Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 16


I couldn't hold back the growl I let out in lust, Harlow eye gleam with pleasure and I didn't waste time and kisses her hard. My beast wanted to be let out to finally make love to his mate and I wanted nothing more then that. I slowly touched her softly skinned body and take her night gown off, she doesn't resist me and lets me take control since she wasn't deflower yet.

It gave me more pleasure knowing I would be her first, she moans into my mouth and I groan as I felt myself getting harder that it hurt. I undressed and kisses fowl her body until I was to her wet folds and I spread her lips and saw the shiny substance, she was wet for me but I had to prepare her for my long member.

I stick a finger or two in and suck on her nub, she moans and holds my head as she arched her back in pleasure, I slide my fingers in and out of her and add more fingers she began to tighten around my finger and I knew she was reassuring to cum and I wanted to drink her forbidden liquid.

She came hard moaning my name and she was panting when I laid my length on top of her vagina, she looks down and her eyes widen "You're really big Grayson" she whispers and I smirk "I am but we will take it slowly" I assumed her and she nods and I lift my length off her vagina and position it in front of her entrance and slide in deep.

She gasped and arched her back as she moans loud and holds the bed frame, she looks to me in horror as the pain of herself being deflower happens and she was trying not to cry from it. I waited on her to adjust and she nods and I slowly thrusted into and out of her and she holds me and moans against my ear.

Soon I couldn't hold back anymore and was going hard and making the bed shake and the frame hit the wall. As out skin smacks against each other she bites her lips to hold back from screaming and she once again cums hard and I came with her and filled her up to the brim.

I exit her entrance and saw my sperm leaking out of her and I looks to her as she pants with me with red cheeks, our bodies sweaty and tired, I lay next to her and pull her to my chest as she falls asleep on me and soon I follow into slumber.
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