Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 13


I was being scrub from top to bottom by my maids, they were working hard and diligently. They were hurting me but it did feel funny. After washing my body and drying my body and hair. They proceeded to get me ready, I had a beautiful white gown to wear and it had gold embroidery over it.

My hair was pinned half up and half down, my lips were painted red and I had light makeup done to me. I was beyond nervous about what was going to happen in the matter of hours. I was gonna become Queen and also become a werewolf.

Louisa came into my room to see if anything else need to be added to my dressing. "Oh my! You look so beautiful Harlow" she said and I blushed "Thank you Louisa" she smirked and made sure everything was done properly. As we walked outside since it was taking place under the full moon, I walked bare foot on the grass. Louisa was in front of me and my maid were behind me.

Everyone was there and many I didn't recognize were there as well. "Many alphas are here to see their Alpha King mate." Louisa said softly to me and I nodded. Grayson was speaking to his father and someone else when he turned and gasped himself. He looked at me from up to down and up again. "You look marvelous love" he said and I blushed again and he open his arms and I walked into them.

We chatted with many people and I was introduced to many different Alpha's and their Luna's. Many were welcoming and many were just quiet and brooding. Daxton and Maxwell got on the stage and quiet everyone, Grayson and I made our way to the start and we looked at our pack and guest.

"Fellow wolves, thank you all for attending this ceremony. We come together to witness the Luna ceremony of the royal pack. Harlow and Grayson please step up" an elder said that was standing on the stage. "Luna Harlow, I am Elder Kennedy. I will be preform you ceremony tonight" he said and I nodded.

He take a golden goblet and a knife, he pours a bit wine into the goblet and hands it Grayson. Grayson takes it and cuts his palm and drips blood into the goblet and look at me and I handed him my hand and he did it for me. I was to squeamish to do it myself and Hannah already told me about this part so I was ready for it. As my blood dripped Into the goblet, Grayson smirks at me and licks my hand.

I blushed deeply and smile softly at him, Kennedy then pours more wine and then ties a red ribbons around our hand and the goblets. "Moon goddess, witness this ceremony and bless these two and our packs. Do you Harlow take the responsibilities of a Luna and accept Grayson as your mate?" "Yes I do" I said immediately and he nods "Grayson do you entrust Harlow with the duties of the Luna and accept her as your mate?" "I accept " Grayson said nodding.

"Now Sip from the goblet and it will finalize the ceremony." Kennedy said, so Grayson take a big gulp and then hands me the goblet. I also take a big gulp and swallow the wine and blood. "The ceremony had commenced then, alpha king Grayson you may mark Luna Harlow" Kennedy said and steps away from us.

Grayson pulls me closer and smiles down at me and move my hair from my neck and leans in, I was weirdly calm as he kisses my neck and whisper "Don't worry love, I will take care of you forever" he said and he bite me at the crook of my neck. I gasped and held him as his fangs were deep in my neck. He lets my neck go and licks my new bite mark. I look up at him as his eyes were glowing and I felt sleepy immediately "Go to sleep my Luna" he whispers and I felt into darkness.
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