The Girlfriend Experience in Somosa

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Lonely middle-aged men. Beautiful, submissive 18-Year-Old girls. Welcome to Bachelor's Paradise on the Island of Somosa!

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: A New Job and a New Game

There is a saying the men have in my country: “Heaven and Hell meet between a maiden’s legs.” When they say it, they laugh and slap each other on the back and the older women blush.

My name is Layla, and I live in the lush, island nation of Somosa. Somosan women are renowned for being petite beauties. We have high, round breasts, pert little bottoms and smooth olive skin. We smile shyly with our almond shaped eyes and full, luscious mouths. Like most Somosan woman, I wear my hair dark and wavy down to the small of my back.

The day I turn 18, Grandma tells me that it is time for me to marry. But I do not wish to! There’s got to be more to life than my small village. There’s just got to!

Luckily, I receive a birthday card from my cousin, Una, who has gone away to work as a translator.

Dear Layla,

My lovely cousin, I write to tell you about the chance of a lifetime…”

As I read Una’s letter beneath a swaying palm tree, I can hardly believe my good fortune! My older cousin has secured for me a job as a translator, working someplace called “Bachelor’s Paradise”. Una says I will get to meet men from all over the world who come to explore our lovely island, as well as hospitality from sweet Samosan girls. Una tells me the job is now free because one of the American men has asked her to marry.

“Not many of the girls here speak English very well, Layla. Your translation skills will be very much in demand! Remember, you are fresh and innocent; the world will be your classroom! Just be obedient to your elders and open to new experiences and you will go far.”

Three days later, I am walking down the main road that will lead me to the resort. If I have to walk, it will take me 9 hours. No buses run that route and my family does not have money for taxi fare.

However, my mother has packed me a wonderful picnic basket. “Do not eat it, my daughter. Wait for a cab driver to come along, and tell him you will share your food with him in exchange for a ride. How could he refuse?”

I have been walking for two hours in the blazing Samosan sun when finally, I hear a taxi behind me. I wave it down with both arms, feeling my breasts jiggle beneath my thin dress.

The cab stops. An old man with grey hair and sharp eyes is driving.

“Where are you headed, girl?”

“Please sir, I’m going to the new resort in the valley to start a job.”

“That will be 10 pelos.”

10 pelos! A family could eat for two weeks with that kind of money. I hold up my picnic basket and smile.

“Please, sir, if you allow me to ride with you, you can share all that I have.”

The old man smiles then, looking my slender body up and down. “All that you have, you say?” He asks. I nod eagerly.

Soon, we are on our way to the city! It is my very first cab ride, and so exciting to see the forests and villages rush by. Soon however, my eyes begin to grow heavy. I had been too excited to sleep much last night. And that, combined with my two hour walk, has made me exhausted. I am soon fast asleep.

I wake up to the strangest feeling: with his free hand, the old cab driver is touching me! Feigning sleep, I force myself to lie still as I feel the long fingered hand cup first my left breast, then my right. He gives both a long squeeze. Then, the hand begins to slowly slide down my belly.

The hand forces its way between my soft thighs. To my surprise, the man pushes one finger into the hot, moist flesh of my most private area! His finger feels dry and hard.

“Aaah, a sweet, tight maiden. So pure. So innocent. Your young hips are wiggling, my sweet. Do you like my touch?”

The fingers now rubbing between my legs felt so ticklish and strange that my buttocks cannot help squirming in the seat. I feel the hand leave my mound and travel slowly back to my breasts.

“Aah, now your nipples are hard! We must pull off and find a spot to picnic. I’ve never been so hungry…”

When the cab pulls off the main road into the tropical forest, the old man needs both hands to steer. I am relieved when he takes his hand away from my body, and stops his rubbing and stroking.

“Why have we stopped, sir?” I ask, pretending to be just waking up. I feel the old man’s eyes on my breasts as I stretch.

“I want to try some of what you have to offer.” The old man says with a smile. We have parked in a clearing deep in the forest. A clear blue stream lies a few feet away. “But before our picnic, let’s wash ourselves.”

In my village, usually, the men and women wash separately. But as I move downstream, the taxi driver keeps a firm grip on my arm and tells me that would not be safe. I am to wash next to him.

I can feel the old man’s eyes on me as I lift my dress to splash cold water on my thighs and between my legs. He sucks in his breath as I unbutton my thin dress to freshen my upper body.

