My Idol My Love

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This story about love between idol and his fan.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1. Fan, stranger and pair bracelet.

This story is about a fan whose dream is to see her idol. But the fact is that they are with everything from different countries, from different worlds. They both have different attitudes towards life with everything. Although our heroine is strong in character, although she has a strong fighting spirit, she still loves to live in her fantasies. While our hero lives in reality, and he has the most strict character. But despite this, will our heroine be able to see her idol? And what happens if they meet?
Let's move on to getting to know our heroes. Our heroine's name is Farida Abdullaeva. She lives in Azerbaijan. Although she is Muslim, she still respects all religions. She is 18 years old. Our heroine was a little plump girl. She just graduated from high school and took the entrance exams. The life of our heroine is also not easy. You will find out about this later. She studied many foreign languages. Farida loves computers. She herself learned a lot about computers. And he wants to become a programmer. And one of the most important facts about our heroine is that she is a famous sportswoman. She practices aikido.
The father of our heroine pampered her well, but in his studies he was a dream and with her brother he was very strict. He always supported her in everything. Now she wants to study abroad away from her family. But despite this, her family is not against studying in another country. Because they know that she will not only be able to live there herself, but she will be able to study better and fulfill her dreams.
Let's now talk about our main character. After all, we did not say where our hero came from. Our hero lives in Korea. He is a famous actor. Everyone loves and respects him. It is good in many ways, also in cooking. He would make a great cook. The name of our protagonist is Kwon WooHil. He is 23 years old. We have already described the character from above. He comes from a powerful family. He is now filming a new series.
Our hero has two best childhood friends. They are also actors. And their names are Lee Hyungyu and Woo Sung Hwa. These three friends always support each other in everything. They are like water. They know each other's secrets. How will their friendship affect the relationship of our heroes?

Let's go back to our Farida, because she entered one of the best universities in Korea. Now, after entering the university, Farida feels one step closer to his dream of seeing an idol. But friends, I want to tell you that everything can change in the blink of an eye. What awaits her after arriving in Korea?

Now she has already arrived in Korea. At the airport, Farida was to be met by her friends. She met them via the Internet while she was in Azerbaijan. The four of them are Kim Seo Kyung and Kim So Jin, they were twins and they are from Korea. Li Zing Hao and Ming XiaoXi from China. But somehow they were late. She decided to wait for them. During this time, she decided to buy herself a drink. When she went to get a drink, she ran into one man wearing a black cap and mask. As if he was avoiding someone. When they collided, the bracelet that was on Farida's wrist accidentally broke and fell into the man's pocket. But she didn’t notice it. This bracelet was made by Farida herself, they were paired bracelets. She made them for herself and her idol. After a while, her friends arrived. And they left the airport.

So, our heroine first went to the Azerbaijani embassy in Korea to finish the case with the documents. After the embassy, she went to the university to complete the registration. Farida arrived in Korea 6 months earlier, because in Korea and Azerbaijan, the starting time for classes is different. Then friends helped her get a job in the hostel. She was in the same room with her friends. Farida and her friends entered different faculties besides Kim So Kyun. He was with her in the same faculty. After that, friends showed her the university.

Since she had arrived earlier, she decided to find a job. Farida wanted to earn extra money before class began. Yes! She is a scholarship student to study at the expense of the state, but she wanted to help her family. After all, in a year, her brother should also go to university. Thanks to her knowledge of many foreign languages, she was able to find a job in one travel agency. She began working as a translator for foreign tourists. This went on for several months. Every day after work, she and her friends walked around the city, went to see new places. But every day she hoped to see her idol. In addition to all this, she trained diligently to the groove because of the competition. After all, there will be competitions in China soon. Since she was returning to the hostel late, she decided to move out of the hostel. Farida earned good money and could afford to rent an apartment.

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