon and ran his fingers through her hair, loving the silken weight of it in his hands. He eyed her intently, the sweet smile appearing again on him, making her catch her bottom lip between her teeth reflexively. The amber color of his eyes glowed hotly as he ran his thumb across it. “Couch Cal said to tell you that he is sorry you are feeling unwell,” he traced down her jawline, slowly moving to her throat, “he has complete confidence that Liam and I will see you home safely.”

Her pulse raced more as Liam’s hands moved down her sides to rest firmly on the curve of her hips. “And will you?” she asked, resting easily against Liam as Ian reached for the top button of her shirt.

Ian just smirked as he undid the first and second buttons, his fingers brushing across her skin with every motion. “Tell me, sweet,” he undid another, “have you ever been touched before?” Normally it would not matter to him one way or another, but he wanted her to be theirs completely, knowing no other intimate touch. Liam’s eyes met his, also intently waiting for her to answer. Her shirt fell open to revel a white lace bra that stood out against her naturally tanned skin. Ian pushed it easily off her shoulders, Liam tossing it to the floor. “Aliya?” Ian prompted.

“No,” she said, trembling now. Liam’s arms came back around her waist, pulling her close to him again. She leaned back on him, her eyes half closing from the skin to skin contact. Ally could not tell if it was a chill from lack of clothing, nerves, or something else causing her slight shaking, but him holding her helped.

“I am willing to bet the school is unaware of this.” Ian was thrilled to see the small golden hoop at her navel. His fingers glanced across her ribs and smooth stomach until he touched that gold. Then he dropped his hand down and slowly traced above the waistband of her skirt, making her shiver. “Shall we test her honesty, cousin?” he looked at Liam.

“Yes,” he replied, tightening his arms around her, his right going across her chest. The left went across her waist until his fingers lightly played with the hoop Ian had found.

Aliya felt hot. She had a tight, throbbing feeling just below where Liam’s left hand rested. Her body tensed and she grabbed onto his right arm with both hands. He held her securely as Ian’s hand slowly slipped down into her skirt and matching lace panties.

She made no move to stop him, just watched him as he watched for her reactions. Her eyes opened widely as he cupped her, his fingers running over the little bud he found. Their color darkened as he continued to play, liking the way her head dropped back against Liam’s chest. Keeping eye contact, he eased inside of her, pushing steadily until he met the thin barrier that he had been searching for. Satisfaction went through him as he briefly pressed against it, until he felt her knees give. Liam held her solidly, enjoying the feel of her, as Ian withdrew from her body. Still meeting her gaze, he licked his middle finger. “Honest and sweet.” He offered his hand to Liam who sucked the rest of her wetness off of him.

“Very sweet,” he agreed as he started to slide her bra straps down. “What about your lips, Aliya?” his voice was husky, the warm sound different from before, “have you ever been kissed, little cherry?” he asked, his breath stirring her hair as he placed a kiss on her neck.

Ally felt like she was floating in a warm haze. “No,” she answered truthfully. She had never let anyone close enough to try until now. She dropped her hands from his arm. He took the opportunity to completely push her bra straps off her arms, caressing her as he did so.

Ian undid her skirt, his hands gliding over the back of her legs as he pushed it to the floor. She stepped out of it and he tossed it to where her shirt lay discarded on the floor. He ran his finger along the bottom of her bra, slipping under the center of it. Liam quickly unhooked the material, allowing Ian to pull it off of her.

Liam brushed her hair back, tipping her head until she was looking at him. Placing his hand on her neck, his thumb tenderly traced her jawline. Ian followed the curve of her hips, slowly gliding upward, making her breath catch. Liam pulled her even closer, placing his lips upon hers, his tongue following the seam of her lips. Ian’s large hands then covered her naked breasts, his palms lightly teasing her nipples. Ally gasped, allowing Liam to thrust his tongue fully into her mouth. She moaned, instinctively matching him. Fire raced through him at her wiling touch, adding strength to his hold, pulling her even closer to him.

“Must be very pleasing for you to react so strongly.” Ian said as they broke away. He was enjoying watching them while he teased her body. He wrapped his arms around both of them, pinning her firmly between. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding tightly for support. The things that they were doing made her crazy, weak, and wanting.

“The sweetest I have ever found,” Liam replied, meaning it. He released her to Ian’s care and moved away to prepare a place for them.

The cold on her back from his absence made her arch into Ian. He kissed her deeply, his hands tangling in her long, dark hair. Ally felt like she was melting where she stood. A painful need built within her. With their every touch, it grew greater, consuming her thoughts.

Ian broke away with a husky laugh. It was like lightning in his blood, something he had never gotten from a kiss. “We have to keep her,” he commented to Liam when he came for them.

“Agreed,” he said, whole heartedly. She belonged to them now.

