Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 15


The shifting was the most painfully thing I have ever experienced in my life. As I ran through the forest, I saw things I didn't notice before. My senses has heightened and my vision was more focused, I heard Grayson behind me and I turned and saw him flanking me. His big black wolf was much bigger then me but I was much faster.

I ran till I fell into water and when I broke through the surface again I was back into my human form. I walked back toward the land and saw Grayson pacing around on land for me. He looked worried so I rubbed my arm on his head. His fur so soft and silky, he licks my hand and changes back to his human form. I just realized we were both fully naked and I wasn't ashamed to show him my body.

I earned my right as his mate and Queen Luna to his packs. "Did you miss me?" I said and he nods slowly and kisses me "Yes to long you have been asleep my love" he said after breaking the kiss. I smiled and blushed and kisses him some more. He turned back into our wolf forms and ran back toward the kingdom where Daxton had clothing ready for us.

He left and we both got ready and sat in the garden and talked "It was so painful Grayson" I said "the first time always is. But your body with Adjust my love. Give it time" he said consoling me. We went back into the palace after spending some time alone In the garden, Everyone greeted me and I smiled as I was happy so many missed me.

Hermès came in a little later to check on me and confirmed that I was doing good and to tell him if anything abnormal happened. After dinner we laid in bed and cuddle as we were both in our night gowns and I held him and kisses his chest, as I felt a weird sensation inside of me. I never felt like this before but I want Grayson "I can smell your arousal Harlow" Grayson said in a deeply tone.

I looked at him and blushed but I knew what I wanted at that moment.

"I want you" I said softly to him.
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