Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 12


Tomorrow the day, the day of my Luna ceremony and the night that Grayson will turn me into a werewolf. I was extremely nervous, a lot of people was coming to witness this ceremony and I was also gonna meet Graysons parents. They were coming tonight to meet me before my ceremony and they would stay to support Grayson and I.

Apparently the combat between Nadine and I got out and people were surprised that I defeated her. They respect me more even though many of the packs haven't met me. I was to wear a big white gown and then after Grayson marks me and injects me with the wolf serum I would be transforming into werewolf within the week time. Grayson reassured me that he would be with me every step of the way.

Madam Hannah fit so much knowledge into my head that I knew more then Grayson can Remember. I was getting ready for dinner when the maid said "Luna, the former kings and queen is here" I gasped but composed myself "Take me to them immediately" I said the maid nods and I follow her.

As we walked down the hall toward the entrance I saw Grayson, Daxton and Maxwell greeting an older looking couple. The man looked like an older version of Grayson and the small old women look a lot like him as well, I assume they were his parents "Father and mother this is my mate Harlow" Grayson introduced me and I came closer and shook their hands, they smiled and nodded "Welcome to the family Harlow, I am Louisa and this is my mate Thomas" I nodded "pleasure to meet both of you" I said smiling.

They nodded and go rest in their room as dinner was still being prepared, once dinner was set and everyone filled Into the room, Daxton quieted the room. "Everyone tomorrow is the night we welcome our Luna queen into our packs. So I want everything done perfectly, all the decorations and feast to be perfect tomorrow night." Grayson announced. Everyone cheer and I blushed as Grayson kissed my head and we began to eat.
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