They each took her hand and led her to the blankets Liam had placed on the floor. Ian sat down, pulling her with him. He held her close as they watched Liam strip away his clothes. Feeling shy and flushed, Ally started to look away, but Ian did not allow it. “Eyes wide open, little cherry,” he whispered, his touch leaving warm trails down her skin. Obeying, her eyes followed every movement as he unbuttoned his pants and they slid off his hips to the floor.

Liam joined them. He had felt her eyes upon him like a caress. Drawing her to him, he kissed her again with more force than he had before. She clung to him, gasping as he released her lips. They both turned to watch Ian as he shed his clothing, coming quickly back to them.

They placed her between them, taking turns capturing her mouth, not giving her time to think of what might be coming next. They made their way lower, down her neck and chest to her breasts. Their mouths found her at the same time, along with the gentle stroking of their hands had her near screaming.

Liam moved farther downward, leaving a burning line across her stomach. As Ian claimed her lips once more, Liam slid his hand into her panties, not stopping until he slipped a finger inside her. At the same time, his warm tongue went across her navel. Instantly, her body tightened around him, making him grin against her belly.

Ally moaned into Ian’s mouth. Liam rose up a little, allowing his cousin to turn her slightly. Ian ran his fingers down her spine while his other hand found her hip, holding her firmly where he wanted her. Following her curves with his hand, he slipped into the back of her lace underwear. He then pushed into her with Liam, moving in and out with him until he was covered with her wetness.

She jerked slightly when he pulled out and started to circle the back of her. His hand tightened on her hip. “Easy,” he breathed against her back, laying another kiss there. He pressed down, gradually filling her until she relaxed to his touch. The feeling was strange, but not entirely unpleasant to her. Kissing her back, he matched his movements to Liam’s thrusting fingers.

Aliya felt herself tighten down on them, her body craving more as she moaned for them. She held onto Liam, her hands curling into his sides. It felt like she would shatter at any moment.

They withdrew together, neither willing to wait any longer. Aliya was so responsive to them, urging them on with her tempting flesh and voice. Ian drug her panties off, tossing them out of the way while Liam laid down. He pulled her on top of him, her knees resting on either side of his hips. She automatically braced herself, placing her hands on his chest. She quivered, splayed wide open to them as she was making her feel vulnerable. Ally was fully aware that what they were doing involved some pain, but she also knew that it would be worth it with them.

Ian rose behind her. Both men braced her hips, their hands over lapping to hold her still. They then rubbed against her and each other, covering themselves in her moist heat. Then they carefully pressed into her, making her quake more. They were slowly stretching her, going farther with each small thrust, a pleasure and torment bred together.

Liam came to the small wall within her. The pressure of it caused a small shot of pleasure mixed pain to go through her. She held her breath, trying not to tense. “Fast or slow, Aliya,” Liam offered her, his voice strained.

“Fast,” she said, breathlessly. She wanted all of them, despite what was coming.

They both strengthened their grasp, unwilling to let her move away from them even for a moment. They withdrew a little, then plunged within her quickly, until they were both fully seated inside her. Aliya groaned loudly, Liam catching with a kiss. Her body went taunt, her breath coming in quiet pants, but she did not try to move away. The sharp pain was soon gone, leaving behind it a low burn and the amazing way they felt deep inside her. She relaxed in degrees, beginning to notice how tensely they held themselves still.

Liam and Ian were struggling not to move, trying to give her time to grow accustom to the way they filled her. It was difficult, her heat surrounding them, her trembling body arousing them farther.

Aliya closed her eyes, feeling the way that they were wedged within her, the pain already forgotten. Giving into the desire to, she squeezed her inner muscles, gratified by their breathy moans. Want was building again and her body screaming at her to move. Sliding back, she pushed them even deeper, all of them gasping as she shifted against them.

Liam kissed her hard, his hands twisting in her hair. Her hands slid up to his chest to grip his shoulders. Ian spread hot kisses and nips across her back, his hands coming around to cover her breasts. They could not get enough of her skin, already addicted to the taste and feel of her. Their arms held her powerfully as they began to move together. They plunged into her, over and over, longer, deeper, harder with every thrust. She could feel them growing even larger within her.

Beyond caring if they were heard, the room filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and moaning. Bliss coursed through her, making her scream hoarsely. Her body shuddered, clamping down on both of them. They continued to thrust hard into her, their fingers digging into her hips until they filled her with heated fluid, their hardness twitching within giving her another small release. They continued to hold her securely until she calmed, collapsing against Liam’s chest.

Ally listened to his heart beat as it steadied. She felt weighted and drowsy, like she had spent the whole day in a heated swimming pool doing laps. Ian’s breath was warm upon her back and their hands still roamed over her gently. She idly wondered if she ever wanted to move again.

Ian pulled out of her, hissing, his flesh now overly sensitive. She winced at the sting it left behind, feeling him collapse on the blanket beside them. Liam held her closely, turning to the side so that she lay between them, slipping out of her as he did so. Ally bit her lip, stopping another small sound from escaping. He then pulled a blanket over the three of them before he and Ian wrapped around her and each other.

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