Full Moon Sacrifice

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Chapter 21

Few Years Later

Our kids were playing around the garden as I sat at the table watching them. My first born was a boy and then my two second born were a boy and a girl. They were all only one year apart. I was again currently pregnant again with our fourth child and was big as a balloon yet again. Grayson must think I'm some kind of birthing machine, he was a very good father to them.

Our unborn child was another boy and hopeful our last child since I was tried of being pregnant but I know Grayson has other things in mind. He was currently in his office with Daxton trying to figure out some stuff for other packs. My family still lives in the village and sadly my grandfather past away in his sleep last year from old age they say.

We haven't done a full moon sacrifice since my time but Grayson said that if our children don't find their mate then we would have to return back to the sacrifice whether I like it or not. It was an old tradition one I had no say in.

I saw Grayson entering the garden and the kids run up to him and he smiles as he is pretend to be tackled down by his pups. I giggled at the sight and sipped my tea, my life completely change after I was chosen for the sacrifice. I would hope we wouldn't need the ritual ever again, I wouldn't know what the next person would react to this custom.

Grayson played with the kids and soon they got tired and they left for a nap with the nanny. He come and sits with me and kisses my hand "My Queen" I smile at him "Yes" "you look beautiful as ever" I blushed and giggle softly "I look like a whale Grayson" he laughs "maybe but your my whale and that's what matters" I gasped and he laughed "I only joke love. You look nothing like a whale, you looks like a beautiful wolf that's with pup, my love" he said kisses my lips.

I blushed deeply and kisses him back "I love you Grayson Steele" he smirks "I love you Harlow Steele".

The End
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