Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 11


"Grayson, I'm sorry" I heard her say quietly and my wolf howls as she blacks out. I grip my seat as I see Nadine cheering herself on as she won this fight. I felt a tightness in my heart and I also wanted to cry for my mate that was bloody and bruised. Daxton looked at me concerned but then the most weirdest thing happened, Harlow got up and it look like her wounds were healing like a werewolf.

Her eye were glowing gold and that shocked me and I wasn't the only one there were many people that gasped at her appearance. She tackled Nadine and beat the shit out of till Nadine submitted. I was proud of my mate but I was shocked her eye were glowing, how was she doing that. She just a human.. right?

Then I heard Daxton scream the victor name and I saw Harlow faint and I rushed to her and carried her to the infirmary where the doctor and nurses helped her. Most of her wounds were healed she was just tried and need rest till she was ready to wake up.

I stayed with her till she woke up the next day "ughhh what going on?" She woke up holding her head, I poured her water and gave it to her and mind link the doctor that she was awake. "You fainted when you won and you are in the infirmary" I told her. She nods and then she gasped "I won!?!" She said smiling and I nodded back and smiled.

"Yes my love you did. You won and you will proceed of becoming the queen and my mate." I said proudly and she smiles showing me her teeth. I kisses her and she kisses me back and we are interrupted by the doctor "Hello Alpha and hello Luna, I am Dr. Hermès" my head doctors come. He was a tall, fit man with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Hello Doctor" my mare says softly, "do you feel any pain Luna?" She shakes her head slowly. "Well I think you are okay to leaves the infirmary then. If anything starts to hurt come back okay?" He said and she nods again. Hermès takes his leave as he bows to us, I carried Harlow back to the bedroom where the maid where making she a bath and we're going get her ready for dinner time.
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