Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 20


It's been two week since the attack and the village has been put back together with the help of the humans and wolfs. I comfort my mother as best as I can but even she had shut down with out father. I cried a lot during his funeral and Grayson comfort me with hugs and kisses. He's was the best man I can ask for, I was glad to be his mate.

We put more warriors on patrol for the village just in case the vampires returned for another hit. But none was sighted in two week. Grayson thinks they were rogue vampires and just wanted to feed and move on. Everyone agreed and we put it to rest till someone else happens again.

Past few days I have Been feeling weird and I went to Hermès to check on myself "Looks like your expecting Luna!" Hermès said with a smile and I was shook with my mouth open. Hermès giggled at my expression "So werewolf term are only 13 weeks and it seem you are already 3 weeks in. So you will give birth in two and half months from now" he said and I was still silent but listening.

I gave him thanks and went to the office where Grayson and his subject were discussing a rogue problem in a near by pack. I enter and went straight to Grayson "Luna Harlow, a pleasure to see you again" the alpha and Luna and of the pack greeted me. They were at my Luna ceremony so I remember them "Hello both of you. I hope the king his figure a solution out for the both of you"
I said and they nods "Yes with his help we can finally rid ourselves of the rogues" the alpha said and I nods to both of them as they file out.

Grayson was talking to Maxwell and I walked to his side and he smiles down at me and kisses my forehead and holds me "My love, where were you?" He asked and I whisper to him "Hermès" I said and he frowns "Are you alright? What's wrong?" He asked in concern. "I-" I stopped taking because I didn't know how to tell him. "Huh?" He said.

"I'm pregnant!" I said a little to loud and the room got quiet. I covered my mouth and blushed hard and Grayson stood there shocked "Really?" He said and I nodded and a smiles broke out in his face and he pick me up and hugged me "We are expecting!!" He shouted and everyone cheer for us. Grayson kissed me and I kissed him back.
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