Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 9


I was extremely nervous as I sat on the throne of my kingdom, everyone was filing in to watch Harlow and Nadine fight. Nadine was one of my best warriors and excellent at combat in any form. Harlow only knows combat from small training session from my beta and gamma. But they can teach her so much in a short amount of time.

My bets cleared his throat and I was snapped out of my thoughts "Alpha, everyone is here at the arena" Daxton said and I nod and stood up off my throne and step forward and raised my hand. Everyone was chatting and they stopped and gave me their attention "Ladies and Gentleman, we gather here to witness Harlow and Nadine fight for the crown and to be my mate." I announced with a loud voice.

"Bring out the two contestants" I said and the door opens and Harlow and Nadine walk out side by side. Both looking very confident and strong females. "Nadine and Harlow, may the goddess provide you both with wisdoms and strength for this combat." I said and Nadine bows to me "Thank you alpha" and Harlow nods "Thank you my love" she said and I felt my Monster growl slightly, he was worried for her and so was I.

Nadine and Harlow were now face to face with a stern look on both faces and they were glaring at each other. They slowly raised their hands and shook and then back away from each other so they were nice space from them to circle each other. "You both may commence with this fight. Best of luck!" I said went back to my seat as a maid poured me a wine glass.

They both starts to circle each other, some people were shouting Nadine name and some weren't. Nadine makes the first move and tries to kick Harlow but Harlow dodges it and punches Nadine into he face. Nadine stumbles back and grins. Harlow then strikes again with some punches and kicks but Nadine dodges it all and gives Harlow a upper cut which knock Harlow on her butt.

I was shook from this and was trying my best to calm my beast before he takes control and kills Nadine. Nadine takes this chance and punches Harlow over and over again when she was sitting on Harlow. Harlow was doing her best to cover her face but she was bleeds and was slowly conscious and I was getting more and more worried. Nadine wasn't letting up as she hit Harlow she was laughing and the some of the crowd was cheering her on.
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