Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 14


She laid on the bed and it's been a week since I turned her and she hasn't woken up. After two day she started a bad fever and I was deeply worried for her. I called the Pack doctor check her and Hermès came in and stay for two minutes and said "It the change, it will take time since her body adjusting and she will wake up when it's time" he said and left.

It's been 5 days since then and I haven't left her side since then, I eat and drink wine as I stare at her sleeping form. "My love? Can you hear me? I need you to wake up. I need you" I said desperately. She doesn't move and I gave and fell asleep. I heard someone breathing hard and it woke me up because the only two were Harlow and I in the room.

I light the room and saw Harlow panting and sweating and I put a hand on her forehead and she was not as a flame. "Harlow, my love wake up" I said shaking her softly and she moans a bit and opens her eyes slowly "Gr-Grayson?" She said and I smile and she gets up and I hand her water and she drowns it again like she did last time I gave her water after her battle with Nadine.

"What's happened?" She said in a raspy voice, "you've been asleep for a week since I marked you" I told her and she gasp "A week? Why?" "According to Hermès you body was adjusting to the change" she nods and get up, as soon as she did she fell and started to scream bloody murder. Guards came running in thinking we was under attack. I didn't know what was happening, "CALL HERMÈS NOW!!" I yelled and held a crying Harlow.

Hermès came in running a little later and so did my parents "What going on? Who screaming?" My mother said "Harlow is, what wrong with her?" I asked Hermès. He looks at me "She shifting, we need to get her outside" he said and I didn't wait, I grabbed Harlow as she pants and groans in pain and run outside.

As I put her down on the grass, I mind link Daxton to keep the garden clear from any one till further notice. Harlow screams again but this time her bones crack and break and she shifts into a beautiful white wolf, she rolls around and jumps up and down. "Harlow can you hear me?" I said and she looks up at me and barks. "Wanna go for a run?" I asked and she barks again. I shift into my big black Wolf and we ran off into the forest.
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