The old man is skinny and sun-browned, with a slight paunch in his lower belly. I blush to see the outline of his man-part hard against his khaki shorts. Strange how I don’t remember seeing it before!

When we are done, he pulls me to his body and says, “How about a hug and a kiss for a friend who is doing you such a kind favor?”

Before I can answer, Old Man kisses me on the mouth like a groom! Then he kisses my face, my neck and even my breasts. I am so surprised to see the grey head bobbing at my breasts as he kisses each nipple several times.

“Please sir, we should probably eat…” I whisper.

“Ahh, I am so hungry, I forgot about the food.” The old man chuckles. Before I can ask what he means, he lowers his head to kiss both of my nipples once more, then takes me by the hand and leads me back to land.

The old man spreads a blanket on the grass as I lay out the food. There is fruit, meat pies, noodles and a spicy salad. We both eat hungrily and then drink from the stream. Then the old man says, “I have a surprise.”

From the back of his car, he removes a box of frosted cakes that have melted a bit in the sun.

“Oh, they look delicious!” I clap my hands. “Could I have one, sir?” Usually, we only have cake during festival times. I just can’t get enough of the sweetness.

“Of course you may. But let’s play a game…” The old man unzips his pants and pulled out his soft member. Then he picks up one of the cakes, scoops off all the icing with his finger, and smears it on himself, until his tool is covered in thick white frosting.

“Now, my dear, you can have all the icing you want.”

I do not know if it is the right thing to do, to put my mouth on the part that rests between his legs. But I remembered Una’s letter, telling me I must be obedient to my elders.

The old man lay on the blanket and held his floppy member in his hand, waiting for me. I got on all fours and crawled over to him. When I reach him, still on my hands and knees, he takes his hand and pulls my head down to his lap.

“Now open your mouth, nice and wide, so I can slip my cock in.” When I obey, the old man lifts his hips and slips his man-part into my mouth.

The minute I taste the sweetness, I begin sucking and licking the old man hungrily. I move my head up and down his member, licking and slurping all the icing until his member is shiny with my saliva. The old man covers his tool with icing three more times. He puts the most icing on the top of his man-part, which is thick like a mushroom head. I fasten my mouth to the head and suck and suck.

The old man lays on his back, legs wide open and moaning loudly. “Oh, you virgin slut! Suck me! Suck my tool, lick it, lap it with that little pink tongue!”

He also takes some icing and covers the hard sack beneath his tool. I suck and lick that too as he groans, “Do you feel these old balls, hard and full in your mouth? They’ve been full for too long, and I’m about to empty them between those thighs of yours…”

As I suck the old man, I notice it gets harder and harder to get his tool into my mouth. He has grown so big I feel him stretching my jaws. He jerks his skinny hips upwards, again and again, holding my head in place to keep me still. I feel the long, skinny cock hit the back of my throat and I start to gag.

The old man laughs as he slowly pulls his long tool from my wet mouth.

“You will have to learn to soften your throat, my maiden.” He chuckles.

“But sir, why has your man’s part grown so large?” I ask, as he pulls me to my feet. We both look down and the hard rod jutting from his skinny body in a nest of grey hair. The old man strokes it proudly.

“It’s because of your greedy mouth, girl. You’ve made it big, so you will have to put it back to normal.” As he speaks, the old man reaches down and pulls my dress clear over my head. I gasp with shock as he grabs me hard by my shoulders, kissing my breasts again.

Old Man pushes me to the ground. He looks like a giant, standing over me and slowly, kicking off his clothes so that he is completely naked too. Then he falls on top of me.

With one hand, he positions his hard tool between my legs. I lift my head to watch the skinny hips shift back and forth as he expertly tests my tightness with his fat cockhead.

“You are dry, but your mouth has made my cock so wet, it should go right in.”

With that, the old man plants his mouth onto mine. He thrusts his tongue inside, just as he thrust his rod in moments before. I push against him, but he grabs my wrists and pushes them into the grass. Immobilized beneath his body, I am at his mercy.

Opening my eyes again, I see the old man’s bony hips arch over my young mound, his long, spit-wet cock pointed at me like an arrow.

I try to sit up, but he pushes me back down, thrusting hard between my legs. He plunges into me, tearing through my tightness and driving deep into my soft, fresh flesh. He keeps his mouth fastened onto mine, and his groans of pleasure are the only sounds the forest hears.

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