Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 18


I was running in my wolf form as fast as my paws could I could hear some wolfs flanking me and I knew it was the guards trying to keep up. "Luna please slow down. We don't know what's going on there" one of the guard said but I didn't listen till I was ok the edge of the farm I was raised on. Everything was on fire, I felt my heart tighten from this, my home was burning to the ground.

The wolf guards that finally caught up to me and were astonished like I was, I heard screaming from inside the burning farmhouse and rush in and the guards helped me take my mom and grandparents out of the house. There were shocked that massive wolfs where Helping them, but then I changed into my human form and they were shocked to see it was me.

"Mother oh my god! Are you okay? Where father?" I asked as she held me and cried, "they came from everywhere" she said and my grandparents tried to calm her down "Who?" I heard Grayson voice behind me "the people with the red eyes" my grandfather said to him and the wolfs looked confused and Grayson mind link them to find the other villagers and put the fire out.

Within hours the villagers where safe but hurt and some were dead, everyone was pretty much burned but some houses survived. My father unfortunately didn't make the attack as he tried to defend the family. They bleed him dry and attack many others. I cried for the lost of my father, my mother and grandparents had no one to protect them now. The farm and farmhouse were both gone.

A lot of the warriors came to help but they couldn't restore everything within hours so er brought food, water, blankets, pillows and everyone gathered in the massive dinning hall of the village.
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