Full Moon Sacrifice

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Every 18 years the Wolf king and his people Demand a small village for their 18 year old girls. It is called the full moon sacrifice exchange for the the village of human to stay save from the wolf pack. Harlow 18th birthday is coming up and she must prepare to be the Sacrifice this year. She know once she enters the forest she will never return, since none of the other girls have. She was scared but she was doing this for her little village. Grayson Steele is the Alpha King of his people, his monster or so called wolf has been on edge since they haven’t found their mate. They been waiting for 7 years for her arrival and they hoped the human that would be sacrifice will be the one.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Tomorrow is the night I will be leaving my family forever, in my small village that's hold no more then 80 people where putting a brunch together to say their good byes to me. Majority of my family and friends are older, they have survived what the village horrible has to do every 18 years. On the night of the Full moon a young, virgin girl that is of age which is 18 will be scarified, by being given to the werewolves.

Yes you heard me right werewolves exist and so do vampire and warlocks and witches. Our villages is around the bank of the werewolves King, no one had ever seen him but they heard that he is heartless, cruel and dangerous. When the vampire and werewolves war happen, that's when the King didn't ask for for scarifies. I'm the first one in over 100 year hiatus of them not wanting a girl from this village.

My parents were hard working people and they had farms that feed the family and gave us money to survive. When the black envelope was sent to the mayor of the village everyone was in shock. But it had to be made since they didn't want to suffer under the hands of a Wolf King. They provide us many things as well in exchange, protection from other supernatural and food and sometimes clean water.

I brushed my long black hair and braided it and I put on a plain green gown on as I walk outside. And looked around to see lights and a small feast happening in my honor, I signed and went to find these people. Most of my fellow villagers didn't like me due to my eyes being different colors. I had my mother honey color eye ok my left size and my father marsh green on my right. Many believe I was either a omen or just weird.

My parents mostly kept me inside of the farm house and had me help in the fields to avoid any type of problems. I was bullied a lot as a kid though and it was tough when no had your back. I was lonely most of my childhood since my parents couldn't be with me all the time. I only had my parents and grandparents for support, they always told me to ignore their bullying and to keep my head held high.

As I rounded the corner I saw my main bully Lyba and her nasty boyfriend Parker behind the grand hall making out. They heard me and stopped kissing to look at me and Lyba smirked at me "Well look who it is, the bitch herself" Parker looked bored and I shook my head and walked away from her. I hated her so much but I hated him more. He was 20 and she was 19 and definitely not a virgin so of course she couldn't be the sacrifice.

Once upon a time I was in love with Parker till I found out he is just as twisted as Lyba is. There meant for each other. I enter the hall and the whole village was there. Many were glad I was leaving since I'm such an omen even though I did nothing wrong to anyone. I sat next to my mother and father and grandparents.

"Your late Harlow?" My mother hissed and I looked at him "Mother I've never been on time for anything." I told her and she pouted and shook her head and my father kissed her cheek "Let her be love, tomorrow.. she will leave us" he sighed and everyone got quiet.

Reality was starting to hit me hard then, I was turning 18 tomorrow and it just so happens to be the Full moon tomorrow as well and they ask on this full moon for Sacrifice. The mayor was quick to go to the hospital to check birth certificates and that's where he found out I would be the perfect sacrifice to save these judgement people.

Someone clanked on a glass up and the mayor himself rose "Tonight we feast for Harlow Montgomery, for being this year's sacrifice and we pray to god that they protect her from any harm or death" he said loud and drank from the cup, we all drank wine and then the feast began. I was eating and I felt eyed on me and I turned to see Lyba eyeballing me and rolled my eyes and ignore her. Oh my god the nerve I might die tomorrow and she probably concern that there to much attention toward me.
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