Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 17


I woke the next morning with pain down my south reign, I felt an heavy arm on me and I look up to see Grayson snoring away with his mouth slight open. I giggle softly and reach up and close his mouth and he grunts and opens his eye. "To early Harlow, go back to bed" I sigh and smile and kisses his cheek, "No it's midday now and it's time to get ready for lunch" I told him taking his arm off and he does a soft low whimper.

I giggle again and put my night gown on as I make us a bubble bath, Grayson soon joins me in the bathroom "We have maid to do this for us" he said in a robe as I was putting flower pedals in the water "I am aware but I want to have just a little more time with just us" I told as I strip my gown off and stood there naked, Grayson again growled and came charging toward me and grabs me and picks me.

He takes his robe off as he picked me up and I kissed him and wrap my arms around his neck as he walked into the tub of warm water and flower pedals and sat down with me straddling him, as he returned my kiss. The water was up to chest and I start to kiss Grayson neck and tilts his head back and let me worship him, I can feel him getting hard. Soon he couldn't hold back and had his way with me in the water and I let him do what he wants and moaned his name the entire time.

We kissed one last time and we got out and got ready and lunch was in our room, we ate and we walked our toward his office where he had pile of work to do. I soon started to help him and as night began to come We was about to call it a night and head back to the room to rest when Maxwell came bursting through the office door.

"The village is on fire" he said and Grayson looked shocked and I gasp. Oh goddess is my family ok? I thought.
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