Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 10


Nadine was pounding her fist into my face and I couldn't get her off of me, I was starting to black out and I knew it wasn't just Nadine hitting me it was her wolf who was kinda in control of her body. She knew she had to keep this a human fight but she was cheating, was this girl that desperate for the throne? And my mate? I couldn't see anymore since the blood was getting into my eyes.

Oh my god I finally meet someone that was meant for me and someone was gonna take him from me. Why? Don't I deserve to be happy god? I never did anything bad to anyone but I suffered so much because of other. Why is this happening to me? Why aren't I strong enough, I couldn't hold on anymore. I blacked out from the pain and I was drowned into blackness "Grayson, I'm sorry" I said before I full blacked out.

I saw a light and I wondered if Nadine actually killed me? I walk toward the light and saw a beautiful women looking at me. She had long blonde hair and was magically looking she looked at me and smile "Hello Harlow" she said softly "Oh uh hello miss?" She giggled "I suppose you don't know who I am. I am Selene the moon goddess" I said and I gasp and bow "I'm so sorry goddess" she laughs and waved me off "Don't be I am actually here to talk to you" I nodded.

"Like Grayson said I was watching this fight and Nadine is cheating. She letting her wolf fight for her instead of her so I deem that you should have wolf strength as well" she said smirking, I gaped at her "but I'm a human, I won't have that till Grayson turns me.. well if he does" I said sadly.

"My dear don't lost hope, I choose you for him and you will proceed as plan. I'm just giving you a boost since there is fraud happening in this combat." She said "Why did you choose me?" I asked and she shakes her head "that is for another time, for now you will go back and win your throne" she said and with that I opens my eyes and felt my face heal and my eyes felt weird but I quickly got up and saw Nadine being cheer on and she didn't have her guard up.

So I got up and tackled her and she growled and I growled back and punched her with all my might, she managed to knock me off but I kick her face and wrap my arm around her throat and choke her. She eventually taps out and I let her god and she gasp for air. "Say it now" I said in a stern tone.

She coughs still trying to get air into her lungs "I submit to you Luna, forgive me?" She said softly and I nod and looks to Grayson. Who is looking at me with shock and I looks to Daxton and nod to him "THE WINNER IS HARLOW" Daxton screams and the crowed cheers me on. I slowly felt weak again and fainted back into sleep.
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