Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 19


I watch all the humans file into the small yet decent town hall where they eat their food. My warriors were putting the fire out as Hermès and his team were dealing with the wounded. They're mayor who was a small fat man that smells like sweat and alcohol was walking towards me, I was standing with my beta and gamma trying to figure out why the vamps had attack this small town.

"Hello, sirs. I am the mayor and I would personally like to thank you for rescuing us." He said nervously and all I do is nod. When I saw Harlow and her family come in last after all the villagers. I walk toward her and her eyes were red and I felt sadness in the bond and I knew she's was grieving for the lost of her father. Her mother and grandparents looks at us as I comfort her and they whisper but little do they know I can hear them "Who is this man?" Her grandfather said and the women shook their heads as they didn't know who I was.

"I am Grayson Steele, Alpha King of the wolfs" I said with a loud confidence voice. And everyone got quiet and looks at us in shock. Harlow sniffed and wiped her eyes and held my hand and smiles at me. "We will provide you as much as we can and try to help rebuild the village back up" Harlow said.

I nodded "We will also try to find out what happened and why this has happened to this village" I said. The mayor came back into view and nods "Thank you for this Alpha King" I nodded to him again. "Harlow so nice to see you again" he said and she nods and I growled at him as he tried talk to my mate like he was her equal. My growled caught the attention of my wolf and they growled at him and he looked like he was about to faint.

Daxton grab him by his collar and said with a deep tone "You dare to call our Luna by her name? Stupid human how dare you disrespect our Luna Queen" he said and he looked like he wanted to cry "I-I didn't know forgive me" he muffled out and Harlow puts a hand on Daxton should "Put him down Dax, please" she said and he nods and drops the mayor and backs away.

Everyone was looking at Harlow like she was some witch that should be burned and I didn't like it, "Keep looking at my Mate like that and you will feel my wrath" I said with a growled "She my mate and the Luna of all packs and is the queen of werewolf's. You will respect or face my wrath" I said loud and everyone looked terrified and bowed to my command and Harlow sighs and come back to my side and I hold her close and kiss her forehead "Worry not my queen we will find out why this has occurred".